How can you move from scarcity to abundance mindset?


Going from scarcity to abundance mindset can feel confusing in the beginning. This is because you are shedding the layers of past beliefs that have been limiting your mind.

The first step in moving from a scarcity to abundance mindset is to accept your present life and own your past. 

1. Accept your reality, don’t run from it

2. Start with small changes

Cultivating an abundance mindset doesn’t mean you will change your life overnight. The right way is to make small changes everyday.

3. Cultivate self-compassion not comparison

Show yourself some kindness and compassion for making it till here. Now that you have decided to change, spare yourself from any comparison.

4. Find your abundance

Abundance is not only equal to financial freedom and stability. Find what’s in abundance for you already and treasure it as you create more of it in other areas of your life.

5. Focus on possibilities and  not limitations

As your mindset transforms, you don’t allow the limitations to stop you. Instead of  settling for less, your mindset focus on long-term vision.

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