How to Find Inspiration in Your Daily Life? 11 Easy Ways You Might Be Missing 

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Life goals can be intimidating, especially when you want to achieve something in the long term. Inspiration is fragile. It comes and goes frequently. In this blog, you’ll learn 11 ways to find inspiration in your daily life from ways that you might be missing out on.

According to a study, an adult spends around 90,000 hours or 1/3rd of total life around work, and when work becomes a burden, life becomes a challenge. 

With daily monotonous tasks, your mind gets bored and tries to find dopamine (the pleasure, motivation & learning hormone) in different things than the most important things in life.

Your mind tricks you into finding easy and fast ways to get that dopamine hit. While chasing it, the inspiration you have to fulfill or achieve your goal seems very less. 

These small stays of inspiration help you to understand that seeking dopamine and constant inspiration at different places is a waste of time and energy. The smarter way is to find both in one thing. 

To do this, you don’t need to trick your mind. You can find inspiration, motivation, pleasure, and some of the best life lessons from the life around you. In this blog, I’ll show you how to do that. Let’s go! 


How to find inspiration in your daily life? 11 Easy Ways You Might Be Missing 


The human mind is wired to complicate matters even if things can be resolved in the simplest ways. 

Here are 11 simple ways to find inspiration in your everyday life and achieve even the most difficult tasks in the easiest ways. 


1. Find inspiration with your WHY

Do you know why you want to achieve your goal?

Do you know why you chose that specific goal?

Do you know when you wish to achieve your goal?

Do you know what you have to do to achieve your goal?

Do you know all of these why’s, when’s and what’s?

Find your answers to them, find your purpose in life and you already have your inspiration to do what’s needed. Your purpose will give you enough motivation to continue working towards your goals without depending on any external source to push you towards your goals.

These answers are strong enough to inspire you to be your best version and to show up daily.


2. Challenge yourself with small tasks

When life becomes monotonous, inspiration is the first feeling to jump out of the window. This is when challenges become handy.

Challenge yourself with small, everyday tasks that keep the momentum going even when you feel like doing nothing. 

For example-“I challenge myself to finish this task in the next 5 minutes or 10 minutes.” With this, your mind goes into the challenge or game mode to finish the task, even if it’s something you do daily. 

To break the monotony, you can change the challenges daily for a change in your routine.

Whenever I feel bored doing something, this is the trick that I use the most. The easiest of all and yet the most effective. Try it and you’ll thank yourself for trying this.


3. Reward yourself

Celebrate your achievements. Irrespective of how small or big it is, reward yourself. By doing this, you motivate your mind to do even the hardest or the weirdest task. 

Be it preparing that presentation or talking to that client, the excitement of receiving a reward after its completion, makes it effort-worthy. 

This reward can be anything like giving yourself time for any of your hobbies, giving yourself chocolate, or something you like to eat. I like to treat myself to jewelry pieces after I achieve a new milestone in my growth. 

The intention is to give yourself credit for your achievements and celebrate the outcomes that happened after your significant efforts. 


4. Equate work with happiness and not tasks

When you see work as something you need to finish to have time for yourself, it becomes a burden and you easily lose inspiration.

This is where you need to make the change. Start seeing your work as something you like to do, to spend time with. Do it with acceptance, as something that gives you happiness not just when it’s finished, but when you’re doing it when you’re in the middle of it.

For example, working on this blog right now is my kind of happiness. Sitting in bed on a cozy autumn afternoon and working towards growing this blog, this is my happy place. 

The secret is to do what you love, to work on your passion with a purpose. 


5. Find little things that make you happy

In your daily life, find little things that make you happy. It may be a picture of your loved one on your desk, your favorite song, a painting that reminds you of a beautiful memory, a movie that is special to you; or little things that calm you down.

Keep these things in your sight, they’ll keep you happy and calm. With a calm mind, you will be able to work towards achieving your goals with more focus and patience. 

You can also create a vision board like I have done to stay in constant touch with your goals and to physically feel them in front of you. 


6. Write what you feel

Whenever you find yourself at the end of a tunnel with no clue on how to move forward, start writing. Write to navigate what you feel and what you should do next.

Build a daily writing habit if needed. Pour out your emotions and feelings, not digitally, do it with a pen and paper. 

Create a list of things that impact your mood both positively and negatively. Add things that inspire you more to your daily life and subtract the things that demotivate you or add negativity to your life. 

This way, a month or two later you’ll have a healthy daily lifestyle where you’ll have most of the things or tasks that inspire you to do better.

For this, you may even take the help of social media to know what aligns with your goal and what does not, check out the next point to understand how.

7. Social media check

Social media has become a constant part of your life today. We live in a world where one Instagram post can either fill you with motivation or it can drag you down the deep hole of social media FOMO and comparison. Your times are full of posts, views, thoughts, and ideas. Some of which make sense and many of which are just nonsense. 

You consume it at least once a day or more. Isn’t it so? And that’s why you need this social media check.

Cut out on negativity or unrealistic goals showing up on your feed. Follow genuine people, inspiring ones. Unfollow everybody and anybody who makes you feel bad about your “dull and imperfect” life.

Follow people who tell you what real life is, full of problems, full of heartbreaks yet that silver lining exists in every situation, that things may be hard but hard work pays off. Because every day is not the same. Because “perfection is an illusion.”


8. Set Realistic goals

Don’t build castles in the sky, just to destroy them in the end. Instead, set realistic goals for yourself. 

Take the reverse engineering approach to setting your goals. Set a larger goal for yourself. Break it into the goal of the year, the goal of the month, the goal of the week, and the goal of the day.

An ocean is full of small drops of water. Similarly, your big goals can be achieved with your daily realistic goals and your daily efforts. 

Set doable and realistic goals. Take them one day at a time and one task at a time. You’ll find completing most of them at the end of the day which serve as an intrinsic source of inspiration for you to do better daily. 

On the other hand, setting unrealistic goals will only lead you to burnout, leaving you demotivated for many days. Choose the former option and see how its magic works. 


9. Choose your close connections wisely

As social beings, humans thrive on their social connections. 

You meet new people in your life but mostly spend most of your time with already built-up connections, your family, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances.

A man is known by the company he keeps. The people you spend your time with represent a significant side of your life. 

Thus, choose your company wisely. The people you stay with, eat with, have fun with, and work with; all impact your personality and mindset. Hence, surround yourself with people you can learn from. Be in a room of intellectuals who make you challenge your perspective, thoughts, and ideologies, people who value your opinion and respect you for it. 


10. Learn something New

Learn a new skill, a new language, a new hobby, or anything that you like. It can be related to your life goal and can help you in your self-improvement journey. 

Learning something new increases your dopamine level as you get out of boredom. It’ll make you feel like a kid learning something new for the first time in life, full of childlike enthusiasm.

Learning new skills related to your work will not only make you better at your job but will also inspire you to do better than before. 

You may even learn a new skill completely unrelated to your current work, just for fun or just for happiness.


11. Have faith in yourself

Having faith in yourself will inspire you the most. 

When you say to yourself that you can do it, your mind automatically turns on the inspiration gear to the 5th level.

You spend most of your time with yourself and your mind is what makes you ‘you’ in the long term. Have a sense of positivity and self-belief in yourself and you’ll see the magic.

Tell yourself to have faith in yourself and your subconscious mind will help you find inspiration even in the darkest phase of life. 


The bottom line is to find inspiration in your everyday life, you have to train your mind to create it for you. All the 11 ways that I have shared in this blog will have you do that. 

When life gets hard, you will find it difficult to seek inspiration, especially in your daily life. This is when your mindset, your sincerity towards your goals, and above all your discipline will keep you intact with your goals. 

When nothing seems to change despite your constant efforts. When there are no solid results, your mind and body ask you to stop. At that point, it is these moments of small progress that will take you to the other side of your desired life. 

With this blog, I hope you were able to find something helpful that’ll help you find inspiration in your otherwise monotonous life and fill it with more enthusiasm and curiosity. 

Though life is a roller coaster ride, make sure you enjoy this ride to the fullest. Once it stops, there is no second round, after all.