6 Top Content Creators whose Content will Transform your Mindset in 2024

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These top content creators have played an important role in my journey. I wanted to monetize my writing skills. Ever since I began that journey in 2020, these 6 creators have contributed to it in some or the other. Today, I am revealing how they have helped me and can help you if you want to transform your life too. 

Content consumption has become a massive part of people’s daily routines. When I began my business journey in 2020, I had no idea how social media worked for a content writer. I knew nothing about running a digital service-based business. Conducting business calls, finding clients to network with, or using my average writing skills, none of it.  

I learned everything from two types of people: 

  • People who were already doing what I wanted to do, and 
  • People who had already reached where I wanted to reach. 

Hence, today I am sharing the 6 top content creators. Their journeys and content have been an inspiration to me. They motivate me every day to continue my entrepreneurial journey:  

6 Top Content Creators whose content will transform your mindset in 2023

1. My Favorite Content Creators on the Gram: Kathrin Zenkina

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know how much I LOVE everything that Kathrin Zenkina does. My journey with Kathrin’s content began in 2020. 

Kathrin Zenkina top content creators

Kathrin Zenkina is a mom, an Amazon best-selling author, a manifestation expert, and a master mindset coach. She runs her multi-million dollar brand called Manifestation Babe.  

Social media can be really toxic. Given the facade of lifestyle people portray on Instagram, it can drive you nuts. The cravings to seek validation in the form of likes and comments can get you down in no time. While the feeling of comparison comes and goes, I have become more mindful of who I follow and what I learn from them.   

Kathrin is the ONLY luxury lifestyle content creator who inspires me. Her content won’t induce feelings of inferiority. She will instead teach you that it’s as much possible for you as it is for her. All because of how authentic and transparent she is.

She is the only content creator whose Instagram captions are so read-worthy. Her words will not only inspire you to become a better version of yourself. They will also challenge your mindset; one post and one story at a time. Her content will teach you to build an abundance mindset.   

You will love how she injects her personality into everything she does. I have read and followed her manifestation book called “Unleash Your Inner Money Babe” and it’s so good. 

Getting into the Manifestation Babe Academy is a dream just for the sake of knowing her more closely and getting inspired by her journey. Her wisdom and knowledge are so infectious. 

I remember I discovered her on Instagram reels and I thank my stars for giving me access to her content. Also, you must check out her Freebie Library. I have her quotes as my laptop’s wallpaper. I printed them out and kept them at my work desk.  

As you can see, I can go on and on about her. So, here’s the number 1 mindset coach on my top content creators list for you: Kathrin Zenkina. 


2. My Freelance Writing Mentor: Jorden Makelle

I can only thank her enough for changing my life upside down in 2020. I have always been very vocal and honest about my freelance writing journey. How I started, what led me to it, and everything that I have achieved so far. 

Jorden Makelle top content creators

Jordan Makelle is a freelance writer and coach. It was 2017 when I came across her website called Writing Revolt. First, the name itself sets your writer’s veins on fire. I subscribed to her email list and sometimes watched her YouTube videos.

I began my freelance writing career with the determination to make it work for myself. Because I knew nothing else to do. I was fresh out of my post-graduation. 

Preparing for teaching or a regular job felt like my worst nightmare. Above all, they felt stagnant to me. Even the thought of being in a job used to stroke my brain because I knew it would block my creativity. 

It was 7th May 2020 when I decided to set foot into freelance writing. I started by learning from Jorden Makelle’s YouTube channel. It became my holy grail as a beginner. I remember she had 116 videos on her channel back then. It was a blend of freelance copywriting and blogging. 

Something about her attitude felt so right. Her story of going from a college dropout to a freelance writer influenced me in all the right ways. She was the mentor I needed. So, that’s what I did. 

For the next two months, I watched every single video on her YouTube channel and made notes from them. I built a daily writing habit to improve my average writing skills. 

As a beginner, the most crucial mindset shift I had because of Jorden’s content was this: 

“Treat freelance writing as a business.”  

This one sentence didn’t just change my mindset. It has changed my life. 

I will always be grateful to her for existing and impacting my life so much (without even knowing it). Oh! And here’s the best part… I never bought any of her courses. It was her free content (like her YouTube videos) that got me started in my dream career. 


3. My Favorite YouTube Content Creator: Dan Koe 

Dan Koe is the founder of Modern Mastery & Digital Economics. He writes about human potential, philosophy, and building a one-person business.  

Dan Koe top content creators

I discovered Dan Koe on LinkedIn in 2022 through his 7 Days to Genius Ideas Challenge. This is the challenge every aspiring writer or creator should go through. I went through the 7-day sprint. It helped me gain a lot of perspective on how I write even though I have been a writer for the past 6 years. 

I discovered Dan’s challenge last year and I knew I had to go through this to refine my writing for social media. 

Writing in your journal or for your loved ones is very different from writing for your socials. It requires you to persuade people to buy and drive sales through it. It’s a different ballgame altogether. Out of all the resources I tried for my writing skills, the 7 Days Genius Ideas is what you need. Along with improving your writing skills, it will teach you to generate content ideas as well.

Since then, I have been watching his YouTube videos and reading The Koe Letter. Both of which are highly valuable places to be. His take on business, economics, and life, in general, will challenge and shatter your years of beliefs. So, if you are hearing about him for the first time, you can thank me later. 

4. The Most Inspiring LinkedIn Content Creator: Justin Welsh 

“The Diversified Solopreneur” as he calls himself, Justin Welsch is the king of LinkedIn Content Creation. He is on his way to scaling his one-person business to $5m in revenue. 

Justin Welsch top content creators

He also runs the newsletter: The Saturday Solopreneur. It breaks down crucial processes of scaling your one-person business every Saturday. With +70,000 subscribers reading it, you need 4 minutes every week to learn from the best. 

Justin’s LinkedIn content has had a significant impact on my mindset too. His posts are short and accurate. They hit right on your nerve as a solopreneur. 

Along with deconstructing his one-person business model, he also deconstructs your fixed mindset. He writes about solopreneurship and adjacent topics. His viewpoint will open your mind. It will prick your critical thinking skills to build your growth mindset.

His take on climbing the corporate ladder, materialism, copywriting, social media, content distribution, and other tangent topics will open floodgates to a lot of self-debates. 

He once shared a LinkedIn post about ideas, execution, and consistency. It became the graphic I go back to whenever I feel I am not doing good enough. You must check it and implement it in your life. 

This is the mindset I have been building since day 1 of my business journey. This is how I consume content, from people like those on this list, my top content creators. 


5. The Most Thought-Provoking Video Creator: Zach Pogrob

With 917K Instagram followers (growing by seconds) on his page @zachpogrob, Zach has taken the internet by storm. 

Zac Pogrob top content creators

Zach has become the ambassador of the “follow obsession” motto. His content on Instagram will get into your brain and rewire the way you think and act. James Clear talks about the importance of embracing boredom in his best-selling book Atomic Habits. Zach abides by the same principle. It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it and how often you do it. 

Also, his obsession and appreciation for design are reflected beautifully in his Instagram content. He has an eye for detail when it comes to content creation. 

He says, “Embrace the feeling of loneliness if you want to get ahead of most people. Create content and attack the algorithm. Be obsessed with creating value.” 

As a content creator, his content is inspiring. It’s living proof of how you can make things work in your favor. Put your head down, work on your goals, and stay focused on your vision.

I have been doing this for 3 years. The truth is when you begin, the feeling of comparison enters through the cracks of self-doubt. Negative self-talk messes with you. 

What matters is how you stick to your goals. It is how you don’t allow the negativity to question your worth and what you are creating. 

It is your long-term vision, your plans that gets you to do the same, old boring things every day. Because you understand their impact on your life in longevity. Because you know the power of compounding. 


6. My Blogging Inspiration: Sophia Lee 

As a solopreneur, my freelance writing business is my main source of income. I started a blog with a long-term vision. As much as I’d love to write for my clients, I want to write for myself, on my own terms. 

Sophia Lee top content creators

When I started freelancing, instead of feeling overwhelmed with so much information on the web, I chose to stick to one mentor (as you’ve read above). Having built a base for my freelancing business, 2023 is the year I am prioritizing my blog as you can see. Once again, I chose to stick to one mentor for my blogging business and that’s Sophia Lee. 

Sophia runs her blog By Sophia Lee which is all about lifestyle & home decor. I have been on her email list for so long that I have forgotten how I came across her content. I guess it was YouTube. 

For my blogging journey, I am following Sophia’s Ultimate Blogging Bundle. Her YouTube content drew me toward her courses. Her blog’s growth and journey have always been a massive inspiration for me. 

Her courses on blogging and Pinterest have given me so many insights into her life as a blogger. They have been a great motivation to stick around and make this work for me. 


These were the 6 top content creators that had brought a drastic shift in my mindset over the past years. 

These are the people who push me to do better. They let me hold onto the sliver of hope for my long-term vision even on the most depressing days. 

The truth about building a growth mindset is that it’s a continuous process. You cannot claim that you have developed it all. There is always the next level of improvement to unlock and aim for. 

As I take and build my space in the digital world, I can only thank these top content creators enough. They inspire thousands of people like me. 

If you feel your choice of online business is saturated, it’s not. This is your sign to shed those limiting beliefs. You can tap into your highest potential by being 1% better every day. 

Because the truth is, online business is thriving more than ever today. We’re living in the best age of humankind. With access to so many growths and money-making ways at the top of our fingers, the sky is the limit. 

Like the sun, you will shine if you have what it takes to burn first – consistency, persistence, hard work, and smart work. 

The online income world is one big pie and there is a slice for each of us. Are you willing to build the life of your dreams? Do you have the courage to begin? 

Were your favorite content creators on the list already? If not, who inspires you to do what you do? 

I’d love to know about them in the comments below!