9 Ways to Unleash the Power of Positivity and Self-belief

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The power of positivity is no hidden secret. Positivity and self-belief are two feelings that will always keep you on track in life. These are the things that will set you on a journey where you are only meant to grow and move forward in life. 

If you have been following my writing journey on my Instagram and LinkedIn, you would know that I landed my first major client with a Singapore-based holistic wellness business. Locking my partnership with them wasn’t just about writing blogs for them. It was the result of my patience and persistence that I was practicing for 5 months. This made my vision, even more, stronger to grow as a freelance writer every single day. 

Positivity and self-belief are the two driving forces of any dream. They can either make you or break you depending on the allowance they have to affect your mind. Back in May 2020, when I started as a freelance writing business owner, I had no idea how I’ll do everything. But, 6 months down the line I am doing more than I ever thought of handling at once. From my blog to my client’s work, I do it all by myself. 

I always knew I could do this. I always knew I could be a success as a writer. But, never in my dream had I envisioned myself being surrounded by people wanting to work with me. Yes, I was high on lack of self-belief. I was so sure about the not-so-good marketing skills that I will never have high-paying clients to work with. But once I started, I had all the pieces of my broken puzzle coming together to show me the path I am meant to walk on to become the woman I want to be, to be the writer I wanted to be. 

So, here are the 9 steps I followed to unleash the power of positivity and self-belief. These are the steps that have led me to you, my readers. And, these are the steps that have led you back to me because you find my words worthy enough to invest your time and read. 

9 Ways to Unleash the Power of Positivity and Self-belief

1. Self-sufficiency is the first step to self-belief 

My very first step to self-belief is to know and understand that you are enough. To be able to start believing in yourself, it is essential to remind yourself that whoever you are and whatever you are is enough. You don’t need a whole lot of things to begin working on your dream. All you need to do is begin.  

2. Positivity gives you the courage to make mistakes

When you start working on your plan, you will make mistakes. And, these mistakes will pave the way for your learning and growth. The courage to make mistakes is the strongest kind of courage to possess. You won’t ever find it perfect. Trial and error is the only rule after all.

3. Self-belief allows you to grab opportunities

The awareness of opportunities plays a very important role in personal development. Every small opportunity is a stepping stone to the big break you are aiming for.

power of positivity

Every little door of exposure will lead you to the position you want to achieve in your space. So, have the nerve to start small. Develop your presence of mind to recognize the right opportunity and make the most of it.   


4. Positivity inspires you 

When you are positive in life, you begin to attract things and people that inspire you. Instead of wasting your time on random activities, you understand that time is a real asset and it should be spent wisely. You become resilient about your growth. Hence, you begin to invest your time wisely. 

 5. Self-belief stimulates your action

Believing in yourself is the only ray of hope that keeps you going when nothing seems right. That voice inside your head that pushes you to do a little every day is what takes you forward in life. Every drop counts when your dream seems like an ocean. Every action you take with the power of positivity and ounces of self-belief is a step closer to your goal.

6. Positivity lets you invest in yourself

You can choose any career for yourself. There would always be someone who would have done it before you. Smart people choose to learn from the best instead of wasting time figuring out things. It is fine to figure it out yourself but having a course to go back to or a coach to look up to is never a bad idea. I can totally vouch for that from my personal experience. 

 7. Self-belief allows you to dream big

If your dreams scare you, congratulations!!! If your dreams scare you, you are in for an adventurous ride. When you have self-belief you set goals that seem too unachievable. This is when you know you challenge yourself and push yourself beyond your limitations. Because your comfort zone keeps you comfortable. And, comfort isn’t really friends with success.  

power of positivity and self belief

8. Positivity gives you realistic goals

If you don’t have a long-term vision, there is no use in working on your dreams. When you have a vision, you set goals that might be difficult to achieve but they don’t sound unrealistic. Setting a vision and having goals that are unrealistic is a thwart to your self-belief. Hence, your goals can scare you but they shouldn’t be unrealistic. 

9. Self-belief lets you celebrate your milestones

You don’t have it all figured out in one night. You start, you do, you make mistakes, you learn, you achieve some goals and miss some. On your journey, as you work hard and smart to make it right for you, you must not forget to celebrate every little milestone.  


Self-belief and positivity combined with a plan of action to abide by and a list of goals to achieve works magically. It is when all of these come together to build a profitable and successful career in any field. This is the power of positivity.

A person takes time to have it all together but believing in yourself is the very first step toward becoming who you aim to be. It all begins inside your head. 

I hope I was able to convey the right message and give transfer the power of self-belief and positivity through my words. 

Take care wherever you are, dream big, and keep smashing those goals. 

I’ll see you next week. 

Stay safe, stay well.