11 Interesting Rakhi Outfit Ideas For You to Slay this Raksha Bandhan

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Raksha Bandhan is a widely celebrated festival in India to mark the eternal love of brother and sister. This day goes way back in ancient history in Hindu culture and holds an auspicious place. In this blog, as we explore the importance of this day, I am sharing some of my best Rakhi outfit ideas for you to slay this festive season. 

The festival of Raksha Bandhan is not only a day with strings on hands and sweets, but it holds more prime reasons than you think. 

It is a festival that holds different ancient tales and beliefs in different parts of India but follows the same route marking an eternal bond of love between a brother and sister. 

India is a land of traditions. We have an insane amount of cultures and their various costumes, it is blessed with contrast. 

We also believe in strong family rituals and our Indian attires are mostly known for their colorful fabrics and unique designs. 

India is known for its timeless, authentic dressing styles and its unique appreciation for different occasions. 

With a boom in global clarity, India is becoming the center of fashion which is exquisite in nature and has gained international recognition. 

From evergreen sarees to a revolutionary mix-up of denim with kurta everything is fashion. 

There are a lot of styles that are back in fashion from the 90s and early 2000s as well. 

On this special day, all the siblings aim to make the best out of the opportunity to look stunning, elegant, and gorgeous. 

So, for one of the most significant festivals of the year, that celebrates the love of brother and sister, let’s dive into 11 Rakhi outfit ideas that will make you look flawless.


11 Interesting Rakhi Outfit Ideas For You to Slay this Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan – the word means “bond of protection” in Sanskrit, which has been spoken since 5000 years before Christ. 

This auspicious day is celebrated ideally in August at the end of the Hindu lunar calendar. This is also known as the month of Shravana. 

In 2024 Rakhi will be celebrated on 19th August. 

Apart from being the most awaited festival of siblings, it is also the most awaited moment for gifting the best gifts to your sister/brother. 

It is not just a ritual but it’s often taken into consideration that a brother gifts his sister something when she ties the rakhi. And for the sister, it is beyond happiness to prepare the pooja thali for her brother. 

This thali is often decorated with kumkum, rice, diya, beautiful rakhi, and most importantly sweets. 

Apart from the rituals this day holds importance in ancient history and its tales go way back in time to gods and goddesses. 

Now that we know what is going to happen on the main day, let’s dive into the fashion inspiration for the occasion. 

Here’s my list of the best Rakhi outfit ideas for you and your sibling to have fun as get ready for the day of sibling love. 

6 Rakhi Outfit Ideas for All the Sisters

1. Classic Salwar Suit: The Ethnic Idea

A salwar suit is a symbol of tradition. As a land of culture, the Salwar suit defines the importance of the day. 

It gives you various options to choose from and promises you a graceful look for the occasion. 

Salwar suits have multiple styles. You can choose from Anarkali, Punjabi, frock style, jacket style, and asymmetric, and the list does not stop here. 

Rakhi outfit ideas salwar suit

Here are a few inspirations for you to go with. 

These all are stylish, yet effortlessly beautiful for this day. 

Adding statement jewelry with it, anything with all silver or gold can add stars to the look. 

I am already swooning over the first option. What do you think?  


2. Skirt: The Chic Option 

This option may sound like a regular go-to, but trust me it’s not. 

Skirts are back in fashion and they go quite well with traditional clothes as well. 

But adding a floral skirt with a plain white top can be a good option for your big day.

Rakhi outfit ideas skirt

I did the same for Diwali last year. I styled them with my golden oversized earrings to compliment the foil print work on my skirt. As you can see, it worked out pretty well. 

You can also add big bracelets and bangles to your hands to enhance your look even more. 

Apart from this little western look, a wide swirling skirt with a long kurta is also back in fashion. 

You can easily pair your favorite skirt with any traditional kurta that has embroidery and scale it with a dupatta. 

This one feels like such a great comeback and this is what I am going to do this year. 


3. Lehenga: The Evergreen Elegance

This option does not need an introduction. From Bollywood to now even Hollywood everyone is obsessed with Indian Lehengas. 

It is one of the most loved attire by women to wear at any function. 

A lehanga shows the grace you hold without even saying a word. There are a number of styles to choose from and they come with extraordinary embroidery and lavish fabrics. 

As it is a three-piece attire, the dupatta of the lehenga adds more drama to it. There are different ways you can drape it on this attire that will make you look unforgettable. 

As of now, I only own this green lehenga that I recently styled with my satin shirt.

My Instagram fam clearly loved it.

And since, it is one of your favorite days, when you want to look like a princess, wearing a lehenga with the right jewelry can definitely make you feel like one! 


4. A Well-Plated Saree 

I asked Google, “Which is the most common piece of clothing for women in India?”

The answer was SAREE. 

Saree is easily one of the most well-known attire in Indian culture and there is no competition for the elegance it brings with itself. 

Whether it is a Banarasi or a Kanchivaram, they all have their own unique style and finishing. 

Rakshabandhan is a cherishing festival. Every year the bond between the siblings grows stronger. 

This day symbolizes the solid bond between brother and sister but is also known for religious significance. 

Its importance is deeply rooted in ancient scriptures including Mahabharata. 

Hence, it is not just any other festival. Wearing a saree is a symbol of tradition as its history also goes way back. 

It is a sign of respect, empowerment, and modesty. 

Wearing a saree will just add more colors to the festival and it will definitely make it more memorable. 

Rakhi outfit ideas sarees

Here are a few inspirations for you right from my saree collection. 


5. Indo-Western Blend

These days as the world has globalized on another level, nothing is left behind in its original state. 

And no, not in a bad manner! 

Clothes and fashion are evolving and have redefined themselves in recent years. 

Now everything has a touch of various other existing attires and they look absolutely amazing! 

One such simple outfit can be an indo-western mix-up! 

This can be mixing a pair of your favorite jeans with a Kurti and some chunky silver earrings. This is my favorite and comfiest option of all. 

Rakhi outfit ideas kurtis

Here are two of my recent jeans and kurti looks to give you an idea. 

You can also pair a denim jacket with a maxi dress and embroidered juttis 

The best part of this combination is that it gives you the freedom to mix, match, and create. 

So, what are you waiting for? Go to your wardrobe, open different sets of attire, and let the blending begin!


6. Palazzo with Kurti 

Palazzo is never out of fashion. They are suitable for all body types and look beautiful. 

They give you a simple yet elegant look. 

You can start by choosing the bottom, that is palazzo, they can be the one with heavy work at the end or cropped. 

Top it with a straight fit or frock-style kurta as I have done. 

Rakhi outfit ideas kurti palazzo

You can also wear a Chikankari kurta, trust me it will be a great outfit.

And further pair it with simple bangles, jhumkas, and juttis.


With this, we come to an end for the women’s section. I hope these Rakhi outfit ideas will inspire you to dress your best and I promise ladies you will look royal. 

Now, let’s move on to some Rakhi Outfit Ideas for men


5 Rakhi Outfit Ideas for Brothers

1. The Epitome: Kurta Pajama 

Kurta is a popular wear for men in any family function. 

It is considered modest and adds a touch of decency. 

A Kurta is worn in pooja and is one of the most worn attire for Indian men on any important occasion. It shows a sign of respect. 

This option may seem simple but goes way back in time and is effortlessly perfect. It is a way to show your culture and roots. 


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A post shared by Prince Gautam (@thenameizprince)

This is what my brother wore last Diwali and it would make a great Rakhi Outfit too. 

Ethnic wear like kurta pajamas is always a go-to solution. Mixing it with a good pair of juttis and accessorizing it with a good watch and rings in your hands can never go wrong.

If you are someone who loves to be all traditional and pay respect on special days, a plain kurta-pajama with embroidery on the collar and front can be your answer, just like my brother has done it. 


2. Sadri: The Ultimate Touch 

Now since we have already talked about kurta-pajamas, let’s talk about something that will add special effects. 

A Sadri commonly known as the Nehru jacket is the ultimate addition to a beautiful pair of kurta-pajamas. 

So, if you are going on with this option here is the best suggestion. 

As this jacket is the most special part of the whole attire, make sure you wear simple and plain colors for both parts of the outfit. 

This will make sure that your jacket shines bright and gets the attention it deserves. 

Again, here’s a picture from my brother’s ethnic-style dairies to inspire you. 


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A post shared by Prince Gautam (@thenameizprince)

I am sure as a brother you would love to be the center of attraction on this day!


3. Asymmetric Kurta: Mixing the Western world 

As we have evolved, now there are many options for men as well to mix and match up. 

It’s all about keeping up with the trend! 

An asymmetrical pattern in a kurta has made viral adaptations in Indian cultural attire. 


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A post shared by Prince Gautam (@thenameizprince)

My brother wore this asymmetric kurta at our cousin’s wedding. This look surely brings together the Western look blending it with the Indian look. 

As sophisticated as this choice is for you to wear on your special day, it also holds a ray of elegance and royalty. 

You can pair it with a churidar or a pair of jeans. A pair of dhoti would also look creative. 

This part of getting ready is all about being in the moment, going with the flow, and trusting your instincts. 

Try this Western Indo look and experiment with your version of fashion. 


4. Customized Rakhi-Tees 

Till now this one is my favorite!!!!! 

Do you remember all the mischief you and your sibling used to do when you were young? 

Do you remember the first time your little sister or brother made a picture of you with paints? 

Do you remember the first time they wrote a poem or made a card for you? 

Without saying these all are one of the most cherished memories. So why not put them on a t-shirt? 

It can be you two with your first bikes or the very first time you both bought a kite. 

It can be anything that you both remember even after years and that brings you a little closer to each other every Raksha Bandhan. 


5. Short Kurta With Jeans 

This one is an evergreen get-up for guys. It screams comfort and builds fashion with style. 

Here’s one of his short kurta with trouser looks that he wore recently on his trip to Jaipur and safe to say, it’s a great option. 


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A post shared by Prince Gautam (@thenameizprince)

From printed to plain, kurtas are always in fashion for men, and pairing them with denim jeans brings two worlds together. 

They add both traditional charm and modern style together. 


With this, my list of Rakhi outfit ideas comes to an end. I hope me and my brother did a good job in inspiring you to look your best this Rakshabandhan. 

Rakhi is all about adoring the bond siblings share and how their lives are incomplete without each other. 

We might fight like cats and dogs but since it’s a Rakhi outfit ideas blog, I thought it would only be fair to share my brother’s style with you. 

Being an elder sister myself, I have tailored these outfits to the best of my knowledge while keeping the occasion and the requirements in mind. 

I hope our fashion sense and styling tips would have helped you curate your outfit for the day. 

If you love d these rakhi outfit ideas don’t forget to hit the share button and serve some inspiration to your loved ones.

If you find even one outfit idea that fits your taste and saves you time from bringing your entire wardrobe out on the bed, I’d consider my job done. 

Happy Rakhi to you and your sibling from me and mine!