5 Proven wellness benefits of Sun gazing for you

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There are immense wellness benefits of sun gazing. Do I have anybody on my reader list who loves sun gazing? If you are one of them, you are going to enjoy this read surely. I bet. The sheer beauty of sunrise and sunset expresses both the calm and serene side of nature.


5 Proven wellness benefits of Sun gazing for you

Have you ever experienced sun gazing?

I mean, don’t you agree that time truly stops when you witness the alluring colors of the sky in those golden hours?

They are one of the most beautiful phenomena of the universe that we have been blessed to see, feel, and live. Some people are inarguably in love with the sunrise and sunset. They love how the charismatic sky changes its colors.

You can continuously talk about the beauty of the dawn and the dusk. Today, I’ll be sharing some scientific reasons that explain why you feel the way you do while sun gazing. This is all about how these experiences lead to the proven wellness benefits of sun gazing,

5 Proven wellness benefits of sun gazing for you

1. Sungazing slows down the time

We are living a fast pace life today. The hustle culture is so prominent. We are always in a hurry to do things – meeting our work deadlines or simply having a meal for the day. This gives us a reason to just stop by for a moment and experience the sun gazing.

One of the most prominent benefits of sun gazing is that it slows down time. According to research conducted in 2012, the participants of the research felt a sense of awe while experiencing sun gazing. They defined it as “an emotion that gave them the feeling that they had more time available to them”.

After watching the sunset, they felt that they were less impatient. By taking out time for a sunset every day, ironically, they were able to retain the lost control of their 24 hours of the day.


2. Sungazing brings emotional prosperity

Appreciating the natural phenomenon and beauty of sunrise and sunset impacts your mental well-being positively. It uplifts the level of generosity in your mind and propagates satisfaction toward life as a whole.

The secret is to enjoy and feel the process completely without letting anything distract you from the view. People who are connected with nature and their surroundings are, generally, happier than others who aren’t. They develop positive emotions by being in nature.

Soaking up a sublime sunrise in the morning or enjoying a sunset at the end of the day will explicitly raise your emotional well-being too.


Benefits of gazing at the sun


3. Sungazing increases your energy level

After a tiring day, most of you would need a cup of coffee. You crave coffee to get yourself going for the rest of the hours and complete your tasks. But studies suggest that direct contact with nature is more effective and helpful to fuel your soul.

What better than a gleaming sunset to reenergize you? Sunsets, with their sense of soothing, increase your level of productivity. Watching sunsets will help you feel more energized.

Dedicating a few minutes of the day to yourself is always worth it. Especially, when it connects you with nature. There is no better source for those feel-good vibes other than your natural surroundings.


4. Sungazing makes you more concerned about others

Studies have concluded that witnessing a sunrise or sunset makes you more social. They arouse concern for others and develop positive emotions by increasing the feeling of staying connected with your people.

Becoming close to nature brought the people in a generous mood and made them more kind and polite towards the people in their surroundings. Connecting with nature, specifically, dusk produces the feeling of care, protection, and concern. It helps you to substantiate your social wellness.


5. Colors of the sun ignites excitement

You can watch a sunrise or sunset while doing other physical activities like running or biking. But, simply sitting to observe and witness the colors of the changing sky boosts your mindfulness.

The orange, red and yellow of the sky promote stress reduction and welcome feelings of excitement, enthusiasm, and warmth in the mind. The psychology of these colors associates them with energy and improvement of the cognitive functioning of the brain.

Both sunrise and sunset are timeless. They should be celebrated to thank the universe for adding a day more to your existence on the planet. They teach us to be grateful. And, gratitude always helps you become a better individual.


Benefits of gazing at the sun


Sun was called the ‘child of goodness’ by Socrates. He compared the good with the Sun.  So, if you are a Sunrise or a Sunset lover, a sungazer I hope you were able to relate to and feel the science-backed facts I mentioned here.

Associating yourself with natural beauty has been proven to be more rewarding in terms of mental wellness as compared to artistic or moral beauty. Nature is the ultimate source of positivity and appreciating it will soothe your mind too.

Sunrises and sunsets have always managed to find a place in the words and hearts of poets, writers, and romantics. They nurture your mindset and improve your perspective on life. They are a gift given to us by nature. We must embrace and inculcate them in our lives.

“Never waste any amount of time doing anything important when there is a sunset outside that you should be sitting under!”― C. JoyBell C.

Taking out some time from your busy schedule to patiently gaze at the sun is more helpful towards giving you a spiritual outlook on life and accepting the situations for your benefit. Slowing down a bit on the way to absorb and reflect upon their beauty is extremely rewarding.

I hope these benefits of sun gazing will help you to get out and witness the natural beauty around you if you don’t do it already.

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I’ll see you next week!!!

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