How to stay emotionally connected in  a Long Distance Relationship to make it work?

Written By Shweta

Truth be told, long distance relationships are hard. But, it is also during these challenging times that test the honest nature of a relationship between two people.

Written By Shweta

You need lots of patience, trust, and loyalty to have a long distance relationship Thus, here are some tips for you to stay emotionally connected in a long distance relationship.

Written By Shweta

Consistent communication is the fuel to run your relationship. Every other aspect of your relationship is secondary when you are dealing with distance. 

1. Communication keeps the passion alive

Distance makes it difficult to open up. Bottling your feelings may seem like an easy way to protect your partner from getting hurt. But,, it’s never the right choice.

2. Don’t hold back

You'll feel their absence on occasions. But, some days you will miss them more for no reason. These are the moments to remind them how much they mean to you.

3. Remind them what makes it special

Successful relationships aren;t good days only. They're the bad days too. You should make them feel seen and acknowledged by living your highs and lows with them.

4. Share the rough part too

Distance makes the heart grow fonder. The emotional connection you will develop with each other during the distance will be much stronger than a normal relationship.

5. . Remember why it's worth it

Your loyalty is the heart of your long distance relationship. The bond grows stronger with time.