13 Simple DIY Home Decor Ideas To Transform Your Space

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In this blog, you will read about the popular 13 DIY home decor ideas. These DIY ideas will instantly add personality to your space. So, let’s explore a variety of inexpensive designs for the makeover of your sweet abode. 

You don’t require luxury pieces of furniture to make your home beautiful. You can build a beautiful home with your love, warmth, and dreams. 

I firmly believe that to DIY is to love. It’s an expression of your deepest feelings and efforts towards a person or place. 

DIY home decor ideas are the easiest way to organize your space. You might be spending a huge amount on your interior decor. Well, why not? After all, your home is just not a place, it’s a feeling of your belongingness. It’s the place that captures the most precious memories from the different stages of your life.  

However, if you’re on a budget, you don’t always have to wait until you save big to decorate your home. You must not dig a huge hole in your pocket to feel welcomed and belong at your home. You can build a wonderful-looking home, without hurting your pocket. 

You can pick a few of your favorite DIY home decor ideas and add them to your creations. You might be confused about where to start from. Don’t worry! I have rounded up all the ideas in the simplest way. 

Here is a list of 13 DIY home decor ideas for you to spruce up your home on a budget. Give your space a gorgeous look with the immense satisfaction of creating something yourself. 


13 DIY Home Decor Ideas To Transform Your Space

If you have been reading my work, you already know this. If you’re new you’ll know this now: I am a big DIY person. Whether it’s skin, hair, or home; if I can do it myself, there are 99% chance that I will. 

This is how I plan to spice my new home soon. While I’ll keep you updated with how that goes soon, here are my top 13 DIY home decor ideas that can be considered my mood board. 


4 Diy Home Decor Ideas For Your Living Room

1. DIY bohemian beads chandelier

Bohemian DIY pieces are a perfect way to give your home an aesthetic look. You can create a fun, vibrant space by using a boho style for decorating your living room. 

The Boho bead chandelier gives a graceful look. The beaded chandelier and boho decor complement each other so well. They are like a perfect match. 

Light fixtures are something that adds beauty to your space. You can also try your creativity on chandeliers and lamps. 


2. Tiered succulent planter for your living room

You can make a tiered succulent planter using simple materials and tools. It gives a perfect summer vibe. You will need some dollar-store ceramic bowls, strong glue, and a few drinking glasses. Fill it up with sand, rocks, and moss. 

Various techniques are floating around for these Diy home decor ideas. One of the simple ways you can try is with a cake stand rod. You require the following types of equipment: 

  • Cake stand rod set 
  • Plastic plant pot saucers of different sizes
  • Stone effect spray paint
  • Enamel effect spray paint

First, you decide where you will place your Diy tower planter. Then, stain each of your bowls and plots. Create the pedestal and fill the bowl with your favorite plants. Lastly, secure the dowel your Diy tiered succulent planter is ready to add charm to your living room. 


3. Prepare a wood block calendar

One of the cutest DIY home decor ideas is a wood block calendar. You need minimal DIY skills to prepare it. This block calendar gives a luxurious look on a budget. If you’re feeling lazy and want to try something easy then try this idea. 

The supplies you need are: 

  • Large size square wooden dowel
  • Small square wooden dowel
  • Saw & fine sandpaper
  • Small alphabet stickers
  • Small number stickers
  • Tweezers
  • Spray or any acrylic paint

You’ll be able to give your living room a modern makeover. It’s a perfect mini desktop calendar to add to your workspace essentials. You should try your hands on it. 


4. Build a crate coffee table for your living room

This one is the most stylish idea to give a new look to your contemporary living room. Personalize your coffee table with the help of crates. Don’t worry! You don’t need any woodworking skills to build this. You only require common tools, stains, and a few screws. 

Buying a new coffee table can be an expensive idea. Instead, try these DIY home decor ideas. This crate coffee table not only looks great but is very functional. It’s movable too, you can place or shift it wherever you want to. 

4 DIY Home Decor Ideas For Your Bedroom

1. Jar and vase DIY home decor ideas

You can place a vase filled with faux colorful flowers. It’s one of the most inexpensive DIY home decor ideas you can opt for. These jars and vases will add a personal touch to your space. You can either place them on a coffee table. They will also be perfect for your end table or mantel. 

Nowadays, Mason jars and critter jars are the popular ones. To enhance your creativity make your own mason jar air freshener. Infuse your bedroom with your favorite scents. Your home will not only look pretty but smell pretty too. 


2. Install a vintage hanging chair in your bedroom

Are you a fan of hanging chairs? Then consider these DIY home decor Ideas. Vintage hanging chairs are a great option for luxurious furnishing. Choose solid wood and decorate it with cushions. You can also wrap lights around it to further enhance its appearance. 

Hanging chairs are one of the best DIY home decor ideas. You can spend your time there with your favorite books or watching movies. You can also decorate it with your favorite plush toys. Take care that you decorate your chair with the rest of the room. 


3. A serene and classic DIY bed canopy 

You can choose a traditional bed canopy created with neutral curtains. Make sure to opt for curtains that graze the floor and are attachable to the bed. You will need to source a drapery panel. The fabrics and panels are easy to attach and affordable. 

You can use either tab-top, tie-top, pinch pleated, or gathered panels. Bed canopy can add instant charm to your bedroom. Out of all the DIY home decor ideas, this is the most admired one. 


4. Install DIY mirrors in your room

Who doesn’t love aesthetic looks? Aesthetic DIY home decor ideas are not just trending but some of them are quite practical. 

You can create a new look by installing DIY aesthetic mirrors. They don’t just add a new vibe to your room or walls, they are also quite easy on the pocket. 

You can pour your creativity and enhance your bedroom. You can paint cute illustrations on the mirror itself, or paint and decorate aesthetic frames around the mirror. Use all the beautiful colors and different materials for the decoration. 

Here are a few gorgeous DIY aesthetic mirror ideas for you: 

  • DIY foam mirror frame
  • Painted aesthetic cloud mirror
  • DIY trumeau mirror 
  • Star bust diy mirror
  • DIY plywood floor mirror
  • Gemstone mirror idea

5 DIY Home Decor Ideas To Upgrade Any Blank WALL 

1. A statement-looking gallery wall behind the sofa

Statement-looking gallery wall gives your home interest. Even if you have a small living space, the wall will get a creative focal point. This is one of those rich-looking DIY home decor ideas. 

Collect all your favorite photos, paintings, and boards in one place. To add a bit of uniqueness, build a gallery wall with thrift store art. Give a visual balance to your gallery wall. You can combine minimalist artwork with a shining mix of colors and textures. 

This gallery wall can be a conversation starter in your room. Thus, make sure your wall has some personality and charm to it. 


2. Diy Embroidered hoop gallery wall

Embroidery hoops are a great option for your home decor. Create a beautiful wall hanging with an embroidery hoop. Use natural and flimsy woven fabrics to prepare a handmade hoop. Mismatch different colors to give a vibrant look to your gallery wall or follow a color palette to align it with your room decor. The choice is yours  


3. Create a family gallery wall to fill the empty wall

A family gallery wall is one of the most sentimental DIY home decor ideas. It is a simple and gratifying decor idea. Select all your favorite family pictures and gather them together. Blow all the pictures into the photographs to frame. 

Make sure you choose similar-looking frames for the gallery wall. The family gallery wall looks chic and aesthetically pleasing. This beautiful wall will remind you of your favorite moments. You will feel happy by looking at the memories you created with your family. 


4. Try a macrame DIY wall hanging

There are a variety of macrame designs available out there. Before you try your hands on complicated ones, try basic macrame design. Challenge your inner artist and try your hands on this DIY. 

The supplies you will need:

  • One dowel rod
  • Two ceramic
  • Masking and printer tape
  • Scissors
  • Five rolls of cotton clothesline 


5. Flowers in a house shape planters with vases

If you’re a lazy gardener looking for indoor plant ideas. Then dress up your area with one of these DIY home decor ideas. Pick some low-maintenance indoor plants to elevate your home. 

Use different-shaped planters on the wall. You can hang house-shaped planters, glass pots, wooden rings, or black plastic. Trailing plants, small vines, large leaves monsters, or succulents. You can also grow all these plants at home. 

Use the table and place the glass bottles and vases to enhance the beauty. Indoor plants can help you clean the air which will enhance the vibe of your home with nature. 


I hope you will try your hands on these inexpensive and beautiful DIY home decor ideas. 

With these simple home decor ideas, you will be able to transform your space with your love and dreams. You will make your home a space where you feel good to live. 

It’s a great feeling wanting to come back home because that’s your safe space. It’s not the luxury furniture that makes any house a home, it’s the people, the feelings attached to it, and most importantly, your sense of belonging to those four walls. It’s about your care and love. It’s about the efforts you have put into building your space.

Also, it’s completely fine to have a small or simple home. You can give a luxurious look to your home by trying these DIY home decor ideas. 

At first, home decoration might seem daunting. But it’s super fun. Once you start being creative, you won’t give up soon. Personally, I feel it’s the sign of adulthood when you start investing in home decor instead of any other worldly possessions. 

I hope these DIY home decor ideas will save you more money and give you many, many opportunities to just have fun with the process as they are easy to execute. 

Let me know which idea you love the most. Are you a fan of boho looks or does funky artwork attract you more?