16 Important Self Care at Work Tips for Remote Workers

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Self care at work might seem non-existent. I mean, it’s all about “work on your terms” after all. One can easily prejudice the freedom it brings. But, not many acknowledge the responsibility it puts on your shoulders. 

We are living in the best age in history. It hasn’t been this easier before to work and earn infinitely while sipping your favorite drink from your favorite place in the world. There is no limitation to the potential while working remotely. But, the freedom and urge to earn more should not come at the expense of your self care at work. 

Remote working is the new normal. But, so are the challenges it brings to your wellness and wellbeing. Whether physical or mental, the roadblocks to your health and wellness are only going to increase in time. 

Today, I am sharing some of the tried and tested self care at work tips for remote workers: 

16 Important Self Care at Work Tips for Remote Workers

1. Create a workspace 

Whether you are working remotely or from home, a designated workplace will help you to get into the feel of being in an office. Sure, your laptop is your office. But, assigning a workspace for yourself will help you to trick your brain into actually sitting and doing the work. Working from the bed will only make you lazier whereas working from a “workspace”, even if that’s just one corner of your room, will build your confidence and get you working for real. 


2. Dress up for work

What does dressing up has to do with your self care at work? Ah! Everything. Yes, you can make it a pajama fest and turn on your laptop as soon as you wake up. But, taking a shower, combing your hair, putting on an outfit, and wearing your shoes; all of this contributes to your self-care and wellness while working remotely. The process of “getting ready” makes it less miserable for you to transition into work. This is how I get work done when I  am out of motivation to work. 


3. Take care of your back 

If there’s anything that’s at stake for remote workers, it’s their back. It severely affects your body postures due to prolonged sitting. It leads to several health complications that include poor posture, back, neck, and shoulder pain, cardiovascular health problems, and even increases risk of diabetes among many others. Thus, make sure you adjust the laptop screen to your level and invest in a comfortable office chair for yourself. 


4. Acknowledge your screen time 

There’s nothing hidden about this one. Yes, your laptop and phones are how you’re connected to the outside world. But make sure they don’t take up your entire day and definitely not your whole life. Longer screen time causes eye strain and dry eyes. Thus, take breaks as and when needed. You can also invest in anti-glare filter devices for your screen. Wearing reading glasses will also be a great choice to avoid stressing your eyes. 


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5. Take frequent breaks 

As I said, take breaks as and when needed. Self care at work is not limited to doing things only. It’s also about not doing anything at all. Build breaks into your to-do lists. Include rest time in your daily work schedule. Take power naps in the afternoon. This will not just give you the rest you need but slowing down will also improve your productivity. Be as intentional as you can while working remotely or from home. 


6. Move your body 

The inside of your body is as important as the outside. Your self care at work must include some moving time in your daily schedule. Thus, set aside some time for it. Morning walks or evening walks, stretching, or full-blown workouts, choose what suits you and stick to it. It increases blood circulation in the body and prevents the body from unnecessary cramps and aches. 


7. Have your lunch on time 

When you start working remotely, your meals are the first thing you will ignore. This isn’t something you will do intentionally but it will happen because the lines between different roles of your life will get blurred. Trust me, I’ve been doing this for two years now and I am guilty of skipping my meals. Thus, make time for your meals like you would if you were in an office. Set your meal schedules that include healthy, nutritious food. Don’t eat at your work desk. Step away from it and enjoy your meals with your family or real people around you.   


8. Drink water 

Your office water bottle is one thing that you shouldn’t replace when you switch to or start as a remote worker. Ensure that you drink water throughout your day. Keep your water bottle close to you on your desk. You can also add your favorite flavors like lemon or mint to your filtered water, especially to maintain your summer wellness. Flavors will not just add taste to your water but they will also improve the fluid intake naturally. This will keep your energy levels in check. 


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9. Be consistent with your sleep 

This is probably the most difficult thing to maintain for your self care at work. If you are working across different time zones, you’re in for a massive change. Unless you have a very strong sleep habit, working remotely will rupture your sleeping schedule. Thus, make sure you turn off all the distractions and go to bed at a decent time. Sticking to the same wake-up and sleep time will contribute to your daily wellness. 


10. Keep your connections

Working remotely hampers the face-to-face connection-building process. It limits your opportunities for real social experiences. It’s all shifted to the virtual world now. So, make sure you participate in online workshops or webinars that interest you. Give your opinions wherever it fits. Continue building connections outside your work. Keep your opportunities open. Don’t let the downside of remote working limit your potential, use your social media wisely. 


11. Set your boundaries 

Just because you are a remote worker that doesn’t mean you have to be available 24/7. Set your boundaries clearly with your colleagues. I am a remote worker and I completely understand how the lines between personal life and professional life overlap each other in this lifestyle. But, you have to take your stand and state your availability hours. Don’t instantly reply to the messages you receive outside your work hour unless it’s something very urgent. 

12. Schedule time for self-care

Self-care is subjective. It’s different for all of us. Whatever it is for you, schedule time for it. Dancing, singing, reading a book, humming to your favorite music, spa sessions, gardening, skin care, writing, some Netflix, haircare, etc. Your life, your body, your mind, thus, your choice. Make sure you dedicate some time every week to the things you love to do, things that bring you peace of mind. 


13. Practice mindfulness 

Practicing mindfulness will help you cope with the stress of remote working. This means being present in the moment and paying to attention what’s happening. It refers to observing an experience without being judgemental about it. Being mindful becomes difficult as a remote worker because of the gazillion distractions around you. Hence, try practicing mindfulness to increase your objectivity and keep your mind clear of negativity.  


14. Develop an attitude of gratitude

Developing a habit to be grateful in life is not limited to the type of work you do. Whether you are a full-time in-office employee, a remote worker, the Ceo of a company, etc. gratitude is the habit you develop because you acknowledge the “good things” in life. Complaining about your life is the easiest thing to do. It’s respecting, accepting, and being grateful for what you have that takes strong mental health and a positive attitude. 


15. Ask for help 

The biggest downside of remote working that no one talks about is working alone. As a remote worker, some days you will enjoy the solitude, and other days the loneliness will haunt you. This is to let you know that it’s a part of the lifestyle you have chosen and there’s nothing wrong with it. Talk to people you love, share your heart with your loved ones, and ask for help. You don’t have to wait to fall when you know there’s someone ready to catch and save you. 


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16. Spend time with your family 

Self care at work is not just about you. It’s about the people around you as well. Make time for your family members. Try and have at least one meal of the day with them. Your self care is equally dependent on the relationships you keep. Don’t forget the real people around you in the name of “connecting” with people who are away from you. Work is worship but family is a blessing

Conclusion: Self Care at Work  

Your wellness and well-being are not only defined by how you work. They also include your lifestyle, the people you spend your time with, and the content you consume. All of this together contributes to your wellness. 

But, self care at work does involve difficulties despite all the glorification it gets these days. 

Thus, make sure you follow the above tips and incorporate them into your daily routine to stay at the best of your health and wellness, not just physically but mentally as well. 

I’ll see you next week. Until then, you can find me here to drop by and say hello 😉

Happy Remote Working!