6 Fun Things To Do For Family In Summer

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Summers are approaching. It’s time again for fun things to do for family in summer. The tips I share with you are easy and practical. They will make you spend a good time and appreciate their presence in your life. 

Do you remember that one fun thing you used to do with your family every summer? I have two of them. The first was visiting my grandparents and spending my summer days with my cousins. The second is spending at least a day in the water park with my family during the summers.

What were some of your favorite summer activities back in the day? I guess I got you thinking, right?

There were too many back then. Sadly, today, it’s all sealed inside a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. But, what if you could change that for your child? I know you cannot be around your child all the time. What if you could bring the fun back and give them a happy, memorable childhood as you had? 

Because of the pandemic, many countries are still in lockdown. The kids are bored. They are finding it hard to cope with staying at home without meeting their friends. And, the coming summer will probably be similar to yesteryear. Thus, in this blog, I am sharing 6 fun things to do for family in summer. I hope you enjoy them. 


6 Fun Things To Do For Family In Summer

1. Hopscotch

It’s the summer of the early 2000s. I am at my grandparent’s house with all my cousins. And we’re playing this fun game. Yea, that was how we spent our childhood. And, you can help your kids do the same. 

Hopscotch | Fun things to do for family in Summer

We used to do it on the ground with chalk or brick. You can use tape or the “glow-in-the-dark tape”. It just takes a few minutes to tape the hopscotch table. Add as many numbers according to the space you have. And, you are good to go. Happy hopping! I hope this brings a smile to your kid’s face and adds to the family’s happiness.


2. Paper art

Paper art | Fun things to do for family in Summer

I cannot even recollect the number of items I have made with paper during my summer holidays. We used to get this creative artwork to do from school and it was one of the highlights of my summertime with my family. My mom and aunt used to help me create these different shapes from paper and we used to have a great time together. 


3. Indoor camping

Indoor camping | Fun things to do for family in Summer

Okay, I recently did this with my niece and nephew and it brought back all the good memories of me and my brother doing the same. You can use sofa cushions as the walls of the camp and a blanket as the roof with a pole standing in the middle to balance it out. 

I had a really good time chilling with my babies and reciting the stories of my childhood. I’ll be doing that when I have my kids too. It’s absolute fun.  


4. Storytelling

Bedtime stories from mothers and grandmothers are something to cherish forever. There were summer nights when we used to lie down on the terrace and watch these twinkling stars while the wind combed our hair.

My mom would lie beside us. She would recite these stories of kings and queens that I and my brother used to listen to with complete aww as if they were real. And, now our mother teases us for believing every fake story she told us. I mean common mommy, can you really blame us? 

Tell stories to your kids about some fancy, imaginative world. I believe kids deserve that illusion considering the reality is so absurd. 


5. Recycling waste

Another fun activity credited to my school. Those summer holiday homework “recycle waste” activities are a major reason for my love of art and craft. As a child, I always enjoyed making something new out of something that is typically redundant. This can be a very great way time to kill boredom and get your people to work and use the ‘new’ thing for a purpose. 

Recycling waste| Fun things to do for family

Some of the things that I remember making are a bag from an old pair of jeans, a bracelet from unused ribbons, a photo frame from cardboard sheets, an exploding photo box from paper, and a heart-shaped photo booth from a newspaper among so many others. Yes! I am creative in aspects other than writing.  


6. I-spy game 

Raise your hand if you have ever pronounced this game as ‘ice spice’. I am raising both. It’s a fun game to play with your kids and pretends to not even see when you actually do. Plus, the giggles that follow when you catch your child are too precious to resist this game. I have played it with the kids in my family and they absolutely love it. So do give it a try. 



These were some of the many summer activities you can try with your children and give them a memorable childhood. Unlike other fancy options, they don’t require anything expensive. 

All they need is your time and loads of love for your family. And I know, you got that already. 

I had a really fun time visiting back to my childhood while writing this blog for you. I hope you enjoyed reading it too. And, I believe you will enjoy it much more when you will do them for real with your family members.

Creating new things out of waste has to be my favorite of all the fun things to do for my family. What is yours? Comment below. I’ll look forward to reading your answers.

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I’ll see you soon next week. Till then, keep loving your family and stay happy with them.