7 Simple Self Care at Home Ideas to Improve Your Overall Wellness

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Self Care at Home Ideas: 7 Home Improvement Tips to Improve Your Well-being  – is a guest post by Home Improvement and Real Estate writer Ishita Mondal. Here’s her LinkedIn profile!  

Self Care includes your mental, social, and physical well-being. Your home plays a vital role in balancing these trio well. After all, if a home does not resonate with your well-being, you can barely live a happy life. Isn’t it? 

And in the present era of remote work and hybrid approaches, the details at home are more important for your wellness than before. 

According to a study, over 30% of homeowners would willingly pay more for a house that uplifts one’s well-being. Having said that, a large number of renters are ready to pay more rent for such homes. 

So, whether you want to live a happy life at home or want to sell your house shortly, you need to look for self care at home ideas. Simply put, improve your home to improve your well-being. 

The question is how to upgrade a home that can help you stay physically, mentally, and socially well. So let me help you with some tips. Implementing some of these ideas might be on the expensive side. But, the health benefits can save you a fortune and you can enjoy a quality life in the long run without paying extra bucks. 

7 Simple Self Care at Home Ideas to Improve Your Overall Wellness

1. Good Daylight Levels

No matter how expensive your luxury lights are, you must incorporate ways to enhance the presence of natural daylight in your home. Think of those tired, monotonous mornings when you do not feel like doing anything, but just going out in broad daylight rejuvenates you! Yes, the touch of sunlight has some magic. 

Indeed, I am not talking about the scorching heat of the sun. That is insane. It snatches away your energy more than it improves your well-being

But, daylight at a moderate level can help you stay well. You can invite that by installing large windows. It is better if you install an East-facing large window in your bedroom. The first morning light on your face has impressive health benefits. 

Also, skylight installation is a good option as it lets the daylight enter your home with limited access. Many times, home improvement experts suggest adding a sunroom also. 

Better daylighting contributes to environmental well-being as well. More natural light inside your home means less energy consumption. Eventually, it leads to less carbon emission than usual. 


2. Good Ventilation 

Talking about the details of self care at home, you must not ignore the benefits of good ventilation at home. The air vents and duct pipes are essential to maintain healthy air quality. Proper ventilation reduces the risks of damp weather at home. It also prevents the occurrence of mold and mildew. 

According to a study by the University of Washington, living in the poor air quality at home invites the risk of mental distress. You are susceptible to grievous mental health issues if you do not focus on proper ventilation. Thus, it affects your overall wellness.  

Anyways, large windows can help in this matter to a great extent. You can take a few more steps ahead to enhance the ventilation. Well-designed air vents and installed ventilators are the saviors here! 

Hire an expert today and install them as per your requirement. If the indoor air quality has already deteriorated, please invest in an air purifier. It will purify the air giving you a scope to live a stress-free, healthy life. 


3. The Provision of Open Space

Who wants to miss the bliss of walking on a spacious rooftop or a large balcony? Having enough space to lay your favorite carpet in the dining room gives you a sense of satisfaction, which adds to your well-being. 

If you want to stay mentally, physically, and socially well, some open space at home is necessary. This is the reason why you may have seen property developers and realtors selling homes with open spaces more than any other property. 

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Nonetheless, having open space does not necessarily mean large homes. You can have spacious corners even in narrow homes or small apartments. All you have to do is design and manage it properly. 

Declutter the items that you do not need at your home. Thus, you will get enough storage to keep the essential belongings safely. And once things are in place, you can enjoy open spaces at your home. 

Sleek furniture is in trend right now. You can opt for them so that your apartment looks classic even while leaving enough vacant space for you to roam. 

The world is already crowded and over-stimulating. There’s so much happening around. Having a calm, open space in your home is important to overcome the odds in today’s busy life. It helps you to take a pause and breathe. 


4. More Greenery

Greenery is an important part of self care at home. That is why health experts advise early morning walks in proximity to nature. Ranging from physical health and mental wellness to social well-being- greenery has long-term benefits for all aspects of your wellness. 

So, if you want to stay well at home, do not forget to keep green views around your eyes. Some compelling ideas are here on the list. 

Place indoor plants like dragon tree (Dracaena Marginata) or majesty palm (Ravenea Rivularis). They are good at maintaining a standard oxygen level in the air inside a home. You can think of a green garden balcony. 

Any sort of gardening at home will add immensely to your overall wellness and wellbeing. A garden balcony is a wonderful idea to incorporate greens at home while enjoying the maximum benefits of it. You can create a 5vegetable garden or an orchid vine on your balcony. Herbs like basil are also a good option for this purpose. If you are a floral person, add some beautiful flower plants to the list. 

While inviting greens inside the home, do not forget to spruce up your outer lawns and garden. After all, these places are the spring playgrounds for your kids, which is highly important for their well-being. 


5. Appropriate Interior Color

Whether a child or an adult, color has a strong effect on the human mind. That is why soothing colored dresses are encouraged on summer days, while bright red or fluorescent green is ideal for cold, dry days. Likewise, a home’s color also has a powerful impact on the wellness of the people living in it.  

If you are a new homeowner or want to renovate your old home, here are some color ideas for you. As per the experts, specific colors have specific mental health benefits. 

For example, the combination of turquoise blue and any light shade of green is calm and restful. You can try it in your bedroom to enjoy a peaceful sleep. 

Try red if you want some stimulating vibes in your drawing room that can uplift your mood when you are feeling down. Choose the shades keeping other parts of interior colors in mind. While yellow creates a cheerful ambiance, you can use its diverse shades in the kitchen. If you have a small home, make it look spacious with milky white interior color. It drives away the anxiety of living in a narrow space to a great extent.

6. Sound Insulation 

Sound has a substantial impact on our well-being. You surely want to spend some moments of solitude away from the outside hustle-bustle. Using soundproof technology in some areas of your home is a good idea so that you can spend the much-needed relaxed time over there. This may be worth a king’s ransom. But, talking about wellness and self care at home, it has a good return on investment. 

If you cannot afford to install high-end soundproof technologies at home, you can try some other alternatives. Buy furniture that comes up with sound-absorbing materials. Also, sound-reflective furniture pieces are available that help to distribute sound differently. 

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Adding doors is another way to keep your special space away from noise and sounds. Although all doors are not sound-proof, it helps to reduce the impact of noise. Different soft materials and artworks are available nowadays that can absorb sounds. You can try them too. 

7. Family-friendly Corners

We cannot discuss self care at home without discussing the home corners for family gatherings. Who will disagree that our family is the best factor in ensuring our well-being? Regardless of the size and type of the home, you should add some space specially designed for your family time. 

Here, you may need the help of some experts. Ask a trustworthy home improvement contractor about possible ideas to add such family corners to your home. Often, renowned homeowners and contractors suggest upgrading the deck areas with modern furnishings. Indeed, the deck at home is an ideal space to spend some family time. 

You can extend the porch and place some tables and chairs. A fine coffee date with grandparents, kids, and extended family members is ensured with that! Wonderful ideas are there if you are a two-person family. Install a small swimming pool and spend quality time with each other there. The soothing splash of water is a powerful factor to improve your family’s wellness too. 


Have you heard about the term “neuroarchitecture”? It is a study of how our brain and body behave in a building. According to the experts in neuroarchitecture, our brain, and its thoughts, senses, and perception respond to the air we breathe, the quality of light we have around us, the color we see at home, and so on. 

Architects and designers also affirm the importance of self care at home. They prefer nowadays to create living space that contributes to the physical, mental, and social health of the people living there. So, what are you waiting for? Secure your well-being today with a comfortable living space. 

And let me know in the comments if you enjoyed reading this different take on wellness and self care from my guest writer, Ishita.

I’ll see you next week.