As a Content writer and Copywriter, I Specialize in...

Writing in-depth content for LIFESTYLE and WELLNESS brands, businesses and coaches.



Perfection in their respective field is craved by many but practically achieved by none. You see there is always some room for improvement. So, no matter how “perfect” you are in your work, there’s always someone better than the best. Hence, even while you are the BEST, you can always be BETTER at it.

That’s how I help you, to be BETTER in your work field. 

My only goal is to help you: 

– Improve your content that represents your business. 

– To get your business website rank higher on Google so as to have more readers and audiences coming back to YOU for getting their needs fulfilled.

I don’t fancy big words, I never have. So to burst the bubble of many people who believe that high vocabulary gives high results….. I am sorry, it really doesn’t. I have learned that gradually through my academic years.  

Having graduated in English literature and currently on the edge of post-graduating in Linguistics, my academics have played an important role in discovering my passion for words. 

I have kept this flame ignited all through these years which is why I am adamant to build a life for myself by serving startups, brands, and businesses with what they require the most – Content. 

Content was, is, and will always remain the ultimate king of successful ventures.  

Therefore, allow me to serve the purpose of handling high quality yet easily readable and digestible in-depth content for your lifestyle or wellness business. 

In addition to this, authentic and good writing helps you to develop and establish your social media presence.

Because content is what people need to connect them with your business.  

*What do you get from my writings :

° Highly researched content

° No plagiarism 

° SEO optimized 

° Use of assigned/targeted keywords 

° More visibility and traffic on Google 

° Returning audiences and readers 

° GROWTH, GROWTH and GROWTH as a business*