Our hair and skin are the two most important aspects of our physical appearance. But, many times we tend to ignore the care they require and go on with our lives. The running lifestyle we are living today barely gives us any time for self-care.

Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog. I hope the first month of 2021 was good for you. Happy February to you guys!!! It’s been a long time since I had discussed anything related to hair and skin. So, I am here with a topic that we often don’t pay attention to.

As per the statistics we spend an average of 1.5 years of our life in our bathrooms. And, almost 6 months taking a shower. Bathing is the root of basic hygiene but some of the practices have been damaging our hair and skin without us even knowing about them.

Therefore, here are the shower mistakes that have been damaging our hair and skin:

  1. Hot shower for hair and skin – Winters are all for hot showers. Hot showers truly feel therapeutic to fight the chilly weather outside. But, using extremely hot water on the hair and skin has been causing some serious damage to them. Instead of hot water, it is advised to bathe in lukewarm water because hot water damages the natural texture of your hair leaving them with split ends and it makes your skin dry.


  1. Using a body towel for hair –  When you shampoo your hair, make sure to be gentle and easy on your hair. Wet hair is weak and hence, more prone to breakage. So, when you use your body towel to dry your hair you are causing them some serious damage. Rubbing your hair with a body towel leads to frizzy hair because its fibers worsen the hair breakage.


  1. Being harsh on the skin while drying it – A running lifestyle and always in hurry to do things has become a general trait of the modern human. A quick shower and a quicker body cleaning seem like a ritual to all of us. But, cleaning the body in rush leads to rashes and patches on the skin. Hence, don’t rub your towel on the skin harshly while drying it. Take it slow, allow your skin to breathe. 

shower mistakes costing you your hair and skin

  1. Using soap on the face – Soaps contain chemicals like sodium lauryl sulfate, caustic soda, artificial fragrances, etc., that cause serious skin infections and other problems. Soaps also disturb the ph balance of the skin of your face by making it more alkaline. This is why it is advised to use face washes or face cleansers because they are acidic in nature, hence they restore and balances the PH levels of the skin. 


  1. Washing the face too much – Nothing of too much is ever good. Who thought cleaning your face could be too much? But yes, it is. Ideally, it is advised to clean or wash your wash up to twice or thrice a day if it’s oily or dirty. Because washing your face too much takes away the natural essential oils from the skin and leaves it dry.    

Apart from these shower mistakes, we have been making some common mistakes in our daily life that are costing us the health of our skin and hair. These are:

  1. Not drinking enough water – I will never get tired of saying this – drink water guys. Water is, indeed, life. Dehydration can affect your skin in all the wrong ways. It makes the skin look pale and dry. Therefore, drink a minimum of 3-4 liters of water a day. Keep a bottle of water with you, always. And if you can’t, drink water in the form of green tea or lemon tea.


  1. Touching the face too often – A lot of us have the habit of touching our faces too often or even popping our pimples, without releasing if our hands are dirty. This transfers the germs from our hands to the skin which leads to acne breakouts and other skin infections/problems. And, as per the current circumstances, touching your face might even lead to the novel coronavirus. Therefore, keep your hands off your face.


  1. Using the phone for too long – Our phone screens are home to many germs. We should clean the phone screen regularly to avoid its contact and transmission of any germs to our skin. Also, excessive use of mobile phones and other gadgets even leads to health problems that indirectly affect our physical appearance. Stress tops them all.


  1. Sleeping with make-up on – Okay, this one here is extremely important and must not be avoided. Our skin, just like our lungs, needs to breathe. Therefore, it becomes significant to clean your face before going to bed. Sleeping with the make-up on can even lead to acne breakouts and other skin infections. Therefore, have a skincare routine at night. And, if nothing, just let your skin breathe especially when you are sleeping.



The running and hasty lifestyle we are leading today have made these mistakes an inevitable part of our life. But, they come along with the consequences and we have to bear them without realizing that we caused them in the first place.

Hence, practicing change gradually is the only way to do it. It won’t happen overnight, nothing does. But, everything happens when practiced daily. Therefore, try and try until you learn to mend these mistakes. Not for anybody else, but simply for your wellness and wellbeing.

I hope I was successful in sharing something valuable with you all. Make sure to try and not make these mistakes the next time you go in for a shower. 

Take care guys, I’ll see your next week.

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Until the next time, stay safe and stay well.



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