Its that time of the month: 10 Easy & Relaxing Ways You Can Comfort Your Woman

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You know your woman bleeds and undergoes mood swings during that time of the month. What you may not know is what to do to make her feel better. However, this blog has you covered. 

As a boyfriend/ husband, you love your woman with all your heart. You love everything about her. However, what comes as a shocker to you every month is when she is on her period. Suddenly, you feel she’s a different person. 

You stand clueless when you see a very different side of her at an interval of every 28-36 days. You don’t know what to do. You feel everything you do or every joke you crack irritates her. 

By the time you start believing that she doesn’t love you anymore, she’s right in front of you ready to give you the best hug in the world. 

Now, you sit here asking yourself, “What happened in between?” Don’t worry. She’s not at all a changed person now. Neither has her love for you faded. It’s just that time of the month. She’s on her menstruation and the hormonal changes inside her body and mind are creating havoc. 

On the inside, your woman is bleeding while on the outside, her emotions are taking a roller coaster ride. If you are clueless about how to navigate this situation, you’re at the right place. 

In this blog, you’ll get to know what happens to your lady during that time of the month, and how you can help her.


Its that time of the month: 10 Easy & Relaxing Ways You Can Comfort Your Woman 

The concept of supporting partners during their menstruation has been kept under the covers for a long time. However, menstruation is a completely natural process and needs more awareness. 

The lack of support from the partners happens due to their lack of education and concern about their woman regarding that time of the month

Menstruation has both physical and emotional symptoms. Interestingly, these symptoms are never the same for all women. 

Right from cramps to fatigue, extreme sadness, and mood swings, a woman goes through a lot during her periods. At the same time, she has to maintain her social, professional, and personal commitments. 

This is where your support and understanding as a partner come into play. Menstruation is a vulnerable moment for a woman. All that she expects from you is unconditional love and support. 

Understanding The Biology of ‘That Time of the Month’  

Before you learn to comfort her, it is crucial to understand how the menstrual cycle occurs every month. 

The entire process of menstruation falls under the reproductive system of a woman. The hormones in a woman’s body regulate the menstrual cycle. Generally, it occurs between 28 to 36 days. 

During the cycle, the uterus becomes thick and prepares your woman’s body to embrace pregnancy. This uterus lining sheds when no sperm enters into a woman’s body. This is how your woman starts bleeding during that time of the month.

Every woman has a unique menstrual cycle. So, never try to match your woman’s cycle with your other female friends or female members of your family. 

Instead, try to understand her cycle and respond accordingly. Your woman may have a heavy and painful period. She may experience some premenstrual symptoms like bloating, breast tenderness, acne, pimples, and pain in the lower back. 

As a boyfriend or husband, you need to understand and be supportive of your partner during that time of the month. Be a little empathetic and see how much she loves you back. 


How to know it’s ‘That Time of the Month’ for her?

You must be wondering how to understand she’s about to start her menstruation. Well, there are some signs and symptoms you must be aware of. 

Not all women experience the same. However, these are general premenstrual signs a woman may face: 

  • Feeling tired 
  • Bloating 
  • Cramping 
  • Sudden mood swings 
  • Change in her behavior 
  • Getting irritated frequently 
  • Acne breakouts 
  • Breast tenderness 
  • Headaches 
  • Digestive issues 
  • Pain in the lower back 

Understand that she’s dealing with her daily chores while experiencing these symptoms. So, as a supportive partner, be there for her, physically and emotionally. Take off her burden and help her as much as possible. Even if it’s that time of the month, let go of all the societal myths and barriers and be a caring partner. 

10 Relaxing Ways to Comfort Your Woman During ‘That Time of the Month’ 

According to a study, one of the major reasons for the lack of education of men on menstrual hygiene is gender inequality. Due to unequal power relations, the voices of women remain unheard. 

However, today, the society is changing. People are learning to get rid of social stigmas and talking about daily issues more openly. 

So, irrespective of the mood swings your woman is going through, all that she looks for during that time of the month is your love and support. If a little patience and love from your side can rekindle your relationship with your partner, there’s nothing better than that. 

Check out these definite ways to help your partner get through her periods every month. 


1. Comfort her with a massage 

Nearly 80% of women suffer from pain and discomfort at some stage of their menstrual cycle. You must have seen your woman struggling to do her daily activities due to her period cramps. Sometimes the situation gets so worse that she barely can sit up straight. 

The best way to comfort her during this time is to give her a relaxing massage. For the massage, you should concentrate on specific parts of her body like the foot, ankle, calf muscles, thighs, and lower back. Be as gentle as possible. 

However, if you want to win the trophy of the best husband or boyfriend in the world, ask her about her preferred body part for the massage.


2. Let her be herself 

During menstruation, you will notice your woman getting irritated and frustrated too often. This mental turmoil causes her to get into chaos soon. The only way to avoid fights during this time is to give her space. 

When she gets the necessary space, she stays calm. She remains composed and does things she feels like. As a result, you don’t get into any heated arguments. During periods, women want men to respect their decisions and wishes. 


3. Remind her to stay hydrated 

One of the most basic needs during that time of the month is to stay hydrated. 

Remind her to drink enough water at regular intervals. If you are with her, help her with a glass of fruit juice. On the other hand, if you are away on some office tour, keep reminding her from time to time. 

Drinking adequate water while menstruating can reduce her intensity of pain and make her feel relaxed. 


4. Engage her in activities to distract her from menstrual discomfort 

Your woman knows she’s on her menstrual cycle. She is aware of the fact of bleeding the same every month. The worst you can do here is to remind her all the time about her cycle. 

Instead, keep her busy with some other activities. Set a romantic candle night dinner for her followed by watching her favorite movie. Play her favorite board games. If possible, take her out to her favorite place. 

As a caring partner, keep her distracted from the pain. Keep her busy with you as much as possible. Be the person she can trust emotionally. 


5. Avoid talking about periods and their underlying symptoms 

Be careful about what you speak during your woman’s period. It’s that time of the month and she knows what she’s going through. 

Never speak of bleeding, her mood swings, and pain. All of this may trigger her vulnerabilities and the overthinking can lead her to believe that you consider her periods as an abnormality. 

Instead of discussing her menstrual cycle, be kind and gentle with your words. Talk in a way where it appears that everything is normal. Your approach to your woman during that time of the month should make her feel like any other normal day. 

that time of the month

6. Avoid playing the blame game 

During that time of the month, your woman is going through severe physical and emotional turmoil. On one hand, she’s constantly bleeding and on the other hand, she needs to finish her daily activities and meet professional goals. 

Saying things that might irritate and blame her will only ignite the fire more. In general, she might be a fun-loving, rational, and extremely practical person. But when she’s on her period, she might not understand your logic and arguments. 

A woman experiencing her period is not a crime. It is a natural biological process and a sign of a healthy woman’s body. So, never blame her for bleeding. It’s only because of this cyclic phenomenon that she’s able to embrace motherhood. 


7. Participate in physical activities with her 

Gone are the days when women were told not to engage in physical activities during that time of the month. Now, doctors suggest doing some light exercises to alleviate the pain. 

As a supportive and thoughtful partner, try to go on a walk with her while she’s menstruating. Participate in a session of morning yoga and stretching. Meditate and do some breathing exercises with her for 15 minutes. Your participation is key, it serves as a great reminder of your support towards her. Your presence will make her feel more loved. 


8. Share the household chores 

She’s doing all the household activities along with that pain and discomfort. Here, if you can take over or share the household duties with her for those 4 or 5 days, she will remember these small gestures and return them to you in multiple folds. 

Try cooking dinner for both of you. Washing the clothes or doing the dishes for those few days also helps her greatly. During that time of the month, all that she wants from you is to understand her condition and try to help her by all means. 


9. Satisfy her cravings 

Have you seen your woman fighting with you or crying for a pizza or an ice cream during that time of the month? 

This intense urge to crave food stems from her fluctuating hormones and high serotonin levels. 

During this time, women generally prefer eating something sweet because of the sudden fall in their blood sugar levels. So, to make her feel good, let her have her favorite meal or even better, cook it for her. 


10. Avoid sexual intimacy 

When she is on her period, don’t force her to get intimate with you. As a man, you must understand the physical changes her body is going through. 

Though this is all about consent from both of you, your urge to make love to her can make you appear selfish. 

Instead, be physically intimate. Give her a warm hug. Let her sleep in your arms. Create a cozy environment for her. Try creating a safe space for her. 

If you can run your fingers softly through her hair and put her to sleep, even better, sleep with her. 


Menstruation is a challenging time for any woman. Though every woman has her own ways of navigating those 3-4 days, your support as a partner can create a world of difference. 

As a husband or boyfriend, you can help her get through it at ease by following the pointers mentioned above. 

Be more empathetic, supportive, and proactive to make your woman feel cared for and comfortable during her tough days. 

Though menstruation only lasts for a few days in the month, your way of treating her leaves a permanent impression on her mind and heart. It’s not about the princess treatment as social media perceives, it’s about doing the bare minimum as a partner. 

I hope this blog will help you build a strong and healthy relationship with your woman and care for her in more important ways during that time of the month.