5 Benefits of Journaling  for you

[Includes a free downloadable pdf  of +200 journaling prompts for beginners]


The benefits of journaling are not limited to the usuals like improving your mood or coping with your day-to-day stress They also help you to analyze your life and take actions that help you grow.

1. Journaling allows you to rediscover yourself

Change is the rule of life. You're constantly evolving. Journaling allows you to witness these changes and know yourself better as you grow.

Journaling helps in stress management as it allows you to release your negative thoughts on paper. You can ramble for pages until you feel lighter.

2. Journaling helps you in stress management

Positive affect journaling led by thoughts of gratitude improves the quality of your life. It helps you to focus on what’s going right in life.

3. Journaling with gratitude improves your life’s quality

Journaling keeps your brain in shape by boosting your comprehension power. It also improves your cognitive processing by increasing your working memory capacity.

4. Journaling improves your memory

Your mind is wired to concentrate more on negative situations Journaling helps you by separating yourself from a pool of thoughts that don’t serve you.

5. Journaling helps you to process your emotions

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