19 Unique Summer Essentials You Must Have in Your Home in 2024 

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With the onset of summer, your lifestyle will not be the same. The relentless heat waves will make you stay indoors most of the time. You may have to add a few summer essentials to make yourself more comfortable at home. 

Summer has its own essence of bringing hot and humid weather all day long. You can’t hide yourself from the scorching heat. But there are so many ways to make your home a paradise with some summer essentials. 

Most of us love summer for one big reason. It’s vacation time and people love to spend time outdoors as much as they love indoors. To make your summer cool and breezy you just need to add a few summer essentials with you be it outdoor or indoor.

Here in this blog, I will help you pick up 19 summer essentials needed for your home during this summer.


19 Summer Essentials You Must Have in Your Home in 2024 

1. Cotton clothes:

Cotton is the quintessential Indian fabric you must have during the summer season. To get comfortable in the hot Summer, refresh your wardrobe with the finest cotton clothes. 

Be it your office wear or your daily wear at home, cotton fabrics are a sensible choice.

It brings a soothing effect on your skin and you can wear it all day along without any irritation.

It’s a breathable fabric and can easily absorb sweat produced in your skin. 

If you want to go for an elegant look for your special occasions, you can choose linen cotton. This fabric will make you look graceful and feel both comfortable and breathable.

Before adding new clothes to your wardrobe, declutter your unused clothes and restock them with cool summer cotton fabrics. 


2. Breathable Curtains:

As much as you change your wardrobe it’s equally important to have a makeover for your entire house. 

While a good cotton fabric can soothe your skin, hanging breathable curtains alongside windows and doors will help to retain a cooler atmosphere inside your home. 

To make our home summer-ready, we have these breathable curtains that keep it cool during summer

summer essentials, curtains

These curtains allow 60-70% of sunlight giving the perfect indoor lighting. At the same time, they offer privacy and are easy to maintain as well.

They are available in all online stores with varying heights and colors.

If you don’t wish to buy online you can always go to your nearest retail store. Choose quality cotton materials and stitch them as per your requirements.


3. Add Vibrancy to Your Bedspreads and Pillows:

The summer weather will make your nighttime a little warmer. To make your night routine calmer and cooler, go for a lighter bedsheets and bed cover. 

Two of the most comfortable materials for the summer season are linen and cotton.

My mom always prefers cotton bed sheets and pillow covers as they help in the hot summer weather. 

summer essentials, bedsheets

Since both of these materials are capable of absorbing your sweat, it will make you feel less sweaty.

Choosing light-colored materials will make the bedroom more vibrant.

While choosing the materials make sure to consider things like the breathability of the fabric, lightweight nature, moisture absorbing ability, design of the fabric, and maintenance requirements. 

Toss your old heavy pillows and choose cooler ones. Buy some new pillows filled with latex. Choose a breathable fabric with good absorbing capacity for your pillow covers. 


4. Summer Fruits:

There will be days when you can’t skip from going outside. The moment you return home after a heavy day, your mind will automatically look for some refreshing and relishing foods at home.

During these moments fruits could be the best option to energize yourself.

As the hot weather causes a lot of sweating and loss of sodium, potassium, and other essential minerals from the body, summer fruits will provide the much-needed energy to revive yourself from the hot weather. 

Summer fruits like watermelon, mango, blueberry, strawberry, grapes, apricots, and pineapple provide you with lots of essential minerals as well as a refreshing feel to your body.

Watermelon and mango are my family’s favorites. My mom always stocks the fridge with locally available summer fruits and they are our go-to foods always.  


5. A Fruit Juicer:

While consuming whole fruits is a good idea, we often tend to have the urge to drink fruit juices, especially during summer.

You may have plenty of choices to go with artificial fruit drinks, but nothing can bring the freshness that natural fruit juice offers.

Your existing mixer may involve a complicated cleaning process and may not be easy to handle. 

Go for a handy and portable juicer that can serve you the purpose of juice-making. 

A portable juicer will allow you to make juice instantly and you can relish the freshness of juice with ease.

Mango and banana shakes are our go-to choices when it comes to summer drinks. 

6. Adding Indoor Plants:

To escape the hot weather, you might have air conditioners, coolers, or anything that can keep the room temperature low.

Apart from these, if you add indoor plants to your home it will create a natural cooling atmosphere. 

Indoor plants not only lower the temperature but can also bring a beautiful look inside your home. 

It always brings a breath of freshness inside your home. Indoor plants purify the air and absorb toxic gases like benzene and toluene.

Some indoor plants to add to your home are rubber plants, money plants, and peace lilies.


7. Folding Bed,  Chairs and Tables:

Even if it’s hard rock summer, you can’t keep yourself indoors all the time. Especially during evenings, you might need a balcony or front yard to sip your cup of coffee and enjoy the evening sunset. 

During these times, folding furniture could be your best companion and you can carry it easily. 

Depending on your mood you can either choose to enjoy your sunset on the balcony or at the front yard.

We have a folding bed that has been the best furniture investment. On cool evenings and during family gatherings, we like to use it in our backyard. 

So don’t miss out on investing in some foldable furniture to make your summer evenings more beautiful. 


8. Room Fresheners:

Summer not only brings lots of sweat but also increases the humidity of your surroundings. There will be more sweat leading to an unpleasant smell in the room.

To revive the freshness of the room add some pleasant fresh room fresheners in your stock.

Use it whenever you lose the freshness of the room.

This helps to clear the sweaty odor of your home and make your rooms smell amazing. Never miss this summer essential and put it on your priority list.


9. Measurement Water Bottles:

Chances of dehydration are high during summer. It is important to drink enough water and stay hydrated

However, it may not always be easy to measure the amount of water you drink every day. Instead, choose a water bottle with measurements on the outside.

I am getting this water bottle for myself from Amazon. You can order yours here

summer essentials, water bottle

This will indicate how much water you are consuming daily.

Moreover, it will help you to track your water intake effortlessly. 

It is indeed a must-have summer essential that nobody should miss.


10. Umbrellas:

While it may sound funny, umbrellas are the most useful thing in summer.

They offer the perfect shade to your outdoors and are portable to carry anywhere.

You can use it outside where there are no trees for shade.

You can either fit them in your garden or your patios for regular use.

They are affordable and easy to care for.

11. Sunglasses:

During summer the sun shines so bright that you need an extra pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes. 

The harmful UV radiation from the sun can cause strain on your eyes, leading to discomfort.

With the perfect sunglasses, you can protect your eyes from these discomforts.

While buying sunglasses, choose the ones that give you 100% protection from UV rays.

Sunglasses with polycarbonate lenses are a popular choice, since they are lightweight and provide good clarity.

Though I wear spectacles for my daily use, I use these sunglasses that my brother got from Rayban. They are perfect for those harsh summer days and elevate your look with minimal effort.

summer essentials, sunglasses

When making your purchase choose the one with good functionality and style.

Neoprene sunglasses are also considered for their better functionality and effectiveness in protection from UV light of the sun.


12. Electric Mini Handheld Fan:

Portable electric fans offer you the advantage of using them whenever needed, be it during travel, or at your office desk.

It might offer you a temporary relief when other cooler options fail to support you.

They are now available in varied models with rotatable options offering improved functionality.

Also, it’s available in low to medium height and its weightless nature makes it easy to carry anywhere. 

Here’s my go-to portable fan


13. Restock Your Refrigerator:

Make your refrigerator the powerhouse of your energy during summer. Blend your favorite fruits to make popsicles and refrigerate them to relish them during a hot sunny day. 

Don’t forget to stock up your refrigerator with infused water like mint, cucumber, lime, etc. These drinks will naturally detox your body.

Moreover, it’s very important to store the fruits in the right way. Since summer months can make the fruits easily perishable, store them in your refrigerator for a longer shelf life.

Cold water flashes can keep your skin healthy and young. Always have some bulk chilled water cans inside your refrigerator for cold flashes.

 So make your refrigerator your all-time companion for all your summer needs.


14. Sunblock Lotion:

The harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays and their impact are not hidden from anybody. 

As you set out during summer, it is always important to use a good sunblock lotion.

Choose sunblock which has SPF 50+ to get maximum protection. Choosing a sunblock with moisturizer ingredients will provide you with moisturization as well.

Aging and wrinkles on your skin are mainly because of direct exposure to the sun. 

I have been using the Lakme Creme Moisturising lotion for years and it has been my go-to sunblock. 

summer essentials, sunblock lotion

You can get one for yourself here


15. Water Tanks :

Inviting summer means switching off your geyser permanently. But the rays of the sun make the functionality of geysers alive by heating the water in your tanks naturally. 

To protect the water from getting heated automatically invest in a 3-layer waterproof water tank.

These types of tanks have a carbon black middle layer that resists the entry of harmful UV rays, resulting in longer life.

These types of tanks will not allow the growth of bacteria and other contaminants which happens due to sunlight exposure.

There’s no need to worry about water turning stale or getting impacted by the heat. 

Buying a three-layered water tank for storing water is a must-have summer essential during the hot season.


16. Comfortable footwear:

Any footwear should provide you with comfort, support, and protection. 

The skin on your foot needs to breathe too. 

Thus, invest in open-toe and flat sandals to let your feet breathe during the hot weather. 

This will keep your foot cool and dry.

Depending on your style you can choose your comfortable footwear across various brands both online and offline.


17. Ceramic Bowls:

Summer does bring the joy of relishing fruits regularly. Your fruit bowl should be as colorful as your fruits are.

These bowls are known for their versatility. You can use it to prep your favorite meals, enjoy a scoop of ice cream, or do anything you like.

So why wait, invest in a beautiful set of ceramic bowls to make those refreshing moments more beautiful?


18. Earthen Pots:

Having a refrigerator at home makes our lives super easy, especially during summer.

But earthen pots offer a sustainable advantage. They are a natural coolant and enhance the taste and freshness of the water.

It makes the water alkaline by releasing minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium into the water.

Drinking this water reduces the acidity. Plus, they are eco-friendly, sustainable and energy-efficient.

We got this Earthen pot a few years ago and it has only added to keep us calm and cool with its cold water throughout the summer.

summer essentials, earthen pots

They are the traditional summer essentials that every house should possess.


19. Wide-Brimmed Hat:

Always protect your head from the head over sunlight. Go for a light-coloured, lightweight hat to keep the sun’s rays at bay. 

These hats can also protect your eyes from the sun’s rays.

Look for hats that have a strap or drawstring to keep it on your head when the wind picks up.

Hats not only add a style statement but also give complete protection to your head.


There is no one-stop solution to escape from the scorching heat of summer. 

With the summer essentials mentioned in this blog, you can find the right elements to protect yourself from the summer heat.

While it is important to keep these key essentials, hydration is one important element to keep your body healthy and energized.

So take lots of fluids and enjoy this summer with a refreshing mode.