Family wellness plays a very significant role in the overall wellness and wellbeing of an individual. A happy family is a key source of positivity, hope, and happiness in one’s life. 

Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog. A new week, a new blog. 

This time I am talking about family wellness. I have talked a lot about self-improvement, self-care, self-love, and self-importance on my blog. 

As a lifestyle and wellness writer, I have always tried to bring forth a topic that you, as my reader, would resonate with and relate to. And, the kind of love and support I have been receiving from you all, has me affirmed that I’m doing something right. 

Therefore, let’s talk about an important yet usually ignored topic-family wellness. Maintaining family wellness can be different for different people. The wellness of a family isn’t about extravagant things. True wellness and happiness for a family reside in small moments of life. 

Hence, here are some of the ways that can help you come together, create these moments as a family and enjoy with each other.  

1. Cook with your family 

cook with your family

Having some fun in the kitchen with your family can be a great way to spend some quality time together.

Instead of ordering food or dining out, gather all the family members, assign them different tasks of food preparation and enjoy the process of cooking food with each other. Teach your children or learn from your elders, either way, it will be a memorable experience. 

Even though I am not that good at cooking, my mother, my brother and I, usually have these cooking sessions together and we surely enjoy them.

2. Board games

Board games are a great part of my childhood. I remember playing them with my mom, my aunt, and my brother. 

We used to divide the teams of two and play as serious rivals. Those were truly some golden days. 

Today, we reminisce those days by playing the same games, especially during the summer holidays, like we used to back in time. 

And, I’d advise you the same. Technology is cool but spending some time away from our video games is cooler 😉  

3. Visit back the memories

As we grow up, we happen to become distant from our families. And sometimes, it’s not even anybody’s fault. That is just how life goes. 

So, while you have each other around, always take some time to visit back memories. Photo albums are a great way to do this. We do this often and every time we sit with them, our parents have some new mischievous story to reveal about us. 

Life is about good moments after all. 

4. Stay hygienic together

Staying hygienic together doesn’t necessarily imply personal hygiene but overall cleanliness around you. 

Staying hygienic together can be different for different people. It can be cleaning the house together or picking up a day to volunteer for cleaning the places around your neighborhood. It can mean bathing with your toddlers. As I said, it varies from person to person. 

Pick your choice and clean thy heart 😉 

5. Plan a little weekend getaway 

family picnic

Visiting your favorite place in or outside the city can be a great mood booster for all the family members. 

This doesn’t necessarily have to be something expensive. It can be something as cheap as going to the park or as mediocre as a visit to an amusement park together.

I remember visiting amusement parks once or twice a year with my parents and brother as a kid. The memories are fond and fresh as yesterday. 

6. Try gardening together with your family 

This might sound odd but if you believe in surrounding yourself with nature like my mom, this can be a great idea to spend time with your family. 

My mom belongs to a farmer family. Therefore, out of all of us, she is the closest to organic food and gardening. Her knowledge is excellent when it comes to different plants, food, and their farming process. 

This is why we have a little garden in our backyard. Currently, she has onion grown in the field. She and I dug the ground together and I can only remember asking her gazillion questions about the process and enjoying the time with her. 

Hence, if you are into nature like us, gardening is another great choice for you. 

7. Go for walks together

I go for a 30 minutes walk every day with my mother. 

We, rarely,  walk quietly but most of the time we simply chat about almost everything. These daily walks had made us more open to conversations and topics that matter. 

As a freelancer, these walks serve as much-needed breaks and body movement. Moreover, they help us both to talk about pretty much everything under the sun. 

8. Family get-togethers

family get togethers

Who doesn’t love spending some time with their extended family members? 

Simply planning to get together after every few months can be a great way of creating memories. You must not wait for a birthday or an anniversary party or a wedding or any other occasion to meet people you call family. 

Sometimes, unplanned meetings create better memories than planned ones. 



Family wellness isn’t the job of any one person. It is about coming together and working towards each other’s wellness as a team. A family is a team after all. And, all these activities or plans can perfectly align your family wellness.  

The running lifestyle, the competition to become better, and the digital age of today have made us leave our family behind. Sadly, we are more connected to people through our phones as compared to the ones sitting, living, and breathing around us. 

Therefore, remember to have fun. Your family is as much worthy as your friends, partners, and colleagues, in fact, more. Because, when life gets tough, a lot of people might turn their back on you, your family won’t. 

I had enjoyed putting together this blog for you. I love sharing my personal experiences. This is pretty much the reason I am a writer today. 

Come say hello on my Instagram and LinkedIn and follow along with my journey of becoming the writer of my dreams. 

Here’s hoping you enjoyed this read and would surely come back for my next one, the next week. 

Till then, stay well my love. 

And, as I mentioned, remember to have fun with your family. They are worth it. 

I’ll see you next week. 


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