How do Long Distance Relationships Add to the Quality of Your Life?

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Long distance relationships usually have a bad reputation, but they are more beneficial than traditional relationships in so many ways. Today, I am sharing my personal experiences of being in one and how it had helped me grow as an individual over the years. 

I have been in a long distance relationship with my partner for 9.5 years now. Before you roll your eye, we met when we were 17. Despite all the time we have spent apart, it is the best thing that has happened to both of us. 

Yes, we have been through a lot of ups and downs through these years. From typical teen drama to serious adult issues, we have had it all by now. But, what makes our relationship so special is that we are way more emotionally connected with each other despite the distance. 

Long Distance relationships are hard but if you have been through it successfully, you will agree that is it also the best thing that can happen to improve your personality and mindset.

Even though the number of people is less, it works if you want to make it work. According to a study done in 2015, 11% of US population has been in a long distance relationship for 5 years or more. 

Let’s face it, not many people have a great experience with long distance relationships. Most people make fun of it, but the ones who have managed it well will agree that it is a life-changing experience. 

In this article, we will explore 10 reasons why long distance relationships improve the quality of your life and contribute to your personal development. So, if you’re considering a long distance relationship read on to discover the many advantages it can offer. 


How do Long Distance Relationships Add to the Quality of Your Life?

Yes, there are so many disadvantages of long distance relationships. The time you spend apart, the distance that eats you alive, the trust issues, the loyalty games, etc. I can go on and on about the negative aspects. 

Despite the limitations, long distance relationships help you to grow so much in life. When two people genuinely believe in the love and respect they have for each other, distance is just the test of time. And while not many people stand through this test, those who do will tell you what a beautiful experience it is. 

So among all the noise about the downsides of long distance relationships, here are 10 reasons why being in one and striving through it will change your life for the better: 


1. Long Distance Relationships Fosters Individual Growth

  • Develops Independence

Easily, one of the best benefits of long distance relationships is the opportunity for personal growth. In the 9 years I have been with my partner, both of us wouldn’t have grown as much as we did if we have been in a normal relationship. 

The distance always gave us more time to focus on our own individual goals and interests. The separation makes you independent. It allows you to develop a strong sense of self, which is crucial for a healthy relationship.


  • Encourages Self-Discovery

Long distance relationships encourage self-discovery. They give you more time to learn about yourself in a better way and explore more choices for yourself. 

I was able to find my calling for writing because I began writing poetry for him. Even though my writing habit began as an expression of our love, it eventually became my career. All this could happen because I devoted time to learning more about my hobbies and interests. 

When you’re away from your partner, you have more chances to learn about your values, ambitions, and passions. By understanding yourself better, you’re able to bring more to the relationship. This ultimately leads to a more fulfilling partnership.

This is why both of us are very clear about what we want from our lives and how we want to build it together soon. 


2. Long Distance Relationships Strengthens Emotional Bond

  • Improves Communication Skills

Long distance relationships rely heavily on communication, which is essential for any successful relationship. In fact, they survive and thrive because of communication more than anything else. 

9 years is a long time to be in love and apart, if not for our choice to communicate, we would have given up a long time ago. It is because of our will and choice to be with each other that we are two strong, opinionated individuals. And without a doubt, this reflects in the other aspects of our lives too. 

Hence if you’re in a long distance relationship, you should focus on open and honest communication. Strong communication skills benefit the relationship in the long run.

long distance relationships

  • Builds Trust

Trust is the next crucial component of a healthy relationship. And long distance relationships cannot survive without it.  

Even though we are away from each other, there is nobody else we would trust more than each other. Over the years, so many people have come in and gone from our lives. But, this has taught us that trust is an emotion that breeds mutual respect and loyalty. 

When you’re physically apart from your partner, you must trust them to remain faithful and committed. Yes, it’s a two-way street because this trust-building process only makes your bond more resilient and robust.


3. Long Distance Relationships Make You Appreciate the Moments you Spent Together

  • Cherishing Quality Time

Long distance relationships teach you to value the time you spend together. If there is one thing that my relationship has taught me, it is to never take your together moments for granted.

Because it doesn’t matter how much time you spend with them, as soon as it’s over, it feels like it went by in the blink of an eye.

With limited physical contact, every moment shared becomes more precious. This appreciation leads to more meaningful and memorable experiences when you’re back together. Plus, the butterflies you feel every time you see them, I wish I could find a word in the dictionary to describe those feelings.  


  • Avoiding Complacency

Being apart from your partner prevents complacency in the relationship. Couples who live close to each other can sometimes take their partner for granted. But those in long distance relationships remember the importance of cherishing their bond.

Every moment that you spend together feels like the perfect answer to all the time you spent waiting. Every moment that you spent looking forward to meeting them the next time, now makes sense. This feeling and acknowledgment rarely exist between couples who are often together. 


4. Long Distance Relationships Tests the Love

  • Validates Genuine Connection

Long distance relationships are a true test of your love and commitment. It is not easy to love someone and not have them around you. It is not easy to yearn in the hope that one day all of this wait will be worth it.       

By enduring the challenges of distance, you prove the strength and authenticity of your connection. This validation makes your relationship more stable and secure. It instills your faith in your bond and makes it a long-lasting partnership. 

  • Promotes Growth Through Adversity

The challenges in a long distance relationship are quite dynamic. Unlike normal couples, you don’t always have the luxury to solve your problems face to face. Most of the time, the only way to go through these tough times is by phone or video calls. 

Facing these challenges together promotes growth through adversity. By overcoming obstacles together, you develop and strengthen your bond and learn valuable life lessons both as couples and individuals. You become more resilient and adaptable to difficult times. 


5. Long Distance Relationships Enhances Creativity and Thoughtfulness

  • Unique Ways to Express Love

Long distance relationships often need you to find unique ways to express your love. This creativity leads you to more thoughtful and meaningful gestures. Sending handwritten letters, creating personalized gifts, or planning surprise visits are some examples. 

Such gestures are sometimes not even an option when you meet each other regularly because you don’t feel the need for them. But, when you are apart, especially on occasions that’s the worst feeling ever. Not being able to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, or graduation together; sucks. But, this also makes you go the extra mile and be more thoughtful of how you express your love towards your partner. 

  • Keeps the Romance Alive

As you are away from each other, it gets difficult to maintain that spark in your relationship. The creativity and thoughtfulness that comes with distance keep the romance alive. It keeps your partner hooked on your love and care. 

Long distance relationships force you to find new and innovative ways to connect. For example; we have had virtual sketching dates, written love letters & made DIY gifts for each other. All this when we had no idea when we’d meet next. So we save them to exchange them whenever we meet. 

These little things may sound immature or unneeded to any third person. But for couples who are dealing with the distance, these are the real saviors. They maintain a sense of excitement and passion that might otherwise fade over time.


6. Long Distance Relationships Builds a Solid Foundation for the Future

  • Establishes Clear Goals and Priorities

Long distance relationships make you establish clear goals and priorities for the future. Having been together for 9 years, two years down the line we see us closing the distance. But, this has been possible only because of our clear expectations from each other, both as partners and individuals. 

Planning for our future has been an important discussion for us. We have always had open and honest conversations about it to not set any false expectations. When you’re true to each other, discussing and planning for a real future is inevitable. Long distance relationships let you build a solid foundation for a lasting partnership. 

long distance relationships

  • Enhances Stability and Security

This strong foundation also enhances stability and security in the long term. For example, even though we meet each other once every few months, we have learned to face life as a couple. 

Over the years, both of us have been a strong support system for each other during extreme situations. We have successfully navigated the challenges of distance. Thus, we are often better equipped to handle future obstacles. This has only taught us better and led us to a more resilient and enduring relationship.


7. Impact of Long Distance Relationships on Your Personal Development

  • Boosts Self-Confidence

Long distance relationships have a positive impact on your personal development. They boost your self-confidence and make you build a healthy relationship with yourself. We were immature teenagers when we began our relationship. 9 years later we believe that this relationship has been a blessing in disguise. Because it has transformed both of our lives in so many good ways. 

Learning to navigate the challenges of distance, has taught us so much about life. It has built our growth mindsets, it has helped us to overcome the victim mentality we had when we began. 

Long distance relationships might be rough. But they make you gain a sense of accomplishment. They empower you to improve your overall self-esteem.


  • Encourages Time Management and Organization

Being in a long distance relationship also encourages better time management and organization. Even though we’re in the same country and time zone, our schedules and lives are very different from each other. But being together has taught us effective time management to prioritize our relationship. It has also taught us when to not lose ourselves in a relationship. It has taught us how to prioritize our work and other aspects of life before each other. 

With limited opportunities to spend time together, you should prioritize your schedules. A long distance relationship teaches you these skills. They contribute to both your personal and professional life.


8. Long Distance Relationships Provides Opportunities for Travel and Adventure

  • Expands Horizons

Long distance relationships often involve travel. This gives you an exciting opportunity to explore new places and cultures. In our case, he is the one who does the traveling every time we meet. Living in a conventional family, it is not something I can do as of now. But, every time we meet, he always has some amazing on-road experiences to share with me. 

This exposure has helped him expand his horizons. It has contributed significantly to his individual growth and enrichment. 

  • Creates Shared Experiences

Traveling to visit your partner also provides opportunities to create shared experiences and memories. We had this chance once and it was an amazing experience that taught us so much about each other.  

Such unexpected adventures can strengthen your bond. They add an element of excitement to your relationship. Also, they make for such beautiful memories to carry with you forever. 


9. Long Distance Relationships Enhances Problem-Solving Skills

  • Develops Adaptability

Long distance relationships make you adapt to various challenges and obstacles. If we had a dollar for every problem we had gone through all through these years, we would be millionaires by now. 

The truth is long distance relationships are more challenging than normal relationships. But, those rough days make you more independent and adaptable to handle those bad days. 

They improve your problem-solving and decision-making skills. They add to the quality of your life because these are valuable skills to have in all aspects of life.


  • Promotes Compromise and Collaboration

Along with adaptability, long distance relationships also promote compromise and collaboration. So many times, we have wanted to give up and let go of each other. But we chose to stay because of the love and trust we have developed over time. 

By working together to overcome those hurdles, we have developed a strong sense of unity. We have learned that a real relationship is teamwork. 

Hence, it contributes to your life skills and this reflects in other areas of your life too. 


10. Long Distance Relationships Encourages Personal Support Networks

  • Cultivates Strong Friendships

Being in a long distance relationship can encourage you to cultivate strong friendships and support networks outside of your partnership. Unlike couples living in closed proximities, couples dealing with distance learn to have a life outside their relationship.  

By maintaining a social life away from your partner, you learn to develop a more fulfilling life. Because your relationship with your partner is a part of your life, it’s not your whole life. And being in a long distance relationship teaches you that from the very beginning. 


  • Promotes Self-Sufficiency

Having a personal support network also promotes self-sufficiency. Relying on friends and family for emotional support makes you less dependent on your partner. This leads you to build a healthier and more balanced relationship.

Also, sometimes it makes you appreciate your own company. Instead of constantly obsessing over having someone around you, you learn to enjoy yourself alone.


In conclusion, yes long distance relationships are tough. But they offer many benefits that can lead to stronger, more resilient partnerships. 

By fostering individual growth, strengthening emotional bonds, and promoting personal development, long distance relationships can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience.  

Speaking from my personal experience so far, I don’t think I would have become the woman I am today If my relationship with my partner had not taught me to be patient and resilient in life. 

So, if you find yourself in a long distance relationship, if you feel that the person is right for you and they should be fought for, don’t let them go. Don’t give up on them so easily. Embrace the challenges and focus on the many ways they can improve the quality of your life. 

Until next time,

See you soon!