Why Should You Follow a Screen Time Limit on Your Gadgets? 5 Reasons You Must Know

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Your screen-centric schedules have taken over your lives. From your physical health, mental health, and relationships to your privacy and security, it impacts every aspect of your life. In this blog, you will learn 5 significant reasons why you should follow a screen time limit for your own well-being. 

Meet Addey, a professional living in the Metro city. Addey is in her 30s and her life revolves around her Smartphone and her laptop. 

Her day starts with the buzzing sound of her alarm and continues with checking on emails, messages, notifications, etc.

Her work constantly demands long hours in front of screens. She goes through non-stop screen time consisting of Zoom meetings and emails. 

She spends most of her time on screen. It is not that she does not want to take time for herself. However, her daily routine prevents her from doing so.

Addey is just one of us. She is not immune to the sedentary lifestyle. Many people struggle with the same challenges of putting a screen time limit on their gadgets. 

It is alarming if you cannot remember the last time you spent a few moments without any screen time. 

The irony of the situation is that somehow all of us want to set this screen time limit and yet somehow most of us are failing to do it. 

In this blog, you will explore 5 compelling reasons why you should follow a screen time limit on your gadgets and how you can build a preventative lifestyle to save yourself from the drastic effects of this life-threatening practice. 


Why Should You Follow a Screen Time Limit on Your Gadgets? 5 Reasons You Must Know

It’s called the digital age for a reason. It is the era where screens have become our best buddy. In reality, we live with the screens more than the people around us.

From the moment you wake up to the moment you close your eyes in sleep, it is nothing but the gadget screens that maintain a never-ending existence in your daily routine. It is not wrong to call ourselves the screen generation. I face this issue too. 

Though technology has revolutionized our lives, a question always strikes my mind. Can you strike a balance between the virtual world and the real world?

Are we doing justice with our real life or are we so equipped with our digital lives that we forgotten it completely? How is this screen time affecting our lives? Are we going on the right track?

These questions are enough to trigger our thought process. In a world where a balanced life full of everything is needed, how come we are pushing it to screens and gadgets?

Is this a reminder to be strict about your screen time limit and enjoy those real-world connections? 

Why should you follow a strict time limit after all? Is there any benefit of doing so? 

Well, this blog will help you discover the world beyond your screens. Let us get along with this and find out how to live a fulfilling life while limiting your interaction with the screen buddies.

5 Important Reasons to Maintain Your Screen Time Limit 

Are you one of those who constantly check your phone for some or the other reason? Do you find yourself addicted to your screens, whether it’s your Smartphone, tablet, laptop, or even your Kindle? 

I am certainly guilty of being one of those people. However, I have managed to minimize it.

Do you know that excessive screen time can pose serious effects on both your physical and mental health?

Excessive screen time affects different people differently. Because it depends on what you are consuming and how much. You might argue about your work demands wherein you have to go for long screen time but what about your free time?

Are you using it altogether for a screen-free time that includes taking care of your physical and mental health? 

Are you aware of what these lengthy screen schedules can bring to you? 

If not, I hope this blog will help you realize that.

The modern lifestyle has made it necessary to adhere to the screen time limit. Here are some meaningful reasons that will justify this necessity.


1. A Screen Time Limit is Important for Your Physical Health

Did you know staring at screens can cause eye strain? Are you facing dry eyes, blurred vision, and headaches these days? If yes, then you need to keep a check on your screen time.

If you are like Addey, who spends long hours on her laptop, then you might be experiencing posture problems such as neck pain or back pain. Taking a few mini-breaks from your long-hour screen time can save you from such serious issues.  I was experiencing the same owing to my long screen time as a full-time writer. I took back control of my physical health by adding yoga to my daily routine. Of course, there are numerous benefits otherwise but it makes me feel lighter on my body too. 

Sleep errors such as insomnia are genuine with people who had a hard day with their gadget love. You must have heard about blue light emitted by screens. This light can disrupt your sleep patterns, making it hard for you to sleep faster. To avoid this, I try my best to put aside my gadgets at least two hours before my bedtime.


2. A Screen Time Limit Safeguards Your Mental Health

In addition to the physical tremor, constant screen timing can also give you mental fatigue. If you are constantly exposing yourself to the digital world, you might face problems such as stress, anxiety, lack of focus, etc.

A screen time limit is the only solution to put a blackout on all these issues. Stop your notifications or social media comparisons, put a limit on the overload of information, and be specific about what you watch on your gadget.

Just being intentional about your time and following these simple steps will help you reduce your stress, improve your concentration, and enhance your overall well-being.

A distance from your gadgets and screen time can impact your productivity and focus on a positive note.


3. A Screen Time Limit Helps You Strengthen Your Relationships

Are you neglecting your real-life relationships over your gadget love? Whether you are a teenager, a mother, a working professional, or a homemaker; your excessive screen time is affecting your relationships without you even knowing it. 

Setting up a screen time limit allows you to invest more in your relations and build strong bonds with your loved ones.

With a set screen time limit, you reduce the chances of conflicts and fights with your family members which will deepen your bond with them.

screen time limit

4.  A Screen Time Limit Contributes to a Healthy Work-Life Balance 

Just like Addey or me, if your work profile calls for long hours on a laptop and other gadgets, you should strictly limit your screen time in your personal space. This simple step is necessary to prevent you from burnout. You will also get time to recharge once you take a break from your lengthy screen time.

As you follow a screen time limit, you can focus more on yourself. This will give more personal space to indulge in interesting hobbies and self-care. These activities will give you real happiness and contribute to your overall well-being.


5. A Screen Time Saves Your Privacy and Looks After Your Security

It is obvious! When you spend more time on your screens, you become prone to risks associated with the data you share online.

The more you indulge in your screen, the more you share your data. But, with a screen time limit, your digital footprint will reduce thereby reducing the risk of privacy breaches. 

With the evolution of technology, the risk associated with gadgets is also increasing. Thus, spending more time on your device can make you prone to risks such as cyberattacks. When you reduce your screen time, you save yourself from either of such attacks.


What is a Healthy Screen Time Per Day?

Health experts suggest that a healthy screen time per day is usually 2 hours. However, with the demanding work needs this might not be possible for most people.

Hence, a smart way to limit your daily screen time is to be involved in physical activity in your free time.

When we talk about screen time, we cannot deny the risk associated with it in the context of young children. Excessive screen time in children can lead to a reduction in their cognitive development.

This also prevents them from being involved in healthy activities in their daily routine. Activities like reading, playing, etc. actually add to their overall growth and development.

The screen time limit also allows the children to acquire healthy growth using healthy activities.


The evolving technological world has made it crucial for people to maintain a balance between the digital world and real-life experiences. These long hours of screen time are significantly contributing to high stress, confusion, and never-ending health disorders.

It’s not that difficult to keep a ban on this ever-growing screen time. Set a time for your gadgets and be strict to follow them. If you have fixed working hours, be committed to them and take frequent breaks from your screen time.

Such activities will keep you recharged and provide immediate support from the fatigue caused by the prolonged use of your gadgets and screens. Whether it is your Smartphone, your laptop, or your tablet, give them a break too.

Once you try these screen time limit techniques, you will find yourself more calm and at peace. Prioritize your well-being above everything, reclaim your time, and live a balanced and fulfilling life.

After all, it’s your life! You have to take charge of it.