19 Simple Adventure Ideas That Won’t Burn A Hole in Your Pocket

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Tired of the same old boring life? Want to bring some adventure into it? Your adventure need not be a costly one always. Here are some simple adventure ideas that’ll refresh you without burning a hole in your pockets. 

Think of twenty years from now. Would you want to regret not doing things you aspire to? Or, participate in these adventures and create memories to share with your grandchildren? 

Well, when it comes to participating in some adventure activities, most of you think of some sports like bungee jumping, river rafting, mountaineering, etc. The problem with all of these thrilling activities is they come with a heavy price tag. 

So, you are left with two options: 

  • Either consider some inexpensive adventure ideas, or 
  • Sit back home and regret not being adventurous enough 

What would you prefer? 

Well, having something is always better than having nothing. So, I’ll definitely choose the first option. 

What bothers you the most is the lack of simple adventure ideas. You don’t know how to engage in adventurous activities that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. 

Worry not. I’ll help you. In this blog, you will learn about the top 19 adventure ideas that you can easily try and implement to make your life more happening.  


19 Simple Adventure Ideas That Won’t Burn A Hole in Your Pocket 

I need two minutes of your time. Sit back and think of the life you lead daily. You wake up, get ready, and leave for work. You work hard the entire day to meet other’s expectations. In the evening, you return home, cook for yourself, and go to bed. 

How much time do you spend on yourself? Do you have any ‘Me-Time’ at all?

Honestly, you don’t. By the time you realize this, almost 3/4th of your life is over. 

Have you ever considered how spending time with yourself can help you grow? 

Your life’s adventure doesn’t only constitute the challenges you come across but also comprises your willingness to face and overcome them. Nothing is more enjoyable than living in the adventurous moments. So, think of some quirky adventure ideas and take part in them now. 

However, participating in adventurous activities doesn’t have to be expensive. You can find adventure and thrill in some simple adventure ideas as discussed here. 


Why Do You Need Adventure In Life? 

If you have to break out of your daily routine, experience new things, and explore new places, participating in adventurous activities is a must. Even research supports breaking out of your everyday life for a little fun every now and then. Through this: 

  • You understand your worth
  • You discover more of yourself 
  • You identify your strengths and weaknesses 


Here’s why adventure is important for a happy life: 

  1. Through adventure, you come face-to-face with your fears and push yourself to uncomfortable zones. This itself imbibes personal growth. 
  2. The new experiences you gather give you new perspectives about the world around you. You start looking at life positively. 
  3. Participating in adventurous activities gives you opportunities to bond with new people and share experiences with one another. 
  4. If you want healthy physical and mental health, get into adventurous activities today. It can improve your mood, reduce your stress, and enhance your overall well-being. 
  5. Adventurous activities allow you to break free from your everyday monotony. It allows you to try something new. 

So, buckle up and think of some basic adventure ideas to make your life worth living. 

19 Uncomplicated and Affordable Adventure Ideas for You 

To make your stay in this place kingsize, it’s necessary to do something worth sharing with the whole world. You need some genuine stories to share with your people. Participating in adventurous activities can help you do that. 

Ready to dive into a pool of adventure ideas? Trust me, they can change your entire outlook toward life. 

Let’s dig in. 


1. Go on a hike followed by a night of camping 

What do you do on weekends? Generally, most of you are busy doing the laundry or some pending tasks of the week. 

Don’t you get bored sometimes? 

Want to come out of your boredom for a change? 

Here, one of the best ways to make your weekend productive and happening is to go for a hike in your nearby hills and spend the night in a camp. 

Isn’t it thrilling?  

If you’re doing this in winter, you can enjoy some barbecued chicken or meat sitting in front of the bonfire while camping.  


2. Walk on a serene beach 

Sometimes, life puts you in tough situations where you need to recollect your thoughts and think deeply. However much you think at home, you never arrive at a solution. 

One of the best ways to engage in a deep thinking process amidst nature is to walk on a beach. Do this early in the morning. The calmness and serenity of the morning time will help you think well. Also, this is a great time and opportunity to stay closer and connect with nature. 


3. View sunset or sunrise

Ever felt stuck or lost? Indeed, life often throws lemons at you. But creating a lemonade out of it is certainly time-consuming.

At such times, one thing that can clear your head and help you think from a different perspective is sun gazing

The fact that the sun rises and sets every day, irrespective of the daily grind, is a beautiful symbol of the life cycle. This can motivate you to restart your life with new hope and energy at every dawn.


4. Opt for a weekend picnic 

Your weekend need not be indoors always. You can have some fun on the weekend by going out for a picnic in a nearby park or nursery.  

Carry your lunch and your favorite book, if you are going alone. But if somebody is accompanying you, this picnic can be a great event to share both of your life stories with each other. 


5. Cycling through a rocky terrain 

One of the best adventure ideas is to grab your cycle and get going on a rocky terrain. Indeed, it is extremely challenging. But this difficulty makes it even more adventurous. 

Think of the thrill and delight you’ll experience once you’ve reached your desired spot. It is sure to bring a smile to your face. However, make sure to wear protective cycling gear and glasses to prevent yourself from any accidents. 


6. Go on a solo date 

The words ‘solo’ and ‘date’ are oxymorons. But what if you love spending time with yourself more than anything else? What if you enjoy your company more than others? I certainly do. Going on solo dates means you are treating yourself in the best possible way. 

So, order your favorite delicacies. If you are a little experimental, you can try out something new in your favorite restaurant. 

A pro tip – To make your solo date even better, dress your best, get dolled up in your best attire. After all, self-love is not selfish. 

7. Visit a winery 

If you are a wine enthusiast and a little picky about your drinks, you’d surely love to pay a visit to a winery on the weekends. 

Being a witness to the process of collecting grapes and making wine is therapeutic. Getting to learn something off the track will refresh your mind. 

Perhaps you can use this knowledge of wine-making later to set up your own business, who knows?  


8. Take a tour of a nearby countryside 

Are you tired of seeing tall buildings and skyscrapers around you? Do these huge concrete structures choke you sometimes? 

How about visiting your nearby countryside? The rustic charm of a rural area along with its scenic beauty is sure to rejuvenate your mind. This is something my family and I love to do. Both my parents have their ancestral homes in the countryside, away from the bustling city life. Thus, every once in a while we all enjoy moving away from the noise of the city and basking in the tranquility of the quiet and serene countryside 

It definitely helps in pressing that reset button and coming back to work and daily routine with a fresh perspective.  


9. Celebrate a small win over a cup of coffee

Firstly, celebrations need not always be grand. Secondly, you don’t need a huge gala occasion to celebrate. Celebrating even a small win intimately matters. It is a huge confidence booster. 

Whether you’ve got a promotion or succeeded in getting a client or you were applauded for a wonderful presentation, make sure to celebrate every small win of yours. 

On one hand, it gives you motivation, and on the other hand, it pushes you to challenge yourself by stepping out of your comfort zone. In short, celebrating your wins charges you up and helps you become a better version of yourself.  


10. Join a Cookery Class 

Do you enjoy cooking? Does cooking eliminate your boredom or stress? 

Well, I’d say I cook precisely on days when I feel low, especially my quintessential White Sauce Pasta. Right from assembling the vegetables, to washing them, chopping them, adding spices to them, and the aroma they emit everything instantly changes my mood. 

If you’re a novice in this field or you just have a basic idea, you can join a cooking class to learn it thoroughly or the best way is you can have your mom teach it to you. 

This way you will get to learn something new and spend more time with your mom too. 


11. Learn a skill you’ve been eyeing for long 

Are you planning to learn pottery for a long time? Does candle-making fascinate you? Do you want to learn digital skills to earn something beyond your monthly salary? 

Well, this is the time. First, understand that there is no perfect time or age for learning a new skill. Secondly, learning a skill yields both professional and personal development


12. Buy tickets for a midnight concert 

Music can heal everything. Going to a concert is good. What’s even better is listening to a concert at midnight. 

In the middle of the night, when almost the whole world is sleeping, there’s no chaotic noise of the city, it’s only you and the soothing lilt of music coming to your ears. 

Isn’t it a surreal feeling? Check out what’s coming next in your city and grab your tickets for the option that suits your budget.  

simple adventure ideas

13. Go on a bike ride 

One of the best adventure ideas is to go on a bike ride. Imagine the thrill you’re going to experience while riding through the green lowlands, and the empty highways. 


14. Enjoy a play in your nearest theatre

Feeling bored? Don’t know what to do? Why don’t you go to your nearest theatres to enjoy a play? 

A play takes you away from the mundane regular course of your life to a fantasy world. It feels good to travel to a new world for some time. It makes you feel good about living, and come back to reality with a fresh mindset. 


15. Call your childhood buddies for a sleepover 

If you haven’t met with your childhood friends for a long time, nothing can be a better adventure idea than calling them for a sleepover at your place. 

Friends reuniting after a long time is a nostalgic and emotional feeling. Since they are your childhood friends, they’ll understand you better. You can open up yourself to them and talk your heart out. Besides, having a mini pajama party with your childhood besties is not such a bad thing.


16. Lie on the terrace for star gazing 

Another great adventure idea that can free up your clogged head is star gazing. The vast night sky above your head with twinkling stars spread all across gives you the hope to dream bigger.  


17. Be a volunteer for a noble social cause 

One of the brilliant ways to be valuable to your society is by volunteering for a noble cause. There’s happiness in lending a helping hand to people. You gather new experiences. You meet new people. Above all, you see people happy to get your support and help.  


18. Get inked 

Over the years, you’ve found a meaning in living life and you want to share it with the whole world. The best way to do this is by getting a tattoo at the right spot. The more cryptic it is, the more mystery it arouses in the minds of others. 


19. Take your parents for dinner 

Your parents have invested a major part of your life to help you grow. They have worked day in and day out to meet your needs. Now, it’s time for you to shower your love, respect, and concern to them. 

Take them out for dinner and see how their face glows. When your parents see you doing something for them, they don’t just feel happy but also proud and successful as parents. 


By now, you must have thought about the adventure idea you’d want to go with from the ones mentioned above. I know you’re excited. But hold on. 

Trying an adventure activity once will not change your life forever. Instead, amidst your busy schedule, you’ve to make time for yourself and think of some adventure activities you’d prefer to engage in. 

Do let me know what adventure activity you’re planning to try. I am definitely going for that solo date soon.