19 Best Diwali Celebration Ideas To Make Your Party Memorable in 2023

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These Diwali celebration ideas will help you make the most of your time with your loved ones. As the time to celebrate Diwali is almost upon us, I hope you leave this blog with some amazing ideas and inspiration for your Diwali party this year.  


The vibes and celebrations for Diwali in India are synonymous with that of Christmas in the West. It’s our “season to be jolly”.

The Festival of Lights is one of the most vibrant and joyous celebrations in the Hindu calendar. It signifies the victory of light over darkness and good over evil with many mythological stories that give us a reason to celebrate Diwali. 

This is the time when families and loved ones come together to celebrate, rejoice, exchange gifts, and indulge in delicious food. 

So while you indulge in your mom’s homemade mithai and the experience of decorating and lighting your house with your dad here are 19 Diwali celebration ideas for you to have a fun and memorable time with your friends and family. 


19 Best Diwali Celebration Ideas To Make Your Party Memorable in 2023

Diwali is not just a religious festival, but also a cultural and social event that holds immense significance for millions of people around the world. It is a time to spread love, happiness, and positivity. 

When you celebrate Diwali, you don’t just honor your heritage but also foster a sense of unity and togetherness. Regardless of your location, you can celebrate Diwali to stay connected to your roots and create lasting memories.

So, let’s see some Diwali celebration ideas for you to have the time of your life this festive season:  


8 Diwali Celebration Ideas for a Fun-Filled Evening

If you’re that member of the gang who loves to play the host of the party, then you cannot miss this. Here are some fun activities to make your Diwali celebrations full of entertainment and laughter:


1. Card Games

You can arrange a card game session with your loved ones. Play traditional Indian card games like Teen Patti or the latest fun buzz UNO and enjoy the thrill of friendly competition. For our family gatherings, UNO has become the go-to card game to have fun and enjoy our hearts out. You can even set up a mini-tournament and reward the winner in your way.


2. Fireworks Display

If permitted in your area, you can organize a small fireworks display in your backyard or terrace. Remember to follow all the safety guidelines and ensure responsible handling of fireworks. The mesmerizing bursts of light in the night sky will add a touch of grandeur to your Diwali celebrations.


3. Dance Party 

If you are a Bollywood buff like me, you can create a festive playlist featuring popular Bollywood and traditional Diwali songs. Host a dance party where everyone can show off their best moves. Encourage your guests to dress up in traditional attire and put their best foot forward in their performances.


4. Tambola (Housie)

Play a game of Tambola with your friends and family. This popular Indian game involves numbers being called out and players marking them on their tickets. The first player to mark all the numbers in a specific pattern shouts “Housie!” and wins.

5. Diwali Quiz 

Test everyone’s knowledge of Diwali traditions and history with a virtual Diwali quiz. Prepare a set of questions related to the festival and award points for correct answers. The participant with the highest score can be crowned the Diwali Quiz Champion.


6. Karaoke Night

I know my Dad would love this one. For your Diwali celebration ideas, you can organize a karaoke session where everyone can unleash their inner singing talents. Create a playlist of popular Diwali songs and take turns belting out your favorite tunes. Singing together will also bring out a sense of togetherness and joy to your Diwali celebrations.


7. Live Music Performance 

If you have the budget, you can hire a local musician or band to perform live music for your guests. Create a playlist of popular Diwali songs and let the music fill your family gathering with joy. You can even request your favorite songs and dance along to the beats with your people.


8. Diya Decoration Contest

Encourage your friends and family to participate in a Diya decoration contest. Set a theme or allow everyone to showcase their creativity.

diwali celebration ideas

The most beautifully decorated diya can be awarded a prize. This activity will not only bring out your artistic skills but also add a personal touch to your Diwali celebrations. I painted Diyas last Diwali with my niece and it was a fun experience for us, we’re definitely doing it again this year. 


3 Diwali Decorations to Set the Mood

Decorating your living space is an essential part of celebrating Diwali. It is not just to decorate your home. It also helps to create an enchanting and welcoming atmosphere that symbolizes the festival of lights with its colors and sparkles. Here are some ideas to set the mood for your Diwali celebrations: 


1. Rangoli Art

A Rangoli is the staple Diwali decor that is created at the entrance of every Indian household. You can also design a colorful rangoli to welcome your guests with the beautiful colors of Diwali. Remember to use vibrant colored powders, flower petals, or even colored rice to create beautiful patterns. You can find numerous rangoli designs online for inspiration. If you are not very artistic, you can even invest in these rangoli stencils to ease the process for you.


2. Diyas and Candles

Is it even Diwali without lighting up your space with Diyas and Candles? We decorate every single corner of our balcony and garden with Diyas and candles. You can also place them in windowsills, on tables, and along walkways to create a warm and inviting ambiance. You can also include scented candles in your decorating items list to infuse your surroundings with delightful fragrances.


3. Fairy Lights

I have got some white-colored fairy lights to spice up my room this year. I’ll be using them in my room, specifically around my work table. You can hang fairy lights around your home to add a touch of magic. Choose warm white or multi-colored lights and drape them across walls, ceilings, and furniture. The gentle glow of fairy lights will create a mesmerizing atmosphere for your Diwali celebrations. 


3 Diwali Food and Drinks to Savor

How can we talk about Diwali and not talk about food? It’s like talking about Holi without colors. During Diwali, the market is flooded with delicious delicacies to soothe your taste buds. The Diwali celebrations offer a wide array of mouthwatering treats. Here are some traditional Diwali dishes to savor:


1. Samosas

These crispy, deep-fried pastries filled with savory potato filling are a Diwali favorite. Serve them with coriander chutneys for an extra burst of flavor on your tongue. I am feeling the taste as I am typing this. You get the gist, right? You cannot ignore Samosas on Diwali.


2. Kaju Katli

For me, nothing screams Diwali more than Kaju Katli. It is the best sweet dish mankind has ever invented. Made of Cashew, milk, and butter, you cannot miss it. The best part is the edible silver that decorated this mithai not just for its visual appeal but also for its taste.


3. Masala Chai

No Indian gathering is ever complete without our masala chai. You can also include it in your Diwali celebration to keep your guests warm in the cold. Brew a pot of aromatic masala chai to warm up your Diwali celebrations. The combination of black tea, spices like cardamom and cinnamon, and milk creates a comforting and flavorful beverage. Plus, you will rarely find a person who would say no to tea. 

3 Diwali Gift Exchange Ideas

Gift-giving is an integral part of tradition in our Diwali celebrations. Here are some unique gift exchange ideas to make your Diwali special:


1. Secret Santa

As I said before, Diwali is our “best time of the year”. To make your Diwali party more interesting, you can organize a Secret Santa gift exchange for your friends and family.

Set a budget and assign each person a recipient. Gather all the gifts with the person’s name in one place and then distribute them. Next, ask each person to open their gift and guess the giver’s name. This will add an element of surprise and excitement to your Diwali celebrations.


2. DIY Gift Hampers

To add an extra touch of admiration, you can create personalized gift hampers filled with homemade treats, candles, or handmade crafts. Share the joy of Diwali by giving thoughtful and unique gifts that reflect your creativity and love.

You can also arrange for contactless delivery or send them via mail if your loved ones are away. You can also refer to this blog for some unique Diwali gift ideas to end your search for the perfect gift.


3. Charitable Donations

Instead of going the traditional way, you can consider making a charitable donation on behalf of your friends and family. You can choose a cause close to their hearts and contribute in their name. This thoughtful gesture will not only spread joy but also make a positive impact on the lives of others. 

4 Virtual Diwali Celebration Ideas for Those Far from Home

Distance should never dampen the spirit of celebration, especially during Diwali. While Diwali is the time for unlimited celebrations, nothing can replace the feeling of being at home at festivities.

The love and warmth of our family members cannot be replaced by anything. So, if you’re spending this Diwali away from home, here are some virtual Diwali celebration ideas for you to make the most of the festival:


1. Virtual Aarti

Participate in a live-streamed Aarti (prayer ceremony) from a famous temple in India. Many temples offer virtual Aarti sessions during Diwali, allowing you to experience the spiritual essence of the festival. Or even better, ask your parents and family members to set their gadgets in front of them when they perform the Laxmi Pooja at home.


2. Online Diwali Melas

Explore online Diwali melas (fairs) organized by various Indian communities or cultural organizations. These virtual events feature live performances, shopping opportunities, and interactive sessions that will transport you to the vibrant atmosphere of Diwali. You can also join the vibrant Diwali celebrations happening near you with your peers and colleagues and make the most of the situation.


3. Virtual Family Reunion

Though a virtual reunion cannot compensate for physical gatherings, you can Coordinate a virtual family reunion with your loved ones. Share your Diwali experiences, exchange greetings, and reminisce about past celebrations. This will help you feel connected to your family, even if you’re physically apart.


4. Diwali Potluck

Coordinate a virtual potluck where each participant prepares a traditional Diwali dish. You can encourage everyone to share the recipes in advance so that you all can enjoy a diverse spread of mouthwatering delicacies. Take turns describing the significance of each dish and the memories associated with it. 

3 Diwali Traditions and Rituals to Incorporate

To truly embrace the true spirit of Diwali, do not forget to celebrate this festival with these traditions and rituals:


1. Lakshmi Puja

Perform the Lakshmi Puja (prayer to the goddess of wealth) with your family members. Set up a small altar with idols or pictures of deities, light incense, and Diyas, offer flowers and sweets, and recite prayers together.

My mom also includes some things that represent the family’s wealth. My father likes to keep his business records, my brother keeps his purse and I include my laptop since it’s my source of income. Together we remember our ancestors and then seek blessings from the almighty for prosperity and everyone’s well-being.


2. New Beginnings

Diwali is seen as an auspicious time for new beginnings. Take this opportunity to set your goals for the coming year or start a new project. Start by writing your aspirations and intentions that you look forward to working on. Then, light a diya as a symbol of hope and positivity within and around you.


3. Giving Back

The best part about festivals is how they bring people together as a community. They give you a sense of belonging. Diwali as a festival does the same. To foster the sense of community around you, you can donate to charitable organizations, volunteer your time, or engage in acts of kindness.

A ritual my father follows every year is to give new uniforms and bonuses to his workers. This is one of the many life lessons I have learned from my father that it costs nothing to be kind to others.

These simple acts of service may not make much of a difference in your life but they can leave a huge impact on others. So, if you’re capable of helping others, do it. This is how you can embody the true essence of Diwali.


3 Diwali Outfit and Fashion Ideas

How can we discuss Diwali without all fashion ideas? Dressing up in traditional attire is a pre-requisite for Diwali celebrations. It adds an extra touch of elegance to your Diwali night. So, here are some outfit and fashion ideas to spice up your Diwali this year:


1. Saree

Ladies can opt for a gorgeous silk saree in vibrant colors like red, gold, blue, or purple. Pair it with statement jewelry and a stylish blouse to complete the look.

diwali celebration ideas

Experiment with different draping styles to create a unique and eye-catching ensemble. I wore this saree recently for a family function and I am sure it would make a perfect Diwali outfit too.


2. Kurta and Churidar

Men can choose a well-tailored kurta paired with churidar pants. Opt for rich fabrics like silk or cotton in colors like deep blue, maroon, or emerald green. Accessorize with a stole or a traditional Nehru jacket for a sophisticated look.


3. Fusion Fashion

Experiment with fusion fashion by blending traditional and contemporary elements. Pair a classic kurta with jeans or wear a saree with a trendy crop top. Mix and match accessories to create a fusion look that reflects your personal style. This is what I plan to do with my Diwai outfit this year. I’ll make sure I add a picture here after my celebrations.


I curated these Diwali celebration ideas from a long list of things you can do. Because I wanted to give you the best yet the easiest choices, I hope this list will light up your party this year. 

By exploring these 19 Diwali celebration ideas, you can create a memorable experience for yourself and your loved ones. 

Whether you’re hosting virtual gatherings, engaging in festive activities, or immersing yourself in the traditions and rituals, embrace the joy and positivity that Diwali brings. Let the Festival of Lights illuminate your heart and fill your life with happiness, no matter where you are. Happy Diwali!

I hope you celebrate Diwali with your loved ones, near or far, and let the festival of lights bring you closer together. 

Now go ahead and spread the joy and positivity of Diwali by sharing this blog with your friends and family to amp up your party. 

I know your friends will love it as much as you do. 

Happy Diwali!