21 Small Lifestyle Changes That Can Have Huge Impact on Your Life

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Are you the one waiting for a magical formula that can transform you to live a millionaire lifestyle? If yes, let’s be real: there is no ultimate recipe. However, transformation is possible by incorporating the simplest lifestyle changes in your routine. Let’s check them today!  

If you’re reading this blog, it shows that you want positive changes in your life but you are struggling with tough schedules. 

You wish to adapt to lifestyle changes but are unable to incorporate them.  

You are at the right place my friend. The truth is every drastic change happens through years and years of progress. 

Every overnight success you come across takes years to come to life. It might look as if it happened “overnight” but in reality, it took small lifestyle changes and their impact to compound over time.  

Here are the small lifestyle changes that hold the power to transform you into the best version of yourself.

First, this is why you should never underestimate the power of small lifestyle changes.

If you know about the 80/20 rule. You would never do that. Now what’s this rule all about? 

This rule says that 80% of results in your life come from the 20% of effort you put in. This is the Pareto principle given by Vilfredo Pareto in 1896.

Let me prove that in numbers for you. 

If you save 20 rupees every day in a month and increase it by just 1 rupee every month, You will end up saving 10,282 rupees in a year. 

Did you see what just happened? Let’s help you implement the same in your routine with my 21 simple lifestyle changes that will bring you the desired results over time. 


21 Small Lifestyle Changes That Can Have Huge Impact on Your Life

Transformation may seem a huge word and it is indeed a powerful word. But not as tough as most people perceive it. 

The lifestyle changes are not about living like a monk or grinding 24/7. Instead, it is much simpler than how it’s portrayed online. 

There are some daily habits that most successful people follow that open the doors for them to become the 0.1% top population. 

If you stick to these small lifestyle changes, they can have a huge impact on your life. They can improve your self discipline, confidence, and self-esteem and bring you better opportunities. 

They make you feel more satisfied, relaxed, and comfortable with who you are. 

These are the tips I have been following in my life and I have seen wonderful changes. 

I feel happier. I feel that the universe is supporting me with wonderful opportunities.

Now, let’s dive into the 21 lifestyle changes you can make in your life and make it what you wish it to be. 

1. Plan Your Days and Goals

Do you always remain confused about what to do in your dau? Are you confused about taking action? 

If yes, you lack planning in your life. Of course, not everything works according to the plan, all the time.

But, it’s always good to know your goals and have a suitable plan for them. 

Visualise your ideal self.   

Write down every little detail about them. What he/she would look like. What would be their habits? Their values?  

This simple practice will assist you in knowing your goals. This will help you to build a plan of action that’s both realistic and challenging. 

A smart plan for the coming 1 year. 

Build your personal development plan for the next year. 

A plan that is SMART.   

Invest in a physical planner. Set your monthly goals in it. Work on your daily to-do list and targets before you go to bed. 

I have been doing this every day (almost) for the past 4 years and it has been the best habit I’ve built for myself. 

This small change in your lifestyle can help you become more clear in your life. 


2. Engage in Bodily Movement 

This hustle culture has led you to sit in front of your computer for more than 10 hours a day. 

Unfortunately, it has led you to a sedentary lifestyle. You have become so lazy that you prefer your bike even for a grocery stroll. 

But moving your body is an essential lifestyle change. It makes you healthier, happier, and more energized. 

Are you afraid of lifting those heavy dumbbells in the gym? So chill, This is not the only method to move your body. 

Do minimal things like start your day by walking, skipping, running, etc. Add a 10-minute stretching exercise to your routine. 

I am a yoga girl and I love how it has changed my relationship with mobility and daily movement. 

Build the habit of talking on the phone while walking, and walk to your nearby areas. I go for daily evening walks with my mom. 

You can also add fun things like dance, Zumba, or games to your routine and you’d be sorted for your daily movement quota.  


3. Get Enough Sleep 

Sadly, we are from a generation that loves sleeping but can never sleep on time. 

Never underestimate the power of night sleep. 6-7 hours sleep detoxifies your brain and freshens up not only your body but your mind too.

It is a significant lifestyle change for your physical health, mental health, and cognitive function. 

Getting enough sleep means better productivity and better performance. 

With optimal sleep, you’re able to think critically and get better ideas too. 

However, it matters when you sleep. Daytime sleep can never pay for the act of ditching your night sleep. 

Thus, build a reliable sleep routine for yourself. 

4. Have a Morning Routine 

If you’re a night owl struggling to get out of your bed in the morning, trust me I have been there. 

I am learning to wake up early and be productive throughout my day, one day at a time. 

The primary step is to transform yourself into a day bird. But, don’t force yourself. Take it slow and allow yourself to get into this habit over time. 

A productive morning sets up the momentum for your entire day and yields greater results. 

Set your alarm half an hour early. DO NOT SNOOZE IT.  I know this is probably the most difficult thing to do. But, I am also finding my way through it. You will find it too. Just be patient with yourself. 

Plan a productive morning routine. This can include exercise, meditation, reading some pages, and drinking lots of water. Mine includes yoga every day and a long self-care session once a week. 

Once you wake up early, you will realize how 24 hours are more than enough to get done with your daily tasks. It will let you know how there is so much time to do things you love when you don’t let your laziness control your life. 

Moreover, I know you would prefer a bird over an owl. If you know you know. 


5. Be Still For At Least 10 Minutes

Can you sit in silence for 1 hour without your phone or any device or anyone around you? Just you!  Probably not!!! 

You are always occupied doing some stuff the whole day. Your mind is never relaxed to get some unique ideas. 

So take out just 10 minutes from the 24 hours of your day. 

Sit in silence and observe your thoughts. Give free entry to all your thoughts, observe them, and let them pass. Do not judge or suppress any of these thoughts. 

Be present in the moment, and dive into conscious breathing. This one practice can help you in ways you cannot even imagine. 

When you learn to be present in the now, you become more aware of yourself, you are able to reflect better on yourself. 

Think deeply and make important decisions in your life more clearly. This is a part of meditation technique. 

I do this during my yoga sessions, as meditation happens as a part of it.


6. Journal Your Life

Most of the people face issues while expressing their real self. That usually happens because you don’t know yourself. You are ambivalent and often get confused between options. 

However, when you write your strengths, weaknesses, interests, and priorities on paper, you get clarity of thoughts. 

lifestyle changes

This is why journaling is such a powerful exercise. So, it’s very simple. Just grab a notebook and start writing all your thoughts on it. 

Journaling your true self acts as a blessing in disguise when your thoughts tickle you relentlessly. It lets you meet the real you. 


7. Spend Time With Nature 

Experiments show that spending time with nature reduces your stress and anxiety. It helps in controlling depression.

Being in nature enhances your creativity and focus with improved self-esteem and confidence. 

As you expose yourself to nature and observe the trees, birds, surroundings, and fresh air, you will feel the charisma of life.

Sunlight exposure is needed for the human body. It is proven to improve eye health, regulate blood pressure, boost the immune system, and have an overall positive effect on the body. 


8. Cut on Your Junk Intake and Stay Hydrated

Consuming junk food is not extremely dangerous until it is within the limit. The key is to learn to have control over your temptations and food cravings.

There is a saying that “the person who can control their cravings for food, can control anything in life”

Your health, immunity, skin tone, etc depends on what you fill into your stomach. Do not fill it with junk and transform it into a junk bin. 

Start embracing your body, and nurture it with nourishing food. 

Replace your sugary drinks with water. These drinks or even fruit juice have a severe impact on the body, as they have a high quantity of sugar content in them. 

Hence, satiate your thirst with water. Stay hydrated, especially in summer. 


9. Practice Gratitude – Be thankful 

Gratitude is the feeling of appreciation for the good things in life and expressing thanks for them. For instance, You have a phone, many don’t have one. Thank god for this. 

Incorporating this small lifestyle change has wonderfully impacted my life. It’s the simplest yet the most satisfying feeling. 

Embrace your lifestyle, people around you, opportunities you have, your job, and even the problems because ultimately they prove your potential. Value what you have and express it in words, say it out loud. 

I have been following a weekly gratitude ritual for the past 4 years now and it has surely changed my perspective on life. 

10. Positive self-talk 

Are you in the habit of saying – “leave it, dude! I can’t do it”? 

If this is you, you must change it immediately. Because, till the time you say “I can’t do it”, You will never do it.

Words! The choice of words shapes your life. You attract situations as per your conversations. 

Thus, it is important to use strong words. Replace all your weak words with positive words.

Successful people are extremely cautious about what they think and speak. As they say, thoughts become things. Your reality is created by your ideas and your words.  

Because they know the power of positive affirmations

Start proclaiming that you are the best. You can do any task given to you. You are disciplined. Just repeat it, accept it, and proclaim it to everyone. 


11. Build a Reading Habit 

A reading habit is the most life-changing habit I have built over the years. 

Books allow you to get access to the thoughts of highly knowledgeable people and gain insights from them. 

They widen your perspective, nurture the seed of knowledge in you, build your vocabulary, and give you exposure to new aspects of life. 

However, most people find it tough to build this habit. 

lifstyle changes

The simplest way to do that is to start with your favorite genre. Begin with reading from topics that interest you.

It will help you to construct your interest and embed the habit. Here’s a detailed blog about it, you must read it. 


12. Breaks are Power Booster

Yes, it is important to work. All the hustle you do is great. But, it is even important to rest and take breaks. 

There are 5  types of breaks that you need : 

  • Physical break
  • Mental break
  • Emotional break
  • Spiritual break 
  • Digital Detox 

Taking a sufficient amount of breaks between work helps in rejuvenating your energy. You can get back with a fresh perspective and great enthusiasm. 


13. Add a Personal Item to Your To-Do List

If your to-do list is filled with all the professional work, it’s time to make it about your personal life. 

Take time to do your personal things during the day. Add things like calling your mom, gym time, playing with pets,  preparing your meals, etc. 

These activities make you feel more human among your mechanized structures of work. 

Family time is equally important to create a work-life balance. Remember- Your work is a part of your life, It’s not your life. 

It’s important to have personal preferences to lead a satisfied life. 


14. Live With Moderation 

Excess of anything is bad. 

You are required to balance your life by fixing your bad habits

Controlling your desires offers numerous advantages. 

For example: 

  • When you balance your meals, you enjoy improved physical health. 
  • When you prevent stress, you enhance your stress. 
  • When you limit your spending, you have financial stability. 

If you want to simplify your life, it’s important to set limits. 


15. Start Praising Others Genuinely 

I was in an audio session on LinkedIn. The guest was a very well-known teacher of Vedantu who was building her startup on a writing platform. 

A highly educated and knowledgeable person. I noticed that she appreciated every person present over there. 

No matter if she was a walking encyclopedia, she still interacted with young minds, asking questions and appreciating them. Everyone was highly impressed with her. 

When you praise people, you create a positive vibe with them and leave a good impression. Learn to compliment others

Genuine compliments help you build genuine connections and further provide various kinds of opportunities. You attract positivity. 

16. Stop Complaining

Humans are wired to never feel enough and always end up complaining. There are various reasons why this happens. 

Complaining in life is usually a sign of stress.  

The secret sauce of leading a stress-free and happy life is to not complain. 

While problems are a part of life, it’s essential to have a problem-solving approach in life. 

Find solutions to what bothers you. Instead of complaining, nurture a solution-oriented mindset.  

You attract what you think and complaining only attracts more reasons to complain. 

Complaints bring nothing to you but working on those complaints brings results. 


17. Let Go of Negative People

You become the average of 7 people you spend your time with. 

Choose people wisely because they are going to affect your mental health, work life, and a total YOU. 

Follow positive and productive people on social media. Given the amount of time people spend on their social media, it is important to declutter it. 

You must let it uplift you and not make you feel bad about yourself. 

The content you consume decides your perceptions, thinking, mentality, and knowledge. Your entire life can solely change just by being around the right people.  


18. Seek Social Support 

Are you a superhero who is concerned with solving all the problems all by yourself?’ 

I have been there. I have been a control freak. 

The only way to overcome this is to seek support. 

There is no shame in seeking help from others when you are in need. Seek help for discussing your problems, mental support, and feelings of happiness and fulfillment.

Plus, Studies show that having strong social connections has a good impact on your mental health. It leads to increased self-esteem and confidence. 

Finally, it enhances your communication skills too.

19. Stop Comparing Yourself

You know, comparison is the worst thing you can do to yourself? 

Comparing yourself to any other person in the world is totally worthless. Because everyone’s abilities, interests, situations, environment, and opportunities are contrasting. 

Every individual has their own set of struggles which is unknown to others. Don’t judge others by their appearance and don’t get jealous of their results.  

It’s like comparing a jackfruit with a pizza. Or a mango tree with roses. Or Doraemon with Pikachu.


20. Make Small Promises to Yourself

The best formula to increase your self-confidence from within is to complete difficult tasks. When you do the tasks that seem impossible to you, it adds to your self-confidence.

Make small promises to yourself. For example:  lift a dumbbell weight, cook a meal, decorate your room. 

Completing these small, daily tasks is nothing less than accomplishments that boost your self-esteem. 


21. Celebrate More Often 

In this culture of work, you often forget to stop and look at your achievements. It is important to look back and realize how far you have come. 

Thus,  celebrate your wins. No matter how big or small. Your every achievement deserves acknowledgment. You can live a cheat day, and celebrate with friends, family, and other loved ones. 

It will create a positive environment for you and keep you motivated with your work. It will also work as an inspiration to continue forward.


These are the small lifestyle changes that you can make to live a more comfortable life.  

These are simple. Isn’t it? These should be the way of your life and not mere claims on paper. 

These are the smallest and the easiest lifestyle changes that have helped multiple people attain success in their lives.  

To make your life more healthy, happy, satisfying, and productive, this is the key. 

I hope this blog will motivate you to imbibe these lifestyle changes in your routine and lead your desired life.