How to develop resilience in life? Is it important or not?

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How to develop resilience in life? Resilience isn’t less than any superpower. We all face difficult times, and we all go through storms in our lives. Some of these incidents even leave us falling apart. But, how many of us move past it and continue to live our lives? 

How to develop resilience in life Is it important or not

Resilience is what gives one the emotional and psychological strength to cope with stress and hardships in life. It is much like a mental reservoir of strength that you go to in hard times, especially when you know there’s nothing you can do about the situation. 


How to develop resilience in life – The what, why, and how you should about it

What is resilience? What do you understand by this term? 

In simple words, resilience is how fast you bounce back and go ahead with your normal life after something stressful and tragic has happened. 

Psychologists believe that people with resilient character are able to handle the worst of adversities and rebuild their lives, even after struggling for a period of time. They are practical in life. 

Resilience is empowering. It is the capacity of an individual to recover from difficult and uncertain life events. People who are resilient don’t fight unwantedly. They understand and accept the reality of the situation. They adapt to it and move forward in life. 

Why do you think it is important to have resilience in life? 

Resilience is one of the most important traits of an individual’s personality. It gives you the strength you need to overcome hardships. It allows you to give yourself the time you need to process the situation, understand it and accept it. 

The one who lacks resilience is quite easily overwhelmed. Hence, they turn to unhealthy coping mechanisms, most likely alcohol or drugs. 

But with resilience, you are able to tap into your strengths and support systems to look beyond the present challenges and work towards solving the problems patiently. Hence, it is imperative for you to develop a resilient character and have a resilient perspective toward life. 

How to develop resilience in life

This is how developing resilience can help you in life and this is why it is important: 

  • It lets you build your failures into success with time and patience 
  • It lets you understand that you are the sole controller of your life 
  • It lets you build positive beliefs as you cross navigating the absurd hours 
  • It lets you accept and embrace change in life 
  • It lets you stop limiting yourself and break free from the mindset barrier 
  • It lets you believe that whatever happens, happens for the best

Resilience is what can fuel you with positivity and strength to get face-to-face with life, accept its challenges and show yourself what you are capable of. Because, believe me, most of the time it is not other people’s confidence in us that matters, it is how we see ourselves that creates all the difference. 

How do you know someone is resilient? 

People with resilience don’t see life as a bed of roses. They don’t see life through some pretty colored lenses. Instead, they understand that setbacks and hardships are a part of life. They accept that this is how life happens. Most importantly, they come to terms with the reality of life by having faith in themselves.  

A person with resilience never has the “Oh, god! Why me” attitude. They know that when life doesn’t work how they want, this simply means that life is trying to teach them something. But, how do they know? 

Past experiences are the answer. We learn a lot of different things through our existence. Some good, some bad. But, how do you decide which learning is meant for you to take forward in life? You decide by analyzing the outcomes of the situation. 

For example, you got rejected at a job you wanted desperately. You are shattered. Later, you understand why it wasn’t the right thing for you. So, the next time something similar happens, people with resilience don’t sit with the shattered will. Yes, they will be upset about it but they won’t attach their self-worth to it. Failure is always a stepping stone. It is a part of life and it is important too. 

How to develop resilience in life

People with resilience have self-confidence, they make realistic plans and abide by them, they have good communication skills, they manage their emotions effectively and most importantly, they don’t victimize themselves. 

Resilience is an extremely powerful trait to possess. You learn to build it as you grow with time and situations. Resilience allows you to face the most unimaginable events. It allows people to marshal the strength to not just survive but to thrive and prosper as well. 

How to develop resilience in yourself? 

Resilience is not a trampoline. It is not that you are down one moment and up and normal the next. Instead, it is more like climbing a mountain, without a map to follow. It takes time, strength, and support from your loved ones. And, while you develop resilience, you will experience setbacks too. It won’t happen overnight.

Hence, here’s how to develop resilience in life, in yourself, and in the people you love: 

  • Reframe your thoughts: Train the mind to see the positive side of difficult times. Yes, it won’t be easy but you’ll land there with practice. 
  • Seek support: You don’t have to be the “I got it” person all the time. Ask for help when you need it. 
  • Focus on what you can control: When things get out of hand and you begin to feel overwhelmed, pause and take a deep breath. Analyze and focus on what you can control. 
  • Manage your stress: You manage your everyday stress with proper sleep, exercise, and nutrition. Breathing exercises, expressive writing, and communicating effectively also help in the long run. 


Developing resilience can help you significantly in life. It is both effective and essential as a trait to possess. 

It is not developed overnight. It takes experience and setbacks to build it. Because the truth about life is that it is not going to be easy. It will take you to the high road when you least expect it. And, it will surprise you at times when you are not ready. 

This is exactly the fun of being alive. You fall, you rise. And as much as rising high is in your hands, falling in life is also the result of our deeds. 

So, take life as it comes. Change what you don’t like, as long as it’s harmless to others. 

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I’ll see you soon!

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