17 ways from a real life experience by which you can heal your broken relationship and make it last  a lifetime


It’s not easy to  heal your broken relationship. But it’s worth it if two people are willing to make some extra efforts and save their bond. 


1. Take responsibility for your actions

The very first step is to own your actions and take full responsibility if you have broken your partner’s trust.

2. Start it slow

You cannot force your partner to be normal overnight. You’re only disappointing yourself by wanting everything to be normal at once. It won’t.  It's better to take things slow.

3. Communicate your intentions

If you're willing to heal a broken relationship, you should clearly communicate your intentions to them. Be honest, open, and upfront about what you have in mind.

4. Address the problem and the need to fix it

It's important to address the problem. This might feel too much but it will help you in moving on as you both begin to heal from the hurt.

5. Give them the opportunity to win you back

How can you expect your partner to mend it all when you are not giving them the opportunity to do it? Or worse, you are not acknowledging  their efforts.

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