13 Interesting Podcasts about Relationships You Must Tune Into

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Podcasts are gaining popularity as a medium of content for all the right reasons. While there is a podcast about every topic, there is no shortage of podcasts about relationships too. If you have been searching to tune into the right one, I have the perfect list for you to choose from. 

While a relationship is a two-person job, seeking the right advice in the right situation can make a lot of difference. 

So many couples suffer from relationship issues and concerns that can be solved from advice that’s available online. 

Are you in the sweet spot of entering into a new relationship? 

Are you looking to learn from the stories and perspectives of others on relationships? 

Then, tuning into podcasts about relationships can offer more insights and explanations to imbibe them into your relationship and make it a success in the long run. 


13 Interesting Podcasts about Relationships You Must Tune Into

There is no doubt that in the ever-changing world, relationships have also undergone a huge change. 

Dr. Seuss famously said, “We’re all a little weird, and life’s a little weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them, fall in mutual weirdness, and call it love.

For some people, relationships can be complicated and confusing yet beautiful. This is where podcasts about relationships come in handy. They offer thought-provoking content and provide practical advice that is eye-opening.

Before we discuss the most recommended podcasts about relationships, let’s consider what to look for in a podcast before you tune into them.


What Makes Any Podcast a Good Podcast?

There are approximately 3 million active podcasts. With this vast number, it is a daunting task to find the right ones for your needs. 

Here are some points that attract me to a podcast:

  • Good-quality Audio: If a listener struggles to hear the audio in the podcast, there is no way they will stick around. 
  • Most of us have an attention span of 30 to 60 minutes. Anything longer will cause us to lose interest. Also, most podcasts are heard while people commute or finish chores around the house. Typically, this period is around an hour.
  • A podcast should not be filled with fluff. When a listener comes to a podcast, they intend to learn or get insight into something that bothers them. Fluff turns off most listeners. 
  • An authentic host is most appealing, but a scripted host may not be as interesting. 

How To Get Most of the Podcasts About Relationships?

Here are a few steps to make the most of the podcasts you listen to about relationships.

1. Consider your Goals

You may be looking for a light-hearted take on your relationship or practical advice about an issue in your relationship. Thus, you should search for a podcast, depending on your goal. 


2. Look for the Right Podcast

With the vast number of podcasts available, you are spoilt for choice. Podcasts about relationships range from dating podcasts to marriage podcasts, marital conflicts, etc. You will be able to find the right one that fits your needs.


3. Make Notes

I am the person who always looks for key takeaways, whether it’s a book or a podcast. I make my notes on points that resonate with me. 


4. Application

To derive the most from a podcast, apply the actionable advice to your relationship. This will bring a new perspective to the relationship and, thereby, also positive changes.

13 Best Podcasts About Relationships You Must Check Out 

Listening to podcasts brings new perspectives, draws attention to things often overlooked in our fast-paced lives, and helps you navigate daily routine challenges.

Although multiple podcasts are available, you need to find the right one to stay hooked on them and not get bored. 

I am a poor listener and get easily distracted, so if you are like me, you need to listen to these podcasts about relationships, as they keep you hooked throughout.


1. Where Should We Begin? With Esther Perel

Listen to it on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Audible

Esther Perel is a Belgian-American psychotherapist known for her work on human relationships. She is the author of the famous book “Mating in Captivity” 

Every episode of her podcast tells the story of a different couple and throws light on issues in their relationship. The podcast episodes offer many practical lessons on love, successful relationships, and connection.

While you listen to the podcast, you may learn a lesson or two about navigating the problems you may be experiencing in your relationship. 

Most importantly, you will understand how not to make a big deal of the issue to work on an amicable working solution. 


2. The Endless Honeymoon Podcast

Listen to it on Spotify, Apple Podcast, YouTube

Comedians Natasha Leggero and Moshe Kasher host the Endless Honeymoon Podcast. 

They are the relationship experts who perform stand-up comedy and offer live relationship advice.

Both of them draw their skills as comedians as they share hilarious wisdom on relationships and offer love advice as they evaluate the ups and downs of their relationship. 

In the podcast, they have daft spouse banter to heartache related to IVF without being jarring. 

This podcast’s episodes are a little over an hour long and can often be heard during commute time. 


3. Couples Therapy

Listen to it on Spotify, Apple Podcast, YouTube

This is another podcast hosted by a real-life comedian couple, Naomi Ekperigin and Andy Beckerman. 

This podcast has the best take on modern relationships with a blend of comedy and fair-mindedness.

Although it is a relationship podcast, most listeners enjoy the comic take on relationships and conversations about love, hate, and breakup.

4. Let’s Get Vulnerable

Listen to it on Spotify, Apple Podcast, YouTube

Clinical Psychologist Dr Morgan Anderson is the brain behind this podcast. The beauty of this podcast is that its main focus is on relationships, but it also addresses issues related to emotional wellness and personal growth. Both these factors go a long way in creating a healthy relationship.

In this podcast, Dr. Anderson discusses different aspects of relationships, such as self-love, communication, vulnerability, etc. 

Dr. Anderson divides complicated subjects into bite-size, relatable chunks of information, making them easier to digest and bringing about the required relationship changes. 


5. Talking it Out with Mike and Bryan

Listen to it on Spotify, Apple Podcast, YouTube

Mike Johnson and Dr. Bryan Abasolo have a blog created to bridge the gap between men and women.

This podcast deep-dives into the male psyche, where men discuss commonly misunderstood issues. It highlights what and why men think and feel what they do. 

The hosts aim to push the listeners out of their comfort zone as they talk, reflect, and learn from their guests on the podcast.


6. Why Won’t You Date Me?

Listen to it on Spotify, Apple Podcast, and Audible.

Have you watched the television series Nailed It on Netflix? Nicole Byer, a woman with a funny bone, hosts it.

Nicole invites a guest to her podcast, talks to them about love, relationships, dating, and life, and tries to relate it to her own life. 

This podcast shares amusing commentary on the modern dating scene. Nicole is adept at transitioning from serious topics to scandalous stories, which helps her give her listeners an engaging experience. 

podcasts about relationships

7. Modern Love – The New York Times

Listen to it on Spotify, Own Channel

Modern Love started as a column in The New York Times that gave its readers relationship advice. Now, it has reinvented itself among the most popular podcasts about relationships. 

The very talented editor duo Daniel Jones and Miya Lee host the podcast. Celebrities appear on the podcast and share real-life stories of love, loss, and redemption. 

This podcast has episodes about exhilarating first love, heart-wrenching relationship losses, and everything in between. 

The beauty of this podcast is that every episode leaves you with a thought to ponder.


8. Marriage and Martinis by Danielle and Adam Silverstein

Listen to it on Spotify

The real-life couple Danielle and Adam Silverstein run the podcast Marriage and Martinis. 

The couple takes on the positives and negatives of marriage, life after being married, and even parenting. 

The podcast covers topics that can be heartfelt, shocking, embarrassing, etc., such as monogamy during the dating phase, relationships with in-laws, and what a long-term relationship entails. 

This podcast makes the conversation relatable, packed with wisdom, and extremely insightful. It feels like the hosts are talking to you and solving your issue with utmost sincerity.


9. The Love Bomb by Nico Tortorella

Listen to it on Spotify, Apple Podcast

Nico Tortorella hosts a podcast called The Love Bomb. This podcast sheds light on different shades of love and relationships. 

It has a section dedicated to conversations with myriad artists, which is thought-provoking. 

Some episodes discuss platonic love, love between partners, vulnerability, and openness in relations, and challenge preconceived notions. 

This podcast is best heard by both partners together. It triggers many thoughts, which often result in deep and transformative discussions. It has helped many couples change their perspectives on love and relationships. 

10. The Relationship School

Listen to it on Apple Podcast, website

If you have always struggled with your love life, this is an apt podcast for you.

This is a school where you will be educated about relationships through experience.

You will be equipped with the proper techniques to keep your relationship healthy.

This course will bring out an intense transformation in you, and you will be a changed person forever.

The other takeaway is that you will value and appreciate yourself more and more. 


11. U Up?

Listen to it on Apple Podcast, Own Channel

This podcast is hosted by Jordana and Jared. 

They take the comic route on the ebbs and flows of the new-age dating world.

In this podcast, the duo talks about all aspects of a relationship. It tackles all the issues and rules in modern-day dating

The USP of this podcast is DTR, which stands for defining the relationship. This is a critical conversation in a relationship where one person demands a clear answer from the other person. It helps determine the nature of the relationship between the two individuals.


12. Dear Sugars

Listen to it on Apple Podcast, Spotify

Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond host the Dear Sugars podcast. 

The USP of this podcast is how the hosts are kind and empathetic, listening to all the problems. 

You can discuss all the matters with the podcast host; no matter how deep or dark the thought is, it will be kept a secret, and advice will be given to the person in need. 


13. Love Letters

Listen to it on Apple Podcast, Spotify

Do you enjoy listening to or reading love stories? Then you and I sail in the same boat.

Love Letters podcast by Columnist Meredith Goldstein brings real-life dating and relationship stories.

Every season of the podcast has a theme in the romance genre. So, you will be enthralled by stories about falling in love, dating, marriage, partnership, breakup, etc. stories.

While some of the stories are heartwarming, some stories are heartbreaking. 


This was my list of podcasts about relationships. And I hope at least one of these will help you find the solutions you are seeking. 

You can see this both as good or bad news, but there is no one-size-fits-all solution in relationships. I definitely see it as good news because I am super protective and possessive about the relationship I have with my partner. 

Also, there are multitudes of podcasts about relationships where you can find answers to your problems.

While some have a funny take on relationships, some leave you with food for thought.

Although you may try to find a solution to the problem you are facing through different podcasts, don’t hesitate to consult a professional for a more tailored approach to your problem.