Wooden Comb: 8 Benefits, Types & Everything You Should Know

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Using a wooden comb is not just beneficial for your hair but for the planet as well. Plastic combs are a thing of the past. Wooden hair combs are more sustainable and durable. And here’s everything you should know about them.

The art of creating and using a wooden hair comb for hair care goes back several hundred years in India. Along with all the benefits of wooden comb for your hair, they offer many other notable advantages for your overall wellness.

Plastic or metal combs and brushes easily cause static damage because they have a positive electrical charge. Your hair, on the other hand, has a negative electrical charge. The attraction between opposite charges causes static and frizz. It makes your hair dry and brittle taking away all the shine and leaving it dull and dead.

Also, plastics and low-quality metal combs are not good for the environment. And they are definitely not renewable like wood. Hence, wooden combs are more reliable for both your hair and the environment. This blog gives you a detailed analysis of everything you should know about using wooden hair combs to improve your hair health.


Wooden Comb: 8 Benefits, Types & Everything You Should Know 

The benefits of wooden combs are tremendous for your hair. Especially over the usual plastic combs, you might have used for the longest time. Wooden combs are not just good for the hair, they positively affect your scalp too. And, they are highly renewable.

I am a hair care enthusiast. I love DIY haircare and exploring different ways of styling and caring for my hair in non-chemical ways.

I started using wooden combs almost two years ago for my hair care. My preference has always been minimal to the least chemical and styling treatment for my hair. This is also why I am so partial to styling my hair into braids most of the time because they take no heat to style. Thus, I keep my hair far away from heat and other chemical-based products.

My hair combs have become an essential part of my everyday hair care practices. So, let’s see how and why are they good for your hair.


8 Benefits of a Wooden Comb for Your Hair 

1. Suitable for all hair types: Your hair type is the least of your concerns when you are using a wooden comb. Wooden combs are highly durable and can be used on any type of hair, unlike your usual plastic and metal combs.

2. Balances internal health: A wooden comb helps to rejuvenate the scalp and the cells under it. Good scalp health reduces your stress and allows you to relax and calm your mind.

3. Lesser allergies: Wooden combs are suggested for use on a sensitive scalp too. Sensitive scalps are more prone to allergies due to plastic and metal combs. As they are natural, wooden combs do not create any eruptions or scalp disorders while brushing your hair.

benefits of wooden comb for hair

4. Adds shine and bounce to hair: Because wooden combs improve your hair health, they also make it bounce and shine. Gentle and soft hair treatments combined with an equal distribution of natural oils on the scalp and hair make your hair shiny and bouncy.

5. Prevents bruising or scraping your scalp: Wooden hair combs have been chosen by hair health experts over the usual plastic or metal combs time and again. This is because the round and smooth teeth of the wooden comb don’t bruise or scrape the scalp.

6. Reduces dandruff: Combing your hair regularly with plastic or metal combs will irritate your scalp. This leads to dandruff and ultimately hair fall. Using wooden combs prevents your hair from all this negligence and reduces dandruff.

7. Minimizes dryness or greasiness: Wooden comb promotes the equal distribution of sebum across the scalp. Sebum is the natural oil produced by the sebaceous glands under the surface of the scalp’s skin. This leads to less greasy and dry hair.

8. Promotes hair growth: A wooden hair comb improves blood circulation in your scalp. Better circulation helps the hair follicles get optimal nutrition. This removes impurities by regulating the production of sebum. It promotes hair growth and improves hair health.

3 Types of Wooden Hair Comb

Wooden hair combs are of different types depending on their place of utility. Here are 3 types of combs you can choose from to include in your hair care routine and improve the quality of your hair:

1. Hair wooden comb: Hair wooden combs help prevent hair damage and breakage that usually leads to hair loss. Using a wooden comb on your hair has nothing to do with your hair length. You can use it on any length of hair.

2. Scalp wooden comb: Scalp wooden combs are not much different than the usual wooden combs. The significance of a scalp comb is its smooth rounded wooden tips that stimulate blood cells and leave a gentle massaging effect on the scalp.

3. Nit wooden comb: Nit wooden combs are the ones with the finest wooden teeth. The natural fibers of wooden combs are great to condition your hair. They help in detangling hair knots.


Can You Use a Wooden Comb on Wet Hair?

The simplest answer is no, you should not use the wooden hair comb on your wet hair.

You should not use any comb on wet hair. Because wet hair is more fragile and vulnerable to damage. Wet hair strands are softer and more prone to breakage. Combing them would only lead to excessive breakage and uprooting. Hence, whether you are using a wooden hair comb or not you must always wait for your hair to dry before you comb them. Using a wide-tooth comb on dry hair will detangle your hair easily and lessen the breakage.


benefits of wooden comb


How to Clean and Care for Your Wooden Comb?

Wooden hair combs are made of cherry wood, boxwood, sandalwood, or neem wood. Cleaning and caring for your wooden combs is different from that of other combs. It has a lot to do with its longevity and durability. Hence, here are a few tips for you to follow:

  1. Since heat can cause the wood to dry and split, store it away from sunlight and other sources of heat like gas stoves.
  2. Don’t store your wooden combs in bathrooms since they have moisture. Keep it in a cabinet or closed store with least to no moisture.
  3. You can clean your comb either only with oil or with water, soap, and oil. However, beware of water. Because water can lead to swelling of the wood if overused making its edges hard.


Does Wooden Comb make your hair thicker?

I already have thick and long hair. But, using wooden combs has definitely made it easier for me to detangle my hair. They glide through my hair making it more comfortable for me. This is why it feels good.

Also, combing with wooden combs massages the scalp and stimulates the hair follicles. This results in the production of new hair strands contributing to your overall hair growth.


For someone who has thick and long hair, switching to wooden combs has been a great change for my hair. The most important difference I have noticed is how they make it so easy for me to detangle my hair.

So, if you have been planning to switch to wooden combs for the health of your hair, I’d advise you to do it already. They are ridiculously beneficial in the long run. These are hair combs I have been using for the past 2 years.

What do you prefer for your hair? Wooden or plastic or metal combs?

I’d love to know your choice of hair care in the comments below.

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