From emotional prosperity to increased energy levels, I bet you didn't know these  5 Proven wellness benefits of gazing  at the sun

Don’t you agree that time truly stops when you witness the alluring colors of the sky in the golden hours?

Here are 5 wellness benefits for you to leave your rooms and witness those mesmerizing sunrise and sunsets.


1. Sungazing slows down the time

According to a 2012 research, the participants felt a sense of awe while sungazing. They felt that they had more time available to them.

2. Sungazing brings emotional prosperity

People connected with nature and their surroundings are, generally, happier than others who aren’t. They develop positive emotions by being around nature.

3. Sungazing increases your energy level

Sun events, with their sense of soothing, increase your productivity levels and you feel more energized.

4. Sungazing makes you more concerned about others

Studies have concluded that sungazing makes you more social. It arouses concern for other by increasing the feelings of staying connected with people.

5. Colors of the sun ignites excitement

Pyschology of colors: Different colors of the sky promote stress reduction and welcome the feelings of excitement, enthusiasm, and warmth. 

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By Shweta Gautam at