How to be Okay Being Single? 11 Reasons Why it is a Good Thing

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Whether it’s the online relationship culture or just being surrounded by happy couples, sometimes it can be difficult. You can find yourself questioning how to be okay being single. If you have been there, well let’s help you solve this! 

Have you ever been in a relationship? Have the people around worried about you being single? 

Are you at an age where you are constantly being told how important it is to have a partner? 

I get it. Since I made my relationship official with my parents and family only a few months ago, I always got those “get married” suggestions. 

But the truth is, If you can’t enjoy being single, how can you enjoy being in a relationship? 

These are the questions that you face when you grow as an adult. 

So, let us first understand the joy of being single and why it is okay to not be in a relationship, even when everyone around you is pushing you for it.


How to be Okay Being Single? 11 Reasons Why it is a Good Thing

When it comes to opinions on being single, of course, there are many. 

Some people enjoy being single, some don’t like it because they see people around them coupled up. 

Some people think it is a blessing, some despise it because they are so used to having a partner all the time.

But, you cannot define ‘single’ as someone’s relationship status. 

The word single describes a person who can live and enjoy their life without depending on others. 

Even though healthy relationships have many benefits, you cannot deny the advantages of being single. 

There is a common myth that being single means being alone, which is not true.  

Because you also have meaningful friends and a lovely family as part of your life. You also have social groups and friends at work. 

Not having a partner is not the end of life. It just means you are not involved in a romantic relationship with anybody.

Yes, there is a lot of societal pressure to be single, especially in your late 20s or early 30s, but you cannot let society control your life. 

If you are happy being single, then let that be. And while you do that, let’s discover 11 reasons that will show you how to be okay being single. 


11 Reasons Why Being Single is Okay

If you are uncomfortable being single, you can not be comfortable in a relationship. 

If you can not love yourself, how can you love others? 

I heard one of my clients say this when we once worked on a project together and somehow it has stuck with me. 

She said, “You cannot pour from an empty cup”. 

If you are not happy and secure with who you are as an individual, you will never be happy and secure with who you are in a relationship. 

You must develop self-esteem while you are single and love yourself enough to love the other person when you decide to get into a relationship.  

Mental Health Counsellors suggest that you ask yourself the following questions about being single:

  • Are you genuinely happy being single?
  • Are you in a state of joy? Do you feel inadequate due to the outside pressure?
  • If you are unhappy being single, what do you want in your relationship? Where are you looking for that person? Are you in a relationship currently or wish to fall on your lap?
  • If you have had unsuccessful relationships, you must think about the reasons. Is there something you have to work to improve your qualities?

If you are single right now and you are not seeking a relationship, ask yourself these questions. 

Now, let’s dive into the reasons that show why being single is not a bad thing. 

1. You have more time to take care of yourself

Being single gives you more time to focus on yourself. You can reflect on what your life desires are.

You can discover what you need and how you can develop your skills. You can upskill yourself and move forward in your life.

The benefit of being single is you need not to hurry or slow yourself based on someone else’s pace. 

Being single you get to spend quality time yourself, that is a gift no one else can give you. You are more in tune with yourself. 

Here are the four pillars of your personal well-being that you get to be more involved in as a single person.  

  • Diet
  • Sleep
  • Exercise
  • Social Interactions

A. Your Diet:  

I am in a healthy relationship. However, what I feel about my food has a direct connection with how I am feeling that day with my partner. 

Whenever we have an argument or a fight, the first thing that is compromised is food. 

I don’t feel like eating when I know he is in a bad mood because of me. 

It just doesn’t happen. 

Whether directly or indirectly, how I feel about my food is connected to how he is feeling.

This is what you are saving yourself from as a single person. 

Before him, I did not have anybody who could impact my mind and heart so much that I’d skip meals for them.

Now I do. No, I am not glorifying it. In no way skipping your meals, for whatever reason, is a good thing. 

And this is what you don’t deal with as a single person. So, enjoy your singlehood while it lasts. 


B. Your Sleep:

Being in a long-distance relationship, I am dependent on my mobile phone to stay connected with him. 

We have been together for quite a long to not spend hours and hours at night talking to each other. 

But, initially, we did that too. 

I remember staying up all night and texting each other without sleeping at all. 

Sleep is the next compromise you happily make when you are in love. 

Even now, after all these years, all it takes is just one argument or fight to keep us awake for the night until we sort it out. 

Sometimes it’s hours of phone calls and sometimes it’s hours of video calls. While research shows that your screen time can prevent you from falling asleep, relationships can make you do that too. 

As a single person, you don’t have to compromise your sleep, which is the first thing most people compromise on as soon as they get into a relationship. 


C. Exercise:

If being single feels like a burden because of societal expectations and pressure, here’s a simple way to channel all your frustration into something good: exercise. 

Exercise is the best way to keep your body healthy and free from depression.  

Whenever it gets tough for you to take in all the negativity around your relationship status, sweat it out. 

Instead of arguing or justifying people about your state of mind, take that all out during your workouts. 

And if you are not a HIIT person like me, try yoga. Not only will it keep you calm, but it will also keep you in shape.  


D. Social Interactions:

As a single person, you don’t always have to limit your social interactions. 

As social animals, interacting with others is an important part of our life, that is what leads you into a relationship. 

But, when you are in a relationship, your social interactions can have a direct impact on your partner’s feelings. 

I have been through times when my social interactions have hurt my partner and his has hurt me. 

As a single person, you are not accountable for this dynamic of hurting others romantically. You are free to interact with anybody without considering what someone else might think or feel. 

That is definitely a plus point of being single and enjoying this phase of your life. 

2.You have more flexibility in traveling 

Traveling as a couple involves a lot more hassle and considerations as compared to traveling alone. 

Traveling to different parts of the world helps you understand the world better. You can widen your horizons, relax, and get new experiences. 

Being single, you can enjoy this freedom without being dependent on someone’s timelines and schedules. 


3. You have more time for family members

If you are in a romantic relationship, you have to spend time building new relationships with your partner’s family too. 

Your time with your family gets limited.  

This is what you don’t have to do being single. 

As a single person, you can prioritize spending time with family members based on your preferences. You do not have to consider other’s timelines for it 


4. Time and resources to help others out:

When you are in a relationship, you spend most of your time with your partner. 

You might not have time to help others out. 

However, as a single person, you have enough time to help others. 

You can help out family members or friends.

You can choose a cause that means a lot to you and volunteer to help. You get sufficient time to do some real good if you are free. 

When you are single, you have the financial freedom to help others. There is nobody to question you regarding the finances.


5. You have a chance to develop your hobbies

When you are single, you have more time to develop your hobbies. You can immerse yourself in your passion projects without getting questioned. 

Being single gives you the freedom to choose for yourself. 

You can learn new languages or upskill yourself by taking new courses when you are free. You do not need to justify your choice to anyone. 

being single

6. You build maturity in understanding love:

Being single allows you to gain maturity in understanding love. You get ample time to research your previous relationships.

You can analyze the things that went wrong in your previous relationships so you can avoid repeating them in the future. 

Being single helps you to understand your social and emotional needs.


7. You have lesser stress: 

You face societal pressures and the negative perception burden of being single. But you are free from the not-so-pleasant side of being in a relationship, the fights.

In a relationship, it is important to blend with your partner’s life. Sometimes this may lead to stressful circumstances.

Being single saves you from this stress. It helps you not to worry about these things.


8. You have less occasion based expenses:

When you are in a relationship, you are supposed to plan an occasion with your partner. It could be anniversaries, birthdays, or other special occasions. 

Preparing for such events is no financial joke. It can get a lot to deal with sometimes. It may even lead to repeated expenses.

If you are single, you need not to worry about these expenses. You can only spend money on essential things which help to improve your savings.


9. More time, to do more:

If you are single, you can give more time to your career and focus more on building your dreams. 

With less relationship chaos, you can concentrate more on your work than thinking about other things. You can also do some part-time jobs to utilize your extra time. This will even help you to earn more. 


10. You have freedom from being answerable:

Being single, you do not have to answer and please someone wholely. You can make your own rules to lead your life. You can make your own decisions about how you feel about them.

When you have a partner, you must have mutual expectations in everything. As a single person, you are not obliged to do any of that.


11. You have a structural life:

If you are single, you have a well-structured life. You can avoid linking your schedule with other person’s interests. You can lead your time to rest, eat, and exercise, in your way. 

How to be Okay Being Single and Overcome Your Fear?

There are many reasons why people are afraid to be single. 

But what would choose? Being single or having an unhealthy relationship.

Most people are in unhappy relationships because they don’t know what they want from it. 

The most important way to overcome your fear of being alone is to learn to love yourself

You do not need a partner in your life for a while and that is fine. It is not a punishment to be single. Instead, see it as a gift. You can enjoy your mental, physical, and financial freedom.

You do not need to rush into a relationship. You can enjoy the flexibility and freedom of being single. You can have control over things you need to do without being dependent.


I hope this blog has helped you understand that there is nothing wrong with being single. 

If anything, it’s a blessing, to do more and to become more independent. 

Being single lets you empower yourself with your skills and get clarity over what you want in life. 

Even though there are successful relationships, you enjoy your company for now and let time do its job of bringing the right person into your life. 

After all, it is always better to be single than with someone who does not make you happy. 

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