Living a Meaningless Life? Here are 12 Ways to Change that today 

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Does it ever feel like you’re living a meaningless life? You may have heard or felt this question many times in life. Because every once in a while everyone faces hardships in life. If yes, stay around as I help you change that today.

Do you ever find yourself questioning the purpose of your existence? Do you feel like you’re merely going through the motions without any real sense of fulfillment?

It happens to all of us. It’s not physical pain but an emotional ride where the feelings of meaninglessness grapple you in life. 

I have felt this twice in my life by now. 

  • The first, was in 2015, right after I completed my school. I could not make it through any of the college exams. I could not secure any seat from my medical entrances. My parents were disappointed and I was tensed about my life. However, with time and patience, I was able to get out of that numbness. I went ahead to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature. Convincing my parents and going to college was the first turning point in my life. 
  • Second was in 2019-2020. It was a difficult time for me. Even though I was in the final year of my post-graduation, I was super confused about my prospects in life both personally and professionally. I had failed twice in my teaching exam. Again, my parents were disappointed. The pandemic happened and I was able to get out of it by starting my freelance writing journey

These were my reasons. For you, it could be an existential crisis, personal setbacks, or a lack of direction. It may feel like you are lost in the world of expectations rather than reality. 

So, here are 12 ways to get you out of the rut and pave your way to a more meaningful life.   


Living a Meaningless Life? Here are 12 Ways to Change that today 

The sensation of living a meaningless life can be emotionally drowning. However, in life, it’s essential to recognize that this is just a phase with feelings that are not permanent.  

With the right actionable steps, you can again come back to a meaningful life. 

Let’s delve into the journey of turning a meaningless life into a meaningful one. The key is to learn the value of hardships and setbacks to come back with a stronger mindset. 

Understanding Meaninglessness in Life

Before looking for a change it’s important to first understand what contributes to the feeling of meaninglessness, what makes it a questionable term for your existence.

The truth is feeling meaningless is a trauma phase that makes it difficult for people to understand and sustain the aspects of life. 

Here are 5 factors that contribute to this state of mind. 


1. Existential Questions

A sense of feeling lost and wondering about the meaning of life and the purpose of existence can lead to a disturbed feeling of insignificance.


2. Lack of Goals

Confusion about choices or no fixed goal can leave you feeling adrift, with guilt of insufficiency in life. This is what happened to me in 2019. When you don’t have an objective to achieve in life you just go with the flow which any day takes you to this meaningless life phase. 


3. Personal Challenges

Life’s hardships and circumstances like job loss, relationship issues, or health problems can make it difficult to see the purpose in everyday life with a lack of peace. The more you try the more you face difficulty. That’s how it works with everyone. So don’t be sad about facing the challenges.

meaningless life

4. Social Comparisons

Comparisons can be the cause of childhood trauma for many as it sets a fear of being judged. 

Constantly comparing yourself to others and feeling inadequate can erode your sense of self-worth and purpose. Be it from social media or in your personal life, comparisons will not take you anywhere. Thus, it is important to work on the aesthetics in your life. 


5. Routine and Monotony

Living a life just like a depressed soul following a daily routine with no variations can also make you feel meaninglessness in life. Even though it is important to have a daily routine in life, it is equally important to stir it with irregular events.  

4 Signs of a Meaningless Life

The feeling of leading a meaningless life is emotionally draining and it can stay for a long time. 

But you don’t find them as signs and this is how the continuous cycle of living a meaningless life goes on. 

Recognizing the signs of living a meaningless life is the first step toward making positive changes. 

Harboring a positive mindset and clinging to that ray of hope is the only path to come out of this. 

Unlike negativity, you need to find this positivity in yourself. Because it’s not as easily available as negativity which can be created anytime, anywhere in life. 

Here are 4 common indicators that will help you recognize if you are moving on to the path of meaningless life. 


1. Lack of Enthusiasm 

When the excitement about life goes missing that’s where it all begins. If you find someone neglecting the excitement and celebrations, you must check on them. 


2. Feeling lost or Purposeless

Feeling lost in fantasies is okay. But feeling lost and wandering through life without a clear sense of direction is dangerous. If you find your people going through this, then you must get in touch with them. 


3. Persistent Sadness or Emptiness

A feeling of being sad and empty despite working for your goals. The feeling of not being able to open up, and feeling sad about the smallest of things can push you towards the phase of emptiness.  


4. Isolation 

Withdrawing from social interactions, feeling disconnected from others, or dwelling in loneliness; all leads you towards isolation. Everyone wants peace but cutting off from all the connections and being in a phase where you self-doubt and blame yourself is a sign of moving towards a meaningless life. 


These simple yet unnoticeable signs can go on for a long time. They can even cause mental breakdowns or self-worth questions. 

Sometimes, people get so involved in this process that they find no answer to all the curious questions of life. 

The complainant and hardships make it harder to control the action. Thus, it’s important to find out the cause and then work on it. 

Why Does Life Feels Meaningless? 

There’s no specific answer to this. But when you feel no self-worth, complaints and questions can’t decide your goal. All the negative thoughts blur your mind with no positive way out. 

The feeling of meaninglessness can stem from various sources, both internal and external. Here are a few reasons why life might seem devoid of purpose. 


1. Lack of Communication and Connections

When you cut off yourself from people, loneliness surrounds you. Be it introvert or extrovert. if you self-doubt or blame yourself for every little inconvenience around you, then you should surround yourself with good company. 


2. Unfulfilled Expectations 

The feeling of being a loser and guilt trips can make you feel meaningless in life. Like it happened with. Both times, more than my failure it was my parent’s disappointment that made me feel hollow and empty within myself.  


3 Fear of Failure 

Your fear of failure can lead you to feel worthless. The constant trials and fear of loss can make you weak and doubtful about the push you need to give yourself to move toward a meaningful life. 

meaningless life

4. External Pressures 

The external pressure and stress can take you into an empty zone where it can become hard for you to live a meaningful life. 


5. Comparisons and Complaints 

The comparisons and complaints make it difficult for people to come out of the race in which they never wanted to participate. But they are still doing it in the fear of comparison pushing them to meaningless life. 

Transforming Meaningless into Meaningful 

The period of experiencing an existential crisis or feeling of burden is a common human experience. 

While you take your time to heal, you should not neglect these situations for a long time as they can throw you to the point of depression.

To help you out, here are 12 actionable steps that you can take to change your perspective and infuse your life with meaning. 


1. Reflect on Your Values

It’s time to remember your core values and beliefs. What matters most to you the most? 

Following your actions with your values can bring a sense of purpose, positivity, and authenticity to your life. Thus, spend time on introspection and self-reflection to help you come out of this.

Spend time reading spiritual books or discussing the realms of life with your close ones.


2. Set Focused and Meaningful Goals

A clear, focused vision about your goals is the first step to achieving them. 

Whether they are related to your career, family, relationships, personal growth, or hobbies. It is important to take action on your goals, no matter how small. This gives you direction in life. 

Make a journal. Talk about what bothers you most and why you can’t decide. Let your thoughts out on paper. The more you realize your emotions and feelings, the more clarity you will have with your ideas.


3. Explore New Experiences

Explore more, expect less. With this quote try reaching for new experiences in life. 

Break your boring routine and try some new thrills in life. Stepping outside your comfort zone can broaden your perspective and reignite your passion for life.

Thus, take a break from your regular life to participate in fun activities and spend time with your friends and family. 


4. Practice Mindfulness

Peace is the wealth of the mind. It is the ultimate luxury. 

So, bring mindfulness into your life through practices like yoga, nature therapy, or meditation

Mindfulness can help you appreciate the beauty of everyday life and find meaning in small moments. 

Thus, keep your body physically active with consistent movement and mentally active with mindfulness. 


5. Connect with Others

Nurturing meaningful connections with friends, family, and colleagues can help you build a bond that makes you comfortable and relaxed. 

Social connections provide support, companionship, and opportunities for growth. Thus, break out of your boredom and hang out with your trusted friends. 

Share your thoughts, ideas, and questions with people you can rely on.


6. Find Meaning in Your Work

Your work speaks about you. Thus, it is not only physically but mentally and emotionally that you should get attached to your work. 

Align your career with your passions and values. Working like a robot will only make you meaningless about your peace and bonds in life. 

You can also try mentoring others or contributing to more meaningful projects. The key is to channel your inner strength by being active at work. 

meaningless life

7. Engage in Self-Talks 

This may sound funny or stupid, but this will work. As much as it is easy to get involved in negative self-talk, engaging in positive self-talk can help you get out of your meaninglessness. 

The key is to first take time for yourself and engage in self discovery practices. Regularly journaling or even seeking therapy from a professional can be valuable tools for gaining insight into yourself and your life’s direction. 


8. Practice Gratitude

Always be thankful for what you have. The truth is what you have today is a dream for many. Hence, always be grateful for what you are blessed with. 

Mentioning your gratitude can shift your focus from what’s lacking to what’s abundant in life, regularly expressing gratitude gives you a sense of being surrounded by positive aspects in life. 


9. Seek Meaningful Exchanges

Engage in meaningful conversations or activities that stimulate intellectual, emotional, or spiritual growth. Surround yourself with people who inspire and challenge you.

Attending mindful sessions can answer many of your questions and communication can help you become better. 


10. Embrace Failure as Growth

Once you start accepting things the burden slips off from your shoulders. 

From embracing success to failure, this is what life is all about. Embracing setbacks as part of the growth process can help you take risks and pursue your passions without fear. 

When you start accepting more than expected, it leads you to become more satisfied in life, which is a rare trait to possess.   


11. Help Others

The most genuine way to keep yourself engaged in positive thinking in life is to help others. Volunteer, mentor, or engage in acts of kindness

Contributing to the well-being of others can bring a sense of fulfillment and purpose beyond yourself.

The most genuine way to keep your smile bright is by giving others a way to smile. 


12. Create a Personal Mission Statement

Create your own rule, a quote that boosts you in every way of life. Refer to it regularly as a reminder of what’s meaningful and important to you.

Make a rule for yourself so that it can remind you what’s important and why it is important to you. I have one for myself and it works great for me. 


You can add these small steps to transform your meaningless life into a meaningful experience. 

Every phase of life is different and with different situations comes a different understanding of handling those situations. 

Remember, things may come and go but your willpower is what keeps you strong throughout your thick and thin. 


I hope these 12 ways will help you to get out of your meaningless life and find the real meaning of your life. 

These were the things I did to get out of my worst phase in life and reconnect with myself. 

Every person loves to enjoy life to the fullest. For some, it’s a dream to explore, enjoy and live peacefully. But life’s hardships and complaints can lead you to feel empty in life. 

While the feeling of living a meaningless life can be distressing, it’s important to view it as an opportunity for growth and transformation. 

Remember, life’s journey is inherently meaningful and it’s up to you to uncover and create the sense of significance. 

While you explored my suggestions and hopefully enjoyed reading them, here’s another guide for you to learn to be patient in life that will aid you in finding the true meaning in your life.