40 Impressive Ideas to Spend Time Alone and Be More With Yourself

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Life is all about survival and balance. It is important to create a vibrant social life and so is to spend time alone with yourself. The happiness that you are looking for is all within you. Read on to learn about 40 impressive ideas you can try being alone without feeling lonely. 

Somewhere in your subconscious mind, you have this negative stigma about spending time alone. A person who is always busy and connected to others is considered happy. We have always been taught to socialize. 

But spending time with yourself is also important. It is valuable for a healthy lifestyle. Distraction from people is essential for the peace of your mental health. Initiate the connection with yourself first. 

Alone time provides you with a chance to know yourself better. It boosts your faith, creativity, and self-determination. 

You don’t have to force yourself to fit in with the rest of the people. You only live once and the true key to contentment and happiness is living this life on your terms. 

Thus, here are 40 impressive ideas that will make it easy for you to spend your time alone, learn to enjoy your company, and be more present in the moment. 


40 Impressive Ideas to Spend Time Alone and Be More with Yourself 

Remember how everyone was stuck in their own homes during the 2020 pandemic? Everyone was clueless about what to do in their leisure time. 

I was also in a similar situation until my mom scolded me to clean my cupboard. Even though I was not willing to, I had no option. At first, I took it as a boring job but it wasn’t all that bad. 

As I started decluttering, I found some of my old school photographs that brought an instant smile to my face. 

Then, something grabbed my attention. Someone was peeking from behind the books. I removed my books to take a look at it. Well, it was a paintbrush. I always enjoyed painting. 

However, as it happens for most of us, my hobbies were also left behind by the burden and responsibilities of academics. So, I took the brush and started painting. 

Later, I found myself spending hours and hours painting. This helped me realize that it’s not as bad as I thought. I loved being with myself more than ever before. 

So, here’s a list of some of my favorite ideas that you can use to spend more time alone with yourself. I hope they will help you to enjoy your own company better. 

1. Movie Marathon. Grab your popcorn and watch your favorite show.

2. Rearrange your wardrobe. 

3. Cook your favorite meal. 

4. Take a quality nap.

5. Meditate. Begin with some easy yoga postures.

6. Dance to your favorite beats. 

7. Call a long-lost cousin or a friend.

8. Make a vision board and mention all your plans

9. Indulge in gardening

10. Create new outfits with your old clothes. 

11. Watch an inspirational Ted Talk. 

12. Learn calligraphy.  

13. Listen to your favorite music. 

14. Move your Body. Do some Exercise. 

15. Read your favorite books, again. 

16. Declutter your room.

17. Pamper yourself with a self-care day.  

18. Write. Pour all your thoughts into the white sheet

19. Go for Grocery shopping. I promise you will bring extra items home. 

20. Clean your phone storage and emails.

time alone

21. Make a scrapbook of your old photographs. 

22. Prepare a journal if you don’t have one. 

23. Travel and explore the world.  

24. Prepare a gratitude jar and add all things you are grateful for. 

25. Try a new DIY. 

26. Visit a salon for a spa day. 

27. Paint all your ideas on canvas.

28. Go for a walk.

29. Give a new look to your room.

30. Try a new hairstyle. 

31. Go on a long drive.

32. Do a fun photoshoot with your phone’s timer.

33. Challenge yourself to shop mindfully

34. Watch any stand-up comedy or laughter show.

35. Learn a new language. 

34. Give an ice cream treat to yourself. 

35. Prepare a long message for your future self.

36. Visit any charity home.

37. Take a bubble bath. 

38. Make scented candles. 

39. Sleep in your cozy home.  

40. Create a budget for your yearly expenses.

13 Famous Quotes on Spending Time Alone

  1. “Our society is much more interested in information than wonder, in noise rather than silence. And I feel that we need a lot more wonder and a lot more silence in our lives.” – Fred Rogers
  2. “Sometimes it’s a privilege to be alone. Most people are simply running from themselves believing peace is elsewhere.” – Ivan Nuru
  3. “I think it’s very healthy to spend time alone. You need to know how to be alone and not be defined by another person.” – Oscar Wilde
  4. “Alone time is the best way to recharge and get in touch with yourself.” – Derek Hough
  5. “What a lovely surprise to discover how unlonely being alone can be.” – Ellen Burstyn
  6. “Alone time is when I distance myself from the voices of the world so I can hear my own.” – Oprah Winfrey
  7. “Spend some time alone every day.” – Dalai Lama
  8. “Being alone has a power that very few people can handle.” – Steven Aitchison
  9. “No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We walk the path.” – Buddha
  10. “Alone is the state of being or body, whereas loneliness is a state of mind.” – Invajy
  11. “I spend time with myself. I think about me and my aims. This me-time gives me positive energy and self-confidence.” – Shikha Pandey
  12. “We need solitude, because when we’re alone, we’re free from obligations, we don’t need to put on a show, and we can hear our thoughts.” – Tamim Ansary
  13. “Learn to be alone and to like it. There is nothing more freeing and empowering than learning to like your own company.” – Mandy Hale

Is Alone Time Necessary? 

Experts suggest you should spend time with yourself for at least 20-30 minutes every day.

You might find it difficult in the beginning but it gets better with practice. Start with little effort and indulge yourself in the activities that make you happy. 

Prepare a to-do list for every day. Take very good care of yourself. Pamper yourself and enunciate positive affirmations to yourself. 

When you spend your time alone, you promote liberty, self-confidence, and self-satisfaction. It helps you to enhance your personality. 

You become more confident about your preferences. Here are all the ways it benefits you. 

Why is Time Alone Important? 12 Benefits You Should Know 

Here are all the different benefits you get to enjoy when you spend your time alone:  


1. Declutter Your Mind 

We all experience occasional negative thoughts that impact our lifestyle. The solution to this overwhelming feeling is to practice mindful techniques that help you declutter your mind. If you spend more time alone, you get to think about your priorities. And remove the irrelevant goals from your life.  


2. Allows You to Explore More Possibilities 

Spending time alone allows you to explore different paths that can help you professionally as well as personally. You can move out of your comfort zone and look for creative opportunities. Being alone eliminates the hesitation of being judged. 


3. Reset Your Considerations 

The more you enjoy your own space, the more you start concentrating on your wishes and feelings. You become more sympathetic towards yourself. You rethink your negative thoughts and focus on achieving better. This helps to improve faith in yourself as well as in others. 


4. Improves Your Relationships

Solitude is remedial. You get the space to improve your relationship with yourself. A decent amount of alone time daily helps you to be more confident about your feelings and preferences. This also helps you to build loving relationships with others.  


5. Gain More Focus 

Spending time alone eliminates unnecessary distractions. You can focus on your possible achievements. It is a critical aspect of personal development. You get to prioritize yourself and gain more focus without any interruptions. 


6. Improves Self-Confidence

Intentional solitude improves self-confidence. You start to trust your abilities more and value yourself. It helps to relieve stress and lowers anxiety. You become confident when you interact more with others and get out of your comfort zone. 

7. Promotes More Freedom and Independence

True freedom is to live the way you are without any restrictions on what you want to do. Spending time alone gives you the liberty to live an independent life on your terms. You are free to make choices according to your needs. Spend time with the people you love. It impacts the overall well-being. 


8. Enhances Creativity 

Spending time with yourself increases your creativity. All of those who chase creativity as a profession or interest crave leisure time. All the time socializing with people won’t allow you to focus on your thoughts. Because you need silence to think of new ideas. 


9. Better Control of Your Emotions 

When you choose to be alone intentionally, you allow yourself to regulate your emotions. Meeting new evokes different emotions. But living alone on purpose will make you feel neutral. This will help you in learning the art of controlling your emotions. 


10. Invest time in Your Hobbies 

This would be a great opportunity to indulge in your favorite activities. You have the liberty to do what makes you happy without worrying about people’s judgment.


11. Eliminates Stress 

Being alone helps in reducing stress. You feel free from society’s rules and regulations. You can be comfortable in your own space. There is no restriction to fulfill anybody’s expectations. 


12. Focused on Setting and Achieving Your Goals 

You can spend your quality time working on your goals. Even if you feel let down by any of your decisions you can express your feelings. While being surrounded by others, the situation might not be the same. The most important factor is you will learn to be self-motivated. 


Is Being Alone Similar to Loneliness? 

Being alone is not similar to loneliness. Loneliness is linked with negative feelings whereas being in solitude increases your happiness and reduces your stress. 

Solitude doesn’t detach you from people. You want to spend time with people who make you feel cheerful. 

It regulates your mood and helps to relieve tension. A happy mind brings more peace. It allows you to work in your comfort zone. Giving more time to yourself is critical for personal development. 

So go ahead, choose from the list above, and enjoy your me-time however you want.  


17 Signs You Need Your Time Alone 

Solitude can have a positive impact on your physical as well as mental health. Take a break if necessary and bring back balance in your life. Here are 5 signs that say you need to spend more time with yourself. 

  • You don’t enjoy things anymore. You feel boredom is never leaving you.
  • You feel fatigued all the time. Even after good hours of sleep, the laziness never leaves you. 
  • You get easily irritated and angry at people. If you are facing temper issues and losing control over most things, you need to be more with yourself. 
  • Your stress level is always high. You are always rushing to get things done. 
  • You are in a hurry all the time. You must slow down and take a break for better physical and mental health.
  • You’re experiencing a lack of motivation. It could be due to overwhelming and burnout.
  • You don’t feel connected with people around you.
  • You may need time alone if you’ve difficulty sleeping.
  • You’ve immersed yourself in the work. And doesn’t have time to take a break.
  • You’re not taking good care of yourself.
  • You’re facing a lack of interest. Nothing is really exciting for you.
  • You’re being pulled in different directions. You shouldn’t ignore this sign.
  • You’re losing your self-identity. If you experience these signs, you need some time alone.
  • If you’re losing control over your life, you need some time alone.
  • You’re struggling with concentration. It’s getting hard for you to even complete important tasks.
  • If little things wreck you up. Then, spend some time alone with yourself.
  • People are giving you hints about your overwhelmed behavior.

Why is Spending Time Alone Not Easy? 

Spending time alone with your thoughts is challenging. You might find other strenuous activities easier then sitting alone with yourself. But you need to understand how crucial it is to spend time alone. You must learn to enjoy your own company and spend some time in a secluded place to find comfort with yourself.

Here are 6 reasons why you might be finding it difficult to spend time alone:

1. Lack of experience: You lack experience or you’re not used to it. This is the most significant reason, you struggle to spend your time alone. You have always been around people. But once you decide not to socialize, you end up isolating yourself. This sudden change makes you feel disconnected and detached.

2. Social stigma: There is a social stigma related to spending time alone. If you’ve been exposed to its negative attitude or you consider it as antisocial behavior, then surely solitude will not be easy for you.

3. Time alone develops distress thoughts: At first, isolation may develop stressful thoughts within you. You may also indulge yourself in rumination. All because you consider solitude as a social rejection and you’re not used to it. Thus, you find it difficult to focus on yourself.

4. Relying on others: If you seek validation from others for everything, you’ll always find it difficult to be in touch with yourself. Spending time alone will be uncomfortable for you. Instead of utilizing your me-time, you’ll feel distressed.

5. Lack of self-awareness: Ask yourself, do you know everything about yourself? If no! Then, probably you’ve not taken the time to do so. Self-awareness is an important aspect of your well-being. Due to lack of self-awareness, you might feel odd to spend time alone.

6. Past trauma: Spending time alone can be difficult if you’re struggling with any mental health issues. Negative thoughts can trigger you easily if you’re alone. As it triggers distress and panic, instead of enjoying your company, you’ll mistake solitude as loneliness.

Hence, spending time alone isn’t easy because the experience is unfamiliar to you. You’ve got a social stigma that restricts you from enjoying solitude. In this fast-paced world, you might have been away from your true self. But, spending time alone will give you a change. You’ll be able to reconnect with yourself. Once you start living your time alone, you’ll appreciate the beauty and power of solitude.

How Does Your Personality Affect the Need for Time Alone? 

Giving yourself time alone means exploring new things without any judgments. It’s important to take a break from your workload and from the pressure that others impose on you. It depends upon your personality, and how much time alone is enough for you. Your preferences and persona are important aspects to determine it.

Suppose, you’re an extrovert. You’ll find it difficult to be in solitude as you enjoy socializing and feel energized by it. Whereas, if you’re an introvert like me, you’ll feel more energized and fulfilled, spending time alone.

However, irrespective of your personality, spending time alone is necessary for everyone. It lets you stay true to your conviction which will help you value your me-time.


How to Overcome Your Fear of Spending Time Alone?

Does the mere thought of being alone feel scary to you? You’re not alone. Many people find it difficult to spend some time alone. The reason is you’re not habitual of it. Once it becomes a habit, you’re able to regulate your emotions as well as let go of your negative thoughts.


Time Alone: How much is too much? 

Remember, no one size fits all. You may have different needs than others. Spending time alone is healthy for you. It keeps you well-adjusted and strengthens your relationship with yourself. But you should be able to separate a healthy amount of alone time for that to happen.

Connecting with people is an important aspect of your lifestyle. You shouldn’t fully disconnect yourself from others as you can share your experience with them or seek help when needed. If you’re struggling with mental health concerns, then, spending too much time alone may not be the right thing to do.

Thus, the amount of time alone depends upon your needs. Experts recommend 20-30 minutes a day is enough. But it’s totally up to you, whether a few minutes are enough or you need more time to reset your mood. Find a good balance between solitude and your social time. Further, you can decide how much time alone works for your unique needs.


Spending time alone has been proven as a reward for your mental and physical wellness. Being more with yourself helps you to develop a better understanding. 

As it’s said, when you focus on good, the good increases. The same applies to people. The more you spend time on yourself the better your outlook about yourself. 

Your me-time is beneficial in many ways. You will gain clarity in your thoughts. You become better at self-expression. 

When you don’t enjoy your own company, you easily get influenced by other’s opinions. This may happen due to a lack of self-belief and confidence. However, intentional solitude will benefit you with reliance and autonomy. 

So, I hope by now you have curated the list for your me-time activities and chosen what you’ll do next to enjoy your own company. 

Written By: Anjali Wadhwani

Anjali Wadhwani is a content strategist and SEO content writer, who specializes in social media writing, blogging, and email writing. While maintaining a thriving career in finance, she pursued her passion for writing. She is a meticulous researcher, always digging deeper to find the most relevant information and ensuring the credibility of her work. You can connect with her on LinkedIn.