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"Building a company from the ground requires meeting exceptional people who believe in you and understand and share your vision. Glad to have found Shweta. Shweta is a talented and passionate writer. She quickly grasped our company vision and started to articulate a sound blog strategy to convey it to our audience. Her blogs are very well written, to the point, and her genuine passion for the Lifestyle and Wellness space can be seen through the depth of the content she writes. Shweta is great to work with and I can only recommend her to anyone looking for a content writer."
Kevin Serou
Founder @360Wellness


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Why does your business needs high quality content

People read before they buy

People read before
they buy

Content about your business (mainly blogs) is a window between the product and the consumer. 

People like to educate themselves about what they are investing their money into before finally hitting “Add to Cart” or “Buy”. 

Therefore, consistent and elaborate information is served to the consumers and readers via the up-to-date content. 

It helps you, the producer, to establish yourself as a trusted and reliable source to your audience

Also, having a dedicated business blog increase the rate and growth of your audience.

Google wants more of it

Google wants more
of it

Like each of us, Google loves increasing its audience too. And, nothing better than quality content serves the purpose. 

There is no point of having content or a blog on your work website if you cannot get it ranked on the google SERP. 

Average doesn’t work anymore. Your content ought to be highly researched and well framed as per SEO,  or you won’t keep Google in your favor. 

Hence, SEO optimized content (blog posts) with appropriate and targeted keywords is the key to keep google happy with your content. 

Also, google has a certain word length for every industry today. For you, as a lifestyle or wellness business, the preferred word length is 1500-2000 words. 

Which makes the need of a professional writer much more serious and urgent. 

Become the "go to" website within your industry

Become the "go to" website within your industry

Needless to mention, the competition today in every field is touching the sky. 

But, the online marketing industry has boomed out in the past few years, attracting both the producers and the consumers to a greater number than before. 

Every small and big business owner is sharing their services and products online but not all of them are giving attention and investments to the importance of high quality content.

 Today, this is the only thing that is separating the successful and the unsuccessful ones. 

It is your choice to be the BEST or stay the average in your industry – all by choosing quality content.

Increase Your Business Reach

Nothing can increase your revenue and credibility with your audience or readers if you don’t serve them with what they want. To keep them coming back to YOU, you need high quality, informational and in-depth content for your business website..


As an SEO Content writer and Copywriter, I Specialize in...

Writing in-depth content for LIFESTYLE  and WELLNESS brands, businesses and coaches.



Shweta has a simply marvellous way with words. Her English takes you right into the heart of the subject she is writing about. I can recommend her to any future client she may have for her attention to detail and desire to produce a strong piece of writing that really gets to the point.
Alastair Deards
Founder at Mental Health Change
When I reached out to Shweta to have an article written on Brand's Media Group, her energy and enthusiasm was so alive and real I automatically had a good instinct collaborating with her. Her questions for my interview were prompt, her work was well done and well written. I'm lucky to have found Shweta on LinkedIn and I hope to work with her in the future. Thank you Shweta!
Sharon Brand
Founder, Brand's Media Group
Really enjoyed working with Shweta on one of her blogs. She is enthusiastic and open to feedback, as she strives to write quality materials!
Dr. Donna Volpitta
Founder Pathways to Empower