21 Inspiring Things You Can Do This Spring to Embrace the Spirit of Renewal

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Spring is the season of hope. It’s a time to embrace the beauty and freshness of your surroundings and do things that inspire your soul. It’s time to recharge your mind and follow your passion. In this blog, I am sharing 21 inspiring things you can do this spring to awaken your inner self and embrace the spirit of renewal in life. 

Toni Sorenson has said, “Spring is far more than just changing of seasons, it’s a rebirth of the spirit.”  

Spring is the best time of the year. With spring, flowers start blooming. There is a sense of freshness and new beginnings in the environment. 

In winter, you snuggle up in blankets till late and spend more time indoors. Everything around us seems dull. Shorter days and less sunlight can lower your energy. This also causes Seasonal Affective Disorder(SAD) in many people. 

But with the spring, sunshine can make your mood shine. As per studies, exposure to sunlight affects your mood and emotional well-being. You feel a surge in energy in yourself.

It’s time for new beginnings and letting go of the past. It’s time to find inspiration in your daily life. As spring is the time of rebirth and revival, you need to do the same in your life. In simple words, do inspiring things to revive your spirit.

If your mind is puzzled about what to do, here’s a list of 21 inspiring things. So get set go.


21 Inspiring Things You Can Do This Spring to Embrace the Spirit of Renewal

Spring is the perfect time to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Engaging in new activities can have many benefits for your overall well-being. 

Whether it’s setting new goals, exploring a new place, learning a new skill, or challenging yourself, do it now. 

So, why not embrace the freshness of spring by trying something inspiring?


Benefits of Doing Inspiring Things in Spring

With the start of spring, days get longer. So it’s the best time to dive into inspiring activities that can work wonders for your mood and well-being. 

Engaging in inspiring things during this time of the year can help you in the following ways:


1. Renewing Your Energy and Motivation

Spring brings with it an upsurge in energy. The sun is shining and birds are chirping. Everything feels fresh and full of potential. Engaging in inspiring activities, like going for morning walks or pursuing a new thing can help you tap this energy.

It will give you the motivation you need to tackle new challenges and set fresh goals.


2. Boosting Your Creativity

The season’s beauty can inspire you to think outside the box and explore your creative side. So take advantage of this time to give a push to your creative endeavors and start a passion project like trying your hand at gardening or drawing something.

It can uplift your mood instantly.


3. Building a Positive Mindset

Do you know what you need to deal with all the seasons of life? Positive mindset!

Doing inspiring things can make you feel more positive about yourself. Now you want to give yourself a chance to explore and try new things that you have not done before. 


4. Improving Your Overall Well-being

By incorporating inspiring activities like walking and exercise you rewire your life. As you find new ways to engage yourself, it helps you to reduce stress, gives you mental peace, and helps you to stay fit. 

21 Inspiring Things to Try this Spring 

Here’s the list of 21 inspiring things you can do this spring: 


1. Create a Vision Board

A vision board is a collection of images, stickers, quotes, and affirmations, designed to envision your dream life where you put visions and goals of life or for a year.

It serves as a daily inspiration when you get up in the morning to keep you focused. It acts as a reminder so that you don’t lose your track. 

You can also create a vision board for five or ten years, to plan how you want your life to look after 5 or 10 years.


2. Plant a Spring Garden 

You must be aware of the benefits of gardening for mental well-being. Having a garden built by yourself will give you a feeling of fulfillment to you.

When you plant a sapling, you come closer to nature. Gardening helps you to escape from the daily hustle-bustle of life. It helps you to reconnect with yourself.

Doing this also gives you a boost to get out of your comfort zone and try new things.


3. Sungazing

We all are living a fast-paced life. It is taking a toll on your physical and mental health.

Finding some time for yourself is the need of the hour. Gazing at the sun during the early hours will give you some moments of calmness and peace. You can recharge yourself for the day.


4. Time to Do Spring Cleaning

Starting afresh requires decluttering of mind and surroundings. An unclean space and mind is a big thumbs down. Whether it’s your home or workspace, you will not feel inspired to do work, if it’s dirty and messed up.

According to studies, cleaning helps refresh your mind, increase your focus, and enhance your mood. As you gain clarity, you understand what you need to release from your mind too. 

In winter, we all become a little bit lazy, at least I do. Thus, spring is a great time to give your house the much-needed cleanup. It’s time for the spring cleaning. As per experts, cleaning has a positive impact on your mental health. It fosters creativity, brings positive vibes around your space, and gives you a sense of accomplishment. 


5. Daily Writing Habit

Writing daily is a great habit to inculcate in your life. It’s not that you must practice writing only when you aim to become a professional writer. Writing is also an effective brain-dumping activity. When you just want to express your feelings or vent your frustration, writing them down helps in releasing the burden.

It leads you towards self-awareness and you start to understand your feelings and the reason behind it.

If you don’t know what to write, start simply by writing your goals or by writing a to-do list. This also helps to build your self-discipline.

You never know how a good habit can turn around your life.

6. Focus on Your New Year Resolutions

With the excitement of the new year bandwagon, you set resolutions. But within a few days, the new energy lowers down. You feel lost again and lose track of your goals.

As spring is the time of renewal, it’s time to charge yourself up and stick to your New Year’s resolutions.

In the excitement, if you have set unrealistic goals and overburdened yourself. This is also the time to reset better and more realistic goals and break them into monthly and weekly targets. 

This way you stay more focused and work towards your goals.


7. Go for an Adventure

It’s time to release your fear. But how to do it? You can release your fear only by facing it. By venturing into uncharted territory, you open yourself up to new experiences and opportunities for personal growth

If you have a fear of heights, then go for a hot balloon ride or paragliding. It takes a lot of guts. But give it a try.

Do something you have never done before. You will create a memory for a lifetime.


8. Adopt a Minimal Lifestyle

Go minimal this spring. Living a minimal lifestyle can bring you calmness and true happiness.

In a minimal lifestyle, you don’t purchase things. You invest in things that are essential for your life and eliminate unnecessary things. In this way, your focus shifts to what truly matters.

Your daily routine includes activities that are important and bring your inner joy. You learn to find joy in simple things.

A minimal lifestyle leads you to live an intentional life. It brings clarity and with fewer distractions, you become more aware. 

Brain Knapp Gardner has said, “ I’ve learned that minimalism is not about what you own, it’s about why you own it.”


9. Start Reading 

Reading opens up a vast world of knowledge in front of you. My habit of reading articles in my teenage years has opened me to different viewpoints. This habit has led me to read books

Reading gives you a deeper understanding of things around you. It’s not only a source of knowledge, you also get to understand the layers of yourself that you are unaware of.

Making it a daily habit can enrich your life. It influences your decision-making and creative skills.


10. Saying Positive Affirmations

Constant comparison and negative self-talk lower your self-worth. You start doubting yourself and underestimate yourself.

Studies say practicing positive affirmations daily reduces the effect of negative emotions and helps in improving your thought patterns. It also helps you to bring back your lost self-confidence.

Louise Hay has said in her book “You can heal your life” that if you substitute your negative thoughts with positive affirmations, you can attract more positive experiences into your life. 

11. Go for Morning Walks

As you all are leading a busy life, lots of workload and meeting deadlines may take a toll on your mental health.

Sometimes you don’t want to go to work, you need some boost up in the morning to recharge yourself. Going for a morning walk can prepare you for the day. 

It increases your energy and helps you start your day in a good mood.


12. Create a Spring Bucket List

Do the things you want to do for a long time. Let no one stop you this time, not even yourself. It can be anything like the desire to travel to a place, meet old friends, enroll in a workshop, or learn a musical instrument. If you want to pursue something, add it to your spring bucket list. Don’t wait.

Making a list of these inspiring things will lead you to complete them.

Don’t get influenced by others and doubt yourself this time. Do the things your soul craves for. When you tick off the list one by one, it will inspire you to do more.


13. Become an Empathetic Listener

We all are dealing with so many personal and emotional issues, that sometimes it becomes overwhelming. Sometimes, all you need is a listening ear with no judgment or opinion.

All you wish for is just to talk to someone and listen to you empathetically. 

That’s what most people need or you need many times. So become what you need for yourself.

It’s time to call your friend, whom you haven’t talked to for ages. Ask her how she is. While on your morning walk or purchasing groceries, ask your neighbor how she is. Be more empathetic to the people around you. 


14. Give Food to the Needy

You want to spend your birthday by going out with your friends. Do it. But do one more thing. Give a packet of food to someone on the road who is hungry.

The happiness you see in their eyes when they see food will inspire you to do this regularly.  


15. Adopt Sustainable Living

Sustainable living is making choices where your purpose is to reduce environmental damage. This will give your future generations a healthy planet to live in. For example, avoid the use of single-use plastic and purchase things made of recycled material. 

We all discuss so much about environmental issues so much but rarely do anything about them. The best way is to start from your home. Do it yourself. To adopt these practices, start slow and integrate them into your lifestyle. This way you will also inspire people around you. 

16. Gift a Plant on a Special Occasion

We often tend to buy expensive gifts, indulging on special occasions like anniversaries, weddings, and birthdays. It’s a personal choice.  

But this time try a unique thing. On your friend’s birthday, gift a plant—a thoughtful gift na.

Plants require proper care and by gifting it you are giving them a responsibility. When flowers will bloom, it will remind them of you.

It will set a predicament for others too, to start giving plants as gifts.


17. Support the Education of a Child 

Helping someone and seeing themselves grow is the best thing you can do in your life.

Giving money to someone in need can give them comfort for a few days. But knowledge and education can open vast doors of possibility to them. 

Seeing them grow and lead a good life will bring a feeling of contentment to your life. In this way, you are not just supporting that child but also inspiring that child and others around you to do the same.

If you are currently unable financially to fully sponsor a child’s education. Then you can give books, and stationery items to a child in need.  You can also contribute to the crowdfunding activity of NGOs.

Start small and build up. 


18. Hang a Bird Feeder

Often people hang bird feeders in summer and winter. Doing this in spring will help native birds thrive. And if you have a home garden, it will become a bustling place for birds and butterflies to come. In this way, you are inspiring your children to help others. 


19. Involve in Physical Activity

Laziness and procrastination are the biggest hurdles to reaching your goals and also completing your daily tasks. How to get rid of these two? 

Perform a physical exercise. Whether it’s going to the gym, doing Zumba, or Yoga, inculcate some movement in your daily life. When you do this daily, it gives you a sense of accomplishment and inspires you to keep going in every situation. 

You also inspire your family to do something for their health. I love doing yoga. I have made it in my routine to do it for 5 days a week. I started it because I wanted to get rid of my sedentary lifestyle and improve my health too. However, I have seen a positive impact on my mood also. It has become my stress buster. I’ll never stop doing it. 


20. Digital Detox

Have you noticed yourself becoming more irritable and stressed?

Focusing on one thing has become difficult for you. 

One of the biggest reasons is technology and screens taking over your lifestyle. It’s high time to take it seriously. 

You can go for a complete digital detox once a month or simply start by doing it for one hour a day.

If you can’t do it the whole day, due to work try to do it for an hour before sleep. Turn off all your devices whether it’s phone, laptop, or TV. As per studies, using devices before bedtime affects your sleep. It adds to your irritation.


21. Start Meditation

Meditation helps bring your focus to the present moment and makes you more resilient to deal with life’s challenges with better awareness.

Performing meditation regularly can transform your life. It helps to build a stronger relationship with yourself. You gain clarity and become mindful in life.  

Building a daily meditation practice requires patience. You have to be persistent with. Remember meditation is a journey, where you aim to become better every day.


22. Gratitude Journaling

Want to learn how to appreciate simple things in life? Then try gratitude journaling. Every night before sleeping, be grateful for your blessings. Write about the good parts of your day in your journal.

You can also do gratitude journaling in the morning and write about the previous. Sit in nature and ask yourself what are you thankful to God.

Doing this daily will help you to build a positive mindset towards life.


23. Volunteer in Clean up

Cleaning is a therapeutic activity, at least it is for me. Involving in a beach or park clean-up, will not only clean the surroundings but also allow you to inspire people to not litter and use a garbage bin. 

By volunteering you are servicing the community and building a better place around you. Working in a team helps you to build your social skills also. You may even inspire your family and friends to participate in volunteering.


Spring is a season that invites you to embrace the freshness and beauty that surrounds you. It’s a time of renewal, growth, and new beginnings. By doing these inspiring things, you can refresh your life. 

So, go out, explore, create, and discover the inspiring wonders of spring. Embrace the freshness and beauty of this season, and let it wake up your soul, and inspire you to live your best life.