How to Keep Patience in Relationship | 5 Easy Ways to improve it

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Keeping patience in relationship sometimes becomes the most difficult part of it. It’s a rare trait of personality today. The lives we are living in the present world, it has severely impacted our level of resilience and tolerance towards life.

As a generation, we are too impatient to get things done. We want to achieve success overnight. We want to touch our goals at the soonest. Amidst all this, we have completely forgotten that it takes time to grow a seed into a fruit-bearing tree.

You have forgotten that patience is the trait that will take us forward in life. Patience is not only required with your goals but also with the people you love.

More often than not, the people who love us want us to understand them. They want us to be able to see the situation and circumstances while stepping into their shoes. And, more often than not, a lot of us fail to do so.

We end up losing these people from our lives. I was in the same place ones. Today, I see around me how people refrain to talk to each other while living under the same roof. They prefer their “privacy” over anything else, which is not wrong but, what cost are we paying for it?

Therefore, with the only intention of asking you people to stop for a bit and think about it, here are 5 ways in which you can improve patience in relationship and your lives.


How to Keep Patience in Relationship | 5 Ways to improve it

1. Step into the person’s shoes

It is very easy to get irritated and pour out all your frustrations on the other person. But what’s difficult is to understand the situation from another person’s perspective and then act accordingly.

This implies all your relationships in life – Parents, siblings, spouses/partners, and friends too.

I was this impatient girl always but life has been smart enough to teach me patience the hardest way it could.

But, as of now, the next time you are angry and fired up at someone, do this. Take a deep breath, and calm yourself down. And, try to understand their perspective too.


2. Acceptance of flaws helps to increase the patience level

This is about your romantic relationship. Falling in love is the easiest thing to do. Staying in love, well, that’s pretty hard. Also, the numerous options you have around you make it even harder.

It is easy to claim and sing promises. But, it becomes difficult to stay at your word as you proceed in life. This is the real test of patience.

how to keep patience in relationship


Your partner may not be the same person they were when you started the relationship. That doesn’t mean they have changed, this means they have evolved. And, there is a thin line of difference between changing and evolving.

If you believe they are the ones for you, both of you should try and accept each other’s flaws. No, I am not asking you to accept anything wrong from your partner’s side. But, some flaws don’t hamper the harmony of your relationship and allow you to be happy both as a couple and as an individual.


3. Communication is the root of patience in relationship

Not all of us are too good at expressing our hearts. Especially when life turns sour, we keep all the emotions inside us. This doesn’t only affect you but also creates unnecessary tensions with the people related to you.

Yes, some of you are not outspoken and candid to blatantly express yourself. But, at least we can try.

There is no situation in the world that communication cannot handle. Communicating and expressing yourself will always save you and your loved ones (or anybody else) from a lot of unwanted chaos.

Just being vocal about your insecurities and allowing the other person to know how you feel about certain things or situations will save you a lot of time and emotions in life. Also, it will increase the level of your patience in relation to the person. And, if you are in a long-distance relationship communication will take you a long way.


4. Understand yourself

Sometimes, we are too scared of exploring and understanding our own needs and wants that we tend to blame it on the other person or situation in life.

While most of them are the cause of our own deeds, we forget to acknowledge this.

How to keep patience in relationship

Nothing happens itself. All that we experience in life; good-bad, happy-sad; is the consequence of how we went with life. Thus, the most important thing to help you keep patience in relationship is to understand yourself.

When you are aware of what you want, when you are aware of the time taken by the process, and when you are aware of the reality of the situation – you become more patient and tolerant towards life.


5. Tailor your response according to the relationship

Though, this is a very basic and obvious point. But, oftentimes we forget to realize this. We cannot treat and talk to every person the same way.

It is not a one-way-fits-all type of thing. The relationship we share with our parents is very different from the relationship we have with our siblings. Similarly, the relationship we have with our friends is way different from the one we have with our partners.

Hence, every successful relationship demands a different treatment to survive and flourish. And, you approach your relationships while keeping that in mind.


Patience is the strongest virtue for you to possess. It is what has taken people to heights in life. Your humbleness and patience today, with life and the people who love you, will take you forward in life. Not all can possess it, it is difficult to imbibe and much more difficult to practice.

Aristotle said: “Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.” Life has its ways of teaching us simple lessons. I have learned a few of mine the same way. And, patience is one of them.

I hope I have been able to convey my thoughts the right way to you. Do share your views in the comments below.

And, feel free to reach out to me here, if needed.

I shall meet you on Sunday with a new topic and a new blog.

Happy Reading!!!