Au Revoir, Winter! 49 New Hobbies You Can Try This Spring

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Spring season is here. It’s time to let go of the cozy blankets and get out in the open to practice some new hobbies. In this blog, you’ll learn more about 49 interesting and new hobbies you can indulge in this spring and give yourself a new opportunity for self-exploration. 

Spring and summer are the perfect time to get out in the open and make a strong connection with nature. 

The pleasant and refreshing spring mornings are here to set the tone for a fulfilling day! While winter bids adieu with a long face, spring jovially enters your lives with great pomp and show. 

What are your plans for this spring? 

Have you any? 

If not, then check out these new hobbies to try and explore this spring season. 


Au Revoir, Winter! 49 New Hobbies You Can Try This Spring

Have you asked yourself what your recent hobbies are? 

Well, hobbies give you a fulfilling life along with proper engagement. In short, you feel sorted. 

After the lazy winters, engaging in different hobbies is a great way to stay active. 

In my case, winters make me the most inactive and least productive person. Most of the time, I’m in bed, curled inside my cozy blanket. 


No exercising, no body fitness, and cranky mood. You can easily call me the laziest person around in from December to January. 

While the magic of the winter season does its job, it makes it horrific for me to even step out of my bed at all. 

To get rid of all of these, I literally wait for the spring season to set in. That’s when I regain my energy. 

Last year, after the winters went away, I leaned into yoga and built my morning routine around it. This year I want to indulge in a new hobby and include it in my morning routine: skincare. 

Spring is the time I try new hobbies that went to a halt due to winter. For me, skincare was definitely the one. 

I cannot imagine the cold water touching my body and I was just too lazy to do it with the warm water. Well, while I indulge in my new hobbies, today I am sharing a few ideas with you to do the same and take a step towards loving yourself a little more. 

In this blog, I am sharing 49 new hobbies to try this spring and make the most of the season. 

Some hobbies from amongst this list can be known to you, while some may be entirely new. Make sure to try the new ones because getting out of your comfort zone heightens your excitement and develops experiences. 

Why Should You Have Hobbies? 

Most of you may ask if it’s necessary to have hobbies or why is it important to have any hobbies at all. I mean you might just be doing fine without them. 

Well, apart from your professional world, you have a personal life. And, one of the best ways to enjoy a good life is to nurture your hobbies. Hobbies keep you mentally satisfied and fresh.

Your hobbies don’t let you depend on anyone else for your happiness. 


1. You spend time doing something you like the most

Life is a beautiful and short journey. With your limited stay on Earth, do things that make you happy. 

Hobbies are more than just a way to spend your time. Right from improving your emotional health to enhancing your skill set, hobbies benefit you in many ways. 


2. You indulge in self-care 

A great advantage of nurturing your hobbies is practicing self-care and self-love. Taking care of yourself for your well-being is not selfish. Rather, it’s a way of enjoying a fulfilling life. 


3. You challenge yourself and grow 

Once you start developing a hobby, it is challenging as you learn something new. Getting into the untapped region is uncomfortable. But the way you master it makes all the difference. 

This challenge helps you to grow and enhance your skill sets. You become more confident as a human being and as a professional. 


4. You better your mental health 

Indulging in activities you love doing keeps you mentally happy and peaceful. Such leisurely activities improve your mood, self-esteem, and confidence. 


5. You stay stress-free

Experiencing some sort of stress in life is pretty normal these days. Be it work pressure or the burden of familial responsibilities, stress has now become part and parcel of your daily life. 

One of the best ways to battle stress is to indulge in hobbies. They provide you with a sense of accomplishment and happiness and take away negativity from your life. 


6. You find a purpose of your life 

Occasionally, feeling bored is normal. That’s when you need hobbies to help you with. Your hobbies keep you motivated enough to find meaning and purpose in life. Sometimes your hobby can also lead you to find your passion projects, one that gives true meaning to your life. For me, writing was a hobby before it became a passion and then my career. I utilized the spring months of 2020 to begin my writing career back then and here I am today. So, who knows your favorite hobby could just be more than that? 

49 New Hobbies to Make the Most of Your Spring Season 

Now that you know how important hobbies are, it’s time to get into my list of 49 new hobbies to enhance your spring season and create everlasting memories. 

1. Tell me you are a movie buff without telling me you are a movie buff. I am a total Delhi girl obsessed with her Bollywood rom-com. So, this spring why not recreate an iconic scene from your favorite movie? You can ask some of your friends to accompany you in this hobby. The more your friends come in, the more fun will the activity be. 

2. Get some air-dry clay and make a castle. Make sure to keep these items out of a child’s reach. 

3. Have broken ceramics at home? Try Kintsugi. It’s a Japanese art form where you combine broken ceramics with gold lacquer and make something new. 

4. Gather all broken old ceramics and glass pieces. Lay them out on a wooden table and stick each broken piece one by one to create a new fancy table. 

5. Imagine yourself as a great artist for a day and craft a beautiful sculpture, without caring about the outcome. 

6. How about learning some embroidery? Get into your grandma’s style and sit with a piece of cloth and colorful threads to create the finest designs. 

7. If you like sewing, give your hands to sashiko. It is a Japanese style of stitching where you decorate or repair a Japanese garment to give it a new look. 

8. If you love crotchet bucket hats, sweater vests, or balaclavas, try crocheting this spring. 

9. Finding crocheting too hard? Get into knitting. It’s simple yet engaging enough to keep you away from negative gossiping. 

10. How about spinning your own yarn? Surprise your friends and family by knitting a handspun yarn. 

11. Want to make an outfit from scratch? Lay hands on sewing. Enjoy it like any other DIY task. 

12. Get into weaving an easy DIY loom. So, before you end up joining any sewing class, you’ll get some cute coasters and dinner mats ready. 

13. Another wonderful fiber art to nurture as a hobby is punch needling. 

14. If you’ve got a go-getter personality, try rug tufting. 

15. Create a macrame wall hanging and hang it on your favorite part of your house. 

16. If you like weaving but looking for something apart from fiber, try weaving a basket. It has a humongous history and significance too. 

17. You can craft your own paperwork.

18. Learn calligraphy. Put pen to paper and write well-designed cards. 

19. Write poetry. Let your creative juices flow. 

20. Explore the art of flower drying. Thinking of storing your wedding flowers? Nothing’s better than this art form. 

21. Want to keep dried flowers in memory of something or someone special? Practice resin art. This is another hobby I am going to try this year. I’ll document my experience and share it with you all. 

22. Dive into the world of film photography. This will teach you how to look into things from a different perspective. 

23. Learn about darkroom printing and create your own roll of film. This is one of the best ways to cherish old memories. 

24. Sign up for a local wood carving class. All you need is some wood blanks and a palm set. 

25. Carving linocuts is another way to utilize this palm set while practicing a hobby. Get ready to make some unique cards, prints, and wrapping papers.  

26. Have a softer personality? No issues. Grab some colors and paint pictures. I did a painting exchange challenge with my niece last Sunday and it was a super fun experience.  


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27. Pencil sketch would require even less equipment – just a few shading pencils and a sketchbook. 

28. Grab a doodling journal and get back to your childhood days. It’s a wonderful method of decluttering your mind

29. Want to let the world know of your personality? Get into a tattoo parlor and ink the best design that resonates with your traits. 

30. Don’t want anything permanent? How about trying some traditional body art like henna? Well, along with the intricate designs, it has a great history too. 

31. If you’re not too artistically inclined, invest in coloring books and try them out. Sometimes, it feels good to get back to your childhood. 

32. Learn candle making and create a cozy environment in your house. 

33. Learn knitting blankets and start creating one for the next winter.

34. If you aren’t a candle person, get into soap-making. 

35. Explore local thrift stores and see how they run their business. Not all thrift stores sell low-quality products. 

36. Go out on a hike. Explore your nearby locations and start hiking. 

37. Backpacking is an excellent way of spending time amidst nature. Either you go solo or ask your friends to accompany you. Both of these will give you great experiences. 

38. Look for any national park in your locality and join a junior ranger program. Make sure to finish the course. 

39. Go for birdwatching. The best place for this would be beside any calm lake or river. 

40. Watch a constellation and document it thoroughly. Creating a journal around a constellation allows you to be creative. 

41. A fun way to explore the local oceans is by joining a scuba diving program. This is not just a leisurely activity, but a way to experience thrill and adventure. 

42. If the deep sea isn’t your thing, snorkeling is another option for you. It doesn’t require any certification, keeps you close to the shore, and is a super-fun activity. 

43. If you’re a water baby, try surfing. 

44. If you prefer to have a sun-tanned color on your skin, join a sailing class. 

45. Get rid of a sedentary lifestyle and start moving. Walk for at least 30 minutes every day. Try this for a month and build a daily habit around it. 

46. Dust off your bicycle and start pedaling. 

47. Meditate for 15 minutes every day. Make sure to do this early in the morning. Along with meditation, you can incorporate some morning exercises too. 

48. Join an adult sports league and start participating in various sports activities. 

49. Pick up a deck of cards and learn a new card game. 


So, your list of new hobbies to try out this spring season is ready! 

All you need is the zeal, zest, and enthusiasm to engage in these activities. Remember, leisure time is not just for sleeping and relaxing. It’s also for doing things you love. 

Considering your mental health and inner peace, start practicing the hobbies you left once upon a time. While life is too short to be boring, it’s your responsibility to keep it hip and happening. 

I hope you’ll make the most of the spring season and spend more time engaging in these new hobbies. Share your favorite hobbies with me in the comments below. Let’s see if yours and mine are the same.