15 Everyday Hacks to Keep Cool on the Hottest Days of the Year

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Do you want to beat the heat of the hottest days of the year and keep cool? Worry not because you are about to explore how you can avoid the scorching sun in the summer and enjoy the bright sunny days. Let’s dive into this blog to see how you can spend your summer.

Summers are arriving and so are the hot winds and scorching heat. While you may have your own plans, the blazing sun and the heat can make it difficult to stick to them. 

As we approach the hottest days of the year, it’s important to be prepared and have your ways sorted to keep cool that time. 

Your summer can be a pleasant experience or an unpleasant one depending on how you choose to spend it. The sun is out, the beach beckons, and you’re ready to dive into summer fun! But, the thermometer’s gone up! Now you’re wondering whether your summer fun will survive the fiery sun or not.  

Well, don’t worry, fellow adventurers, you can keep cool and beat the heat by being proactive and preparing for the situation in advance. Let’s help you do it. 


15 Everyday Hacks to Keep Cool on the Hottest Days of the Year

Let’s conquer the hottest days of the year and keep cool as a cucumber, even when the mercury hits the stratosphere.


How to Keep Cool in Hot Weather Inside? 

With longer days and heating waves, it can be quite pestering to manage everything. If you’re on a summer vacation with your family, instead of setting the mood light, the summer heat can really add up to your responsibility to take precautionary measures. 

So let’s see 15 simple everyday things you can do to keep cool in summer and beat the heat. 

Wear loose, light clothes made of cotton. Put water in a spray bottle and keep it cold in the fridge. You can spray it on your face when you’re hot. Fans and cold lotions help you feel cooler. Freeze water in bottles for a cold drink. Drink lots of water and sports drinks. Don’t drink caffeine or alcohol. Eat cooler foods. Find cool places if it’s too hot.

15 Ways to Keep Cool in the Summer

1. Hydration is Key

Discover the importance of staying hydrated and explore creative ways to infuse flavors into your water. Hydration is your secret weapon against the heat, from fruit infusions to herbal teas, there are so many ways you can try. 


2. Dress Smartly for Summer

Choosing breathable fabrics like cotton or georgette and opt for lighter-colored clothing to keep cool during those hot days. Avoid dark colors even when black is a timeless fashion choice, it’s not the best decision during summer. Learn how to create your DIY cooling accessories to stay fashionable and cool.


3. Embrace Indoor Coolness

Discover methods to cool your indoor spaces efficiently without splurging on your energy bills. Learn about cross-ventilation techniques and utilize your blinds or curtains strategically.


4. Chill Out with Smart Foods

Try different foods that naturally cool the body. From refreshing salads to hydrating fruits, explore the world of foods that keep you cool without altering your budget and lifestyle. Learn easy recipes that offer relief during the hottest days.


5. Master the Art of Beat-the-Heat Workouts

Discover workout techniques that keep you fit without overheating. Dive into low-impact exercises and yoga poses ideal for hot weather workouts.


6. Create DIY Cooling Stations

Make your homemade cooling sprays or chilled towels for instant relief. Discover the power of essential oils and soothing aloe vera to combat the heat.


7. Optimize Your Sleep for Cool Nights

Explore techniques to ensure restful nights during hot weather. From using breathable bedding to strategic positioning of fans or air conditioning for a comfortable sleep environment, try different ways to sleep better

8. Stay Shaded Outdoors

Create shades in your outdoor spaces. From installing umbrellas to setting up natural shade with trees or plants, learn to embrace the outdoors without bearing the brunt of the sun.


9. Ice, Ice, Baby!

Explore creative uses of ice beyond just chilling drinks. Make your DIY ice packs or create refreshing ice-based treats to keep cool and stay refreshing. 


10. Plan Strategic Cool-down Breaks

Understand the importance of taking regular breaks during your outdoor activities. Find the optimal times to relax in cooler spots to prevent overheating.


11. Mindful Timing for Outdoor Activities

Explore the ideal times to engage in your outdoor activities to avoid peak heat hours. Know how scheduling activities in the early morning or late evening can significantly keep cool by reducing your exposure to scorching temperatures.


12. Stay Refreshed with Cooling Baths

Experience the rejuvenating effects of cool baths or showers. Enjoy the benefits of adding cooling agents like menthol or peppermint to your bath routine for instant relief.


13. Utilize Your Cooling Tech Gadgets

Explore innovative cooling gadgets like personal fans, cooling towels, or portable misters. Learn how these devices can provide instant relief, especially when you’re on the go.


14. Hydrate Smartly with Cooling Drinks

Discover the power of hydrating with chilled beverages beyond ‘just water’. Explore recipes for homemade coolers, refreshing herbal teas, or icy smoothies to beat the heat. 


15. Seek Natural Cool Spots

Explore nearby natural cool spots, such as shaded parks, serene lakes, or breezy coastal areas. Discover hidden gems in your city where nature provides a reprieve from the sweltering heat. 

6 Products to Keep Cool in the Heat Outside

1. Palm Sugar Candy

Summer seems sweet, but it doesn’t have to mean too much sugar. Think about those cool drinks and yummy ice creams—they’ve got loads of sugar. 

Fresh juice has 3–4 teaspoons of sugar. But here’s the trick: powdered Palm Sugar Candy. It’s my secret to sugar-free juice. 

Try without sugar and add this magic. You get a tasty drink without too much sugar. Trust me, even regular sugar won’t taste the same after this.


2. Musk Melon

Don’t like how Muskmelon feels but love its juice? No blender? No worry! 

Use a ripe, yellow-skinned Muskmelon, crush, mix with water and sweetener, and chill for a cold drink. 

Try cucumber or Badam Pisin/Almond gum. Soak and add to drinks to keep cool. Just a bit is enough for one person.


3. Watermelon 

Try watermelon! The favorite fruit of the Summer. Slice it and add pepper powder and salt for taste. You can also have the watermelon juice. 


4. Body Sprays, Perfumes, and Rolls 

Sweat and body odor are the most challenging parts of Summer. Conventional body sprays aim to cover up the odor with minimal effect. You can use reliable body sprays that come with cooling components. 

If the heat becomes unbearable, try this alternative: Immerse a bundle of cloth in water and use it to rub gently on your face and body. 


5. Castor oil, pounded garlic clove 

Apply two drops of castor oil on your scalp before bed and wash it off in the morning. 

To cool down traditionally, mix sesame oil, a drop of castor oil, and crushed garlic in a pan, warm it, and have an oil bath.


6. Rose water

Rose water is more than just a cleanser; it makes you feel fresh. Mix two tablespoons in a big container of water, soak your legs twice daily for 30 minutes. 

It cools you down and helps your skin heal faster. It also makes you feel better and eases headaches caused by too much heat in your body. 


7. Sandalwood 

Because of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, sandalwood cools your skin and keeps it fresh. You can put the sandalwood paste on your forehead at night for a fresh, energetic mood the next morning.

How to Keep Cool in the Heat Outside Working? 

  1. Use a Water Sprayer: Carry a spray bottle of ice water and spray it on yourself to cool down quickly when it’s hot outside.
  2. Get Cooling Towels: Try Amazon’s Cooling Towels! Wet them, snap them, and wrap them around your neck or shoulders for a refreshing feeling during hot summer walks.
  3. Drink Refreshing Beverages: Buttermilk with a little black salt is a great drink for summer—it’s refreshing and good for your stomach.
  4. Enjoy Lemonade or Aam Pana: These drinks are both hydrating and refreshing for staying fresh when it’s hot.
  5. Wear Cotton Clothes: Cotton clothes absorb sweat faster and keep you cool.  
  6. Take a Nature Walk: Walks in parks and gardens are rejuvenating—the plants naturally cool the air and sitting in their shade makes you feel pleasant.
  7. Cool Off with a Bath: Taking a bath with cold (not too cold) water can help you stay cool, but be mindful not to waste water. 


How to Stay Safe in Hot Weather: Easy Tips to Keep Cool 

  1. Use the AC or find a cool spot underground to beat the heat.
  2. If you can, drive to a cooler place.
  3. When it’s cooler than your body, use a fan.
  4. In dry places, hang wet clothes around for a chill.
  5. Check that your freezers, fans, and ACs are working fine.
  6. Set your AC to a cooler temperature.
  7. Stock up on food and meds for you and your family for a week.
  8. Drink room temp or cool water to stay hydrated.
  9. Try sucking on ice chips instead of sugary drinks to cool off.
  10. Munch on raw fruits and veggies; avoid heavy meals.
  11. Wear a hat, sunscreen, and a cooling bandana outside.
  12. If it’s humid and you only have a fan, place water or ice in front to cool the air.
  13. Wear a damp T-shirt when indoors.

Bonus Tips for Heatwave Combatants

  1. Use a cool compress on your wrists, neck, or behind your knees for quick cooling. These areas have a high concentration of blood vessels, making them ideal for rapid cooling. Wet washcloths, bandanas, or even frozen peas in a damp cloth can work wonders.
  2. Invest in a portable fan or misting fan. These handy gadgets can provide a personal oasis of cool air wherever you go. Bonus points for fans with misting features or solar-powered options.
  3. Ditch the heavy comforters and embrace sheets made from breathable materials like cotton or linen. You can even mist your sheets with cool water before bedtime for an extra refreshing chill. 
  4. Frozen Treats for Grown-Ups: Who says popsicles are just for kids? Indulge in frozen yogurt bars, homemade fruit ices, or even chilled cucumber slices dipped in yogurt for a healthy and delicious way to cool down.
  5. Add a few slices of lemon, cucumber, or mint leaves to your water for a flavored and refreshing beverage. You can also add berries or a splash of fruit juice for a touch of sweetness.
  6. Cool Down from the Inside Out: Take a refreshing shower or bath in lukewarm water. Avoid icy cold water, as it can constrict your blood vessels and make you feel hotter in the long run.
  7. Listen to Your Body: This is the most important tip of all. Pay attention to your body’s signals. If you feel dizzy, nauseous, or have a headache, it’s a sign you’re overheating. Take a break in the shade, drink plenty of water, and cool down immediately. 
  8. Make Smart Plans for Outside Fun. Choose morning or evening for active times. Stay in the shade and take breaks in cool places if you’re outside. Remember, planning helps avoid feeling hot and tired.
  9. Take care of those who are most at risk. Hot weather can be dangerous for kids, older people, and those with health problems. Watch over them in the heat, keep them cool, and make sure they drink water. Remember, even small kindness helps a lot.


While you must be proactive and follow these precautionary measures, Summer is so much more than a checklist. 

Summer can be your canvas and you can paint it with whatever adventures and discoveries you wish. 

As you embrace these summer hacks, you will conquer your way through the heat wave. 

So, enjoy your summer to the fullest and make the most of this happy season.