Your Guide to Autumn Glow: 11 Reliable Skin Care Tips to Achieve It

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Fall is knocking on the door and it’s time to take care of your skin too. While skincare should be a year-round concern, the autumn glow is important too. In this blog, I am sharing my best skincare tips to help you achieve it. 

It’s time to bid farewell to summers and welcome the Autumn season. But, it’s also time to welcome the cool wind that will leave your skin dry and itchy. 

If this makes you tense about your skincare, then you are right. It should actually tense you. 

However, here’s the ultimate solution for you with no bluff. This blog shares the minimal and significant routine you should follow for healthy skin and autumn glow in the fall season. 

First of all, stop believing every random video on social media giving the world’s best skin care tips. Viral videos are made just for getting viral not for trying out at home in reality. 

Spend time researching some trusted resources and avoid taking free advice from everyone. Those viral recipes have more side effects than benefits. 

Data shows that 44% of users experience negative effects from the skincare products they use

I am suggesting the simplest skin care routines that are aligned with a dermatologist’s preferences to help you achieve the autumn glow. 

Even if you are a beginner and don’t know much about skincare, this blog will assist you on the journey from your present skin to reaching your autumn glow in time for the season. 


Your Guide to Autumn Glow: 11 Reliable Skin Care Tips to Achieve It

The autumn weather sucks the moisture and essence from your face. You might even feel dry or itchy sensations in your skin. 

My skincare routine will help you achieve the autumn glow. 

It might even attract interrogation on how you maintain such healthy and glowy skin in falls. 

This is what my skin looks like with my autumn glow.

autumn glow

The demand in the skincare market has been projected to grow between 2022 and 2030, due to the increasing awareness of skincare, anti-aging products, etc. 

Many people are more likely to focus on their skin these days. It is a part of self grooming which was not famous earlier. 

This has resulted in people selecting the wrong skin care products that are heavily advertised by celebrities and influencers. Negative skin results are the outcome of that. 


Why Do I Need Autumn Glow? 

You might feel why this season acts as an enemy to your skin. 

Humid air in Summer can result in more sweat and dehydration. But in autumn, the air is dry and the weather is slightly cold. This change in weather leads to dryness and dullness in your skin. 

Your skin needs more hydration at this time to retain its moisture and be healthy. Aberrations in the weather can also cause itchiness, irritation, and redness in your skin. 

Every skin type is differently affected by weather changes. There are changes in oil production and pigmentation as well. 

There is a need to balance these changes and maintain healthy, glowy skin that looks as bright as ever. 


11 Reliable Skincare Tips for Autumn Glow 

The autumn season with its shorter days and longer nights leaves you enough room to indulge in your skincare best practices and get that autumn glow. 

Thus, to help you do that here are 11 skincare tips to help you achieve it. 


1. Exercise Regularly 

Do you think exercise is just a point added everywhere? 

Well, you are going to find it everywhere until you start exercising.  

Exercise has great effects on your health and that is easily reflected on your skin as well. 

When you exercise, your heart rate increases, leading to better blood circulation throughout the body, including the skin. 

It helps deliver oxygen and other required nutrients to the dead cells to make them alive. Exercise also helps in collagen production, which tightens your skin and keeps it wrinkle-free. 

Sweating during exercise removes toxins from your body, leading to detoxification and skin clarity. Along with this, exercise helps maintain stress. 

Stress is a big factor leading to skin issues like acne, rosacea, etc.  

A 30-minute exercise every morning can improve your health conditions, mental abilities, and skin care as well. 

I have added movement to my routine with yoga and everyday walks and it does make a difference.

autumn glow

Not only do I feel good physically but it also improves my emotional well-being and you can actually see the visible glow on my face. 

So, go ahead and take the challenge to exercise for thirty days regularly. Dedicate 15-30 minutes of movement into your daily routine and let it be the way of your life. 


2. Diet Rich in Antioxidants 

Your stomach is not a dustbin, so don’t fill it with dirt and dump it. 

Eating oily food items with too many spices severely affects your skin. Thus, avoiding highly processed foods to reduce inflammation in the body. 

When you eat more oxidized food, you are more prone to skin aging and acne issues. 

Instead, add more and more antioxidants to your diet like raw vegetables, fruits, nuts, etc. Build healthy eating habits. Add at least 40% of raw food to your daily diet. 

Add nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, etc. These protect against UV rays, which is important for collagen production and skin repair. 

Eat protein-rich food like cheese and soya chunks for skin repair and regeneration. Include fiber to eliminate toxins from your body. 

Balance the sugar and salt in your diet. Don’t add extra sugar to juices or extra salt to your food. It will improve your skin clarity and give you the autumn glow you are seeking.


3. Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Add the necessary water intake to your diet. Keep yourself hydrated with 3–4 liters of water every day.

Don’t extend the limit of water intake, but have a sufficient amount of water. Water helps remove toxins from your body, making the skin look more fresh and plump.

A well-hydrated skin looks plump, smooth, and radiant and is less susceptible to darkness or crackiness. 

Water helps renew dead skin cells by transporting essential vitamins and minerals, making them lively and healthy. Hydration reduces puffiness on the skin, especially in the undereye area. 

Also, avoid carbonated drinks and alcohol. They increase the need for water which increases the toxins in your body, making your skin look darker and thicker. 


4. Lesser Use of Skincare Products 

Are you someone who follows an extravagant skincare routine every day and night? 

If yes, you could not be more wrong. 

You may think that it is beneficial for your skin but no. These famous skincare routines are just increasing the weight of your wallet. Not being fruitful in any condition. 

Dermatologists say that your skin absorbs only two layers, and after that, any product is wasted. 

Here are 2 super-important products that you must consider in your daily routine that are enough for your skin hygiene. 


a. Cleanser

It is the very first step in skin care. It is basically the face wash you use or any specific cleanser you prefer. It removes all dirt and oil from your face. Its main aim is to clean your face, as the name suggests. 

Use a cleanser with a balanced pH that does not have drying effects on your skin. Use a cleanser according to your skin type. 

Also, remember not to rub your face too harshly. It will lead to irritation and redness on your skin. 

Ever since my teenage, I have been using the Himalaya Neem Face Wash and it has been a valuable addition to my no-fuss skincare routine since then.


b. Moisturizer

Oh! Did I miss your toner or serum? Well! Mostly, they are not even needed. You can use a serum in place of moisturizer. 

The autumn season has dry air, so make sure you use a thick moisturiser with a creamy texture which provides deep moisture and retains for a longer time. 

Use a moisturizer having Glycerin, hyaluronic acid, and ceramides. These provide deep moisturization to your skin and make it look fresh and tight. 

I have been using the Lakme Sun Protection Moisturiser all my life for daily use and it has been a skincare staple since Day 1 for me. 

5. Don’t Compromise on the Sun Protection 

Now comes the most important step: protection against sun rays. 

UV rays are the main risk to your skin, and they can affect you anywhere and anytime. 

Even the blue light from your phone or laptop affects your skin badly. This is another reason for you to have screen time limits on your devices as this contributes to aging. 

Thus, choose a sunscreen that suits you and does not have any side effects. 

Dry skin types should prefer a cream or lotion sunscreen and gel types are suitable for oily skin types. 

Your sunscreen should be SPF 30 or above as they are the main ingredient to protect you from sunlight. My moisturizer works as both, thus I like to keep it simple. 


6. Sleep Matters 

You may have developed the habit of sleeping for just 3 hours but that not only deteriorates your health but also affects your skin texture. 

When you get 7-8 hours of proper sleep, there is proper blood circulation in your skin, transporting essential vitamins and minerals to skin cells. Cells get enough time to regenerate, making you look young and youthful. 

Your body produces more collagen while you are sleeping, which is responsible for skin tightening. Sleep also controls your stress levels. All these lead to healthy skin, making it more tight and wrinkle-free. 

As the weather transitions into longer nights, it becomes even easier to get in bed early and sleep better through the night. 


7. Keep Your Scalp Clean 

A healthy scalp encourages healthy skin and hair. Keep your scalp clean to remove excess oil, dirt, and dead cells that lower your skin’s quality. 

Use a cleansing shampoo, depending on your scalp type. Massage it gently on your scalp while taking a shower. 

Use anti-dandruff shampoos if you are suffering from dandruff issues. It will help with cleaning as well as nourishing your scalp. 

Avoid long, hot showers in the autumn season as they affect your scalp severely. 


8. Use Retinol 

Retinol is basically a form of Vitamin A. It is used as a composition in many skin products such as creams, lotions, or moisturizers. 

It has anti-aging effects which increase cell production and lead to a plump and fresh appearance. It can also help in clearing acne, dark spores, wrinkles, and stretch marks. 

While retinol is great for your skin, it is not advisable for every skin type. It can have some side effects as well. 

Thus, before using retinol on your face, do a patch test first. 


9. UV Face Marks/Hydra Facial Masks 

These masks help in hydrating your skin in falls.  As this weather is more prone to make your skin dry. Hydra facial marks work well for your skin moisturization and glow. 

Choose face masks according to your skin type and needs. For hydration, choose a mask that contains hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and aloe vera. 

While choosing an exfoliation mask, take special care of your skin. Exfoliating masks remove dead cells from your skin to make it look fresh and bright. 

I make my exfoliation mask at home. All it takes is a spoonful of curd and rice flour. Mix it and scrub it on your clean face. 

Then, I follow it with my preferred face mask. I do this once a week. 


10. Night Care 

Your skin needs skin care at night as you need to look beautiful in your dreams. Isn’t it? Basic skin care needs to be followed at night as well. 

Use a cleanser, it’s a crucial step at night as your skin is exposed to all dirt, germs, and pollution the entire day. Thus, make sure to clean your face before you cuddle inside your quilt with your favorite book. 

Next, make sure you use your moisturizing cream that is richer and thicker to lock in the moisturizer. Don’t forget to apply that to your neck. 


11. Lip Care 

Now last but not the least are your lips. 

Putting aside the visual beauty and soothing feels of the Fall season, it is the worst weather for your lips. 

Autumn weather makes your lips dry and develop cracks. Constant lip licking can remove the natural oils from the lip making it more dry. This is one thing I suffer the most. 

While I tried even the best lip balms and every other lip care home remedy, here are a few things that have really worked for me:

  • Drink sufficient amounts of water for healthy lips, 
  • Exfoliate my lips with the help of sugar scrub, and 
  • Maintain their moisture by using my regular Blue Heaven lip balm, which helps the most. 


Skincare is not as complex as most people have made it these days, yes I am talking about every other viral skincare video on Instagram.  

You can have your regular autumn glow with your minimal, and on-budget skincare routine. 

The key is to maintain consistency with your skincare routine to maintain healthy and glamorous skin. 

It’s not like a cactus that grows on its own. It is like your rose flower that you need to care for and nourish regularly without any compromise.