15 Easy Life Lessons I Learned the Hard Way

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Life lessons – Now that 2020 has fairly waved us goodbye, I thought of sharing the most important life lessons it had taught me.

Instead of resolutions, I choose to remember these life lessons and take them forward. I hope you give your best shot in life this time.

2020 began with a bang for all of us in our ways. But, none of us imagined what it had in store for us.

And today while we have successfully survived this year, I bring you all the life lessons I learned.

1. The most important life lesson – family

I have been a believer that life has its ways of teaching us lessons. What our schools could not teach us despite efforts and discipline, life teaches us all of that with ease.

I read and heard in the news about people losing their family members due to various reasons or getting separated from them. It gave me the realization of how fortunate I was to be with my family during these tough times.

I understood how blessed I was to wake up every day and have my parents and brother in front of my eyes, all in good health.

2. Water is vital for your body

I have always been a lazy lad. Self-care seemed like a task to me. You know the preparation, the application, and the gradual results that follow, I was just too impatient for it.

But, then came 2020. The official year of life lessons and teachings.

With the circumstances this year brought along, it became important to do the bare minimum to keep yourself safe. And, I found my safety in the water.

This might sound immature to you. But, though I have read about the importance of water so many times, I began implementing it recently.

And to my surprise, it worked wonders. Not just for my skin but for my body too. So, after you end this read, go and drink water.

3. Stop wasting your time

Time is slipping out of your hands, you cannot hold it and make it stay. No matter how strongly you close your fist. Just like sand, it will pass away.

So, don’t wait for the right time in your life. There exists nothing like that.

This is the lesson I have learned – All you have is now. Make the most of it.

4. No dream is too small

It will seem like a giant mountain until you begin to climb it. Once you do, you will enjoy the journey.

Even the cuts and bruises you get on the journey won’t seem painful. Why? Because you would have your reasons to keep climbing. You will just be greedy to reach the top and simply breathe with satisfaction.

life lessons

I have started climbing my mountain. Trust me, I have fallen many times. But, as long as I have my reasons clear, I don’t see making it happen any other way.

Go and do it, for nobody else. But, for yourself.

5. The most truthful life lesson – Binging on OTTs won’t pay my bills

The pandemic happened. Everything shut down. And, I wasted so many days binging on OTTs.

I bet you would relate, searching for the new series to watch, discussing it with your friends over video calls, and whatnot. I wasted a lot of my time.

And then one day, dropped this bomb of realization. I realized how much time I was wasting and how cruel I was being to myself.

I was finally awakened to understand that I am about to complete my education. And, I cannot depend on my parents for my future.

Therefore, I gradually lowered the time I spent binge-watching movies and series. And, replaced the same time watching informational and knowledge-packed videos that landed me here today – to you, reading my words.

6. Self-investment is the best investment

If you wish to achieve your goals in life, work starts at home. You are not perfect. None of us are. Neither will ever be.

But, investing in yourself is the greatest return you will ever receive.

Investment isn’t always money. The most rewarding investment is your time. You ought to learn to invest your time wisely.

You have to decide on the right kind of investment for yourself. Otherwise, a pandemic won’t ever create a difference and you will be where you are.

There is no greater enemy than stagnancy. Move and start working.

7. Value the time you spend with your loved ones

Only if we could predict life, how easier would it be? Only if we knew beforehand what the future carries, how smooth life would become.

With 2020 knocking on our doors, I was so happy and excited that I will be completing my education this year.

I was so pumped to spend the final semester with my friends and make tons of memories with them before I begin my hustle with life.

But guess what? Life had different plans this year. Therefore, no college, no final memories, no farewell, and no proper goodbyes.

All the plans just rest in a coffin now.

value your family

So the life lesson here is to value the time you spend with your people. Capture them for tomorrow.

Today’s happy moments will bring a smile on the most difficult days of tomorrow. Value them while you have them.

8. Multiple streams of income aren’t a luxury anymore

Life is too unpredictable. You may claim you have it all under your control but life takes no time in turning the tables and making you realize otherwise.

Out of everything we want and have, more than anything, money is the need.

The pandemic was quick enough to throw this realization at our faces that one source of income is not reliable to survive. Yes, survive and not live.

Therefore, while you work on your goals to achieve your dreams, work on your mindset and your perception of life too. It is truly the need of the hour today, tomorrow, and for the rest of our lives.

9. The most obvious life lesson – Survival of the fittest

Survival of the fittest – Does this remind you of something? Yes, you guessed it right.

I am sure while reading Darwin’s theory in high school, none of us would have ever thought about it coming to life. None of us, even in our wildest dreams, would have thought that life will experiment with our theory on us.

And, in what way? A pandemic to test us. Seriously universe???

Fit doesn’t only imply the strength of your muscles. In life, we got to be fit with our minds, our finances, our vision, with our work.

But, you don’t have to get it all correct at once. We are humans, let’s just stay like that. Make mistakes, learn, evolve, and ultimately live. Not just survive. Live.

10. Relax, it will work out

I know the past year has given us some truly tough times. Each of us has gone through the most unexpected situation we could.

So, while you hustle for your life, while you work for yourself and while you go all-in for your vision – don’t forget to relax and breathe.

Therefore, the life lesson here is – Trust all your efforts. Have faith in your abilities. Stay strong on every single input you give to your goal. But, take a break if you need one.

11. You are already rich

No, I don’t refer to the dollars you have in your bank or the mansion you live in. One thing that this pandemic taught me is to be grateful for what I already have with me.

When I say you are rich, yes you are. How? Here it goes.

You have food on your table. You got a roof over your head. You are loved and cared for by a family.

life lessons

Trust me you are the richest person alive if you have these basic necessities.

Do you want something more from life? Work for it but don’t forget to thank god for all that you have.

12. Siblings are the real support system

They will fight with you on the smallest and silliest thing possible, they will eat your head with their nonsense, and they will ruin your existence in front of your parents and family.

But, if someone else tries to do the same to you, they will be the first ones to fight, save, and support you.

My brother is younger than me, he has been handling his own business for two years now. I have wanted to do the same for three years. But, I never showed the courage to take hold of my dreams- procrastination is a real enemy of growth.

Well, the pandemic allowed us to spend a lot of time together and share our dreams and goals. I have never confessed this before, but a huge part of my growth is credited to my brother.

They say you are the company you keep. And, being in my brother’s company gave me all the push I needed to start working on my dreams. He is the one in the house who covertly supports me and my vision of being a successful writer.

13. Do not underestimate your potential

There is already a lot of judging and questioning your choices in life. You need not be an addition to that list.

Be your critique but never underestimate your potential.

start creating

You are so much more than you think. And, you will realize it once you begin working on yourself.

You will discover something new about yourself, every day on your journey. Just begin it, simply start and things will eventually align for you.

The universe works in your favor when you begin working for it. The law of attraction they talk about, trust me, it works.

14. Your skills will take you forward

We aren’t living in an era when your degree is of prime importance. You can choose any field of work you want, but you won’t move ahead if you lack the skills.

No, you don’t have to be perfect. Know this and remember it for your life – Perfection is a myth. Every successful individual starts from zero.

You shall do the same. Begin your journey and upgrade your skills as you progress. It will reward you with the most satisfactory return on your investment.

15. The most sensible life lesson – Self-care and Self-love

Hey, I know you are working hard every single day. I know you are putting in a lot of effort. I know you are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve your aim.

But, take good care of yourself, my friend. Learn to love yourself. I learned this lesson later in life.

Remember, you will make it big if you stay healthy to work on your craft. Don’t skip your sleep, take your meals properly, drink loads of water, and then continue your work.

Your success shall have you, all in good health to celebrate your achievements. And, while we are surviving in this pandemic, don’t forget your mask 😉


These were the 15 “easy” life lessons I learned in 2020 the hard way.

Seriously, instead of calling and bashing 2020 for all the disruption it created in our lives, I totally thank it today. If things have been the usual way, I would have been preparing for another exam to “build” my life. And, becoming a writer would still have been a distant dream.

But, voila, here I am.

Therefore, I’d like to call 2020 – the year of realizations and the year of life lessons. This year has given me a lot more than any other year in 23 years of my existence. Had it been the usual way, I would have been cribbing and crying without making a move for myself.

I learned it the hard way. You don’t have to. Be thankful for what you have and begin working towards what you want.

Don’t settle, hustle and hustle hard.

Remember, it’s your life and only you should decide for yourself. Don’t wait for life to teach you something like I did.

Start slow, you will eventually make it to your destination. Because, who is going to stop you when you take hold of your life? Hear me out here – NO ONE.

That’s all for now, I’ll see you next week.

Until then, you can catch up with me on LinkedIn or Instagram