How Are Relationships Important For Your Personal Wellness?

Healthy Relationships And Personal Wellness

Relationships matter a lot, especially for our personal wellness.

As somebody who gives great importance to her relationship, I feel your equation with your partner and the bond you share play a vital role in your individual wellness. 

The partner is often referred to as ‘the significant other’. Rightfully, as they are, this is one of those relationships in life that runs as deep as blood but isn’t your blood. 

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Here’s a personal confession as we talk about relationships in relation to personal wellness:

I started writing because of my partner, for him. You know when it’s just the beginning. And, everything goes perfectly. Yes, that’s how the passion for words entered my life. That’s how I fell for poetry, both reading, and writing. And, my relationship is a very significant reason for how and why I am a writer today. It led me to my purpose and it helped me grow. It came in when I was a girl and made me grow into the strong & intellectual woman I am today. 

So, as I talk about relationships and wellness today, know that you are in for a treat! 

Don’t worry, it won’t be all mushy and sugar-coated. When I say treat, I mean some real information about your personal wellness while giving favorable attention to your relationship with your partner. 

How Relationships Affect Personal Wellness

Here are a few ways to understand how your relationship with your partner is affecting your personal wellness: 

1. Longevity and life expectancy

A good and healthy relationship with your partner has a very big role to play in your life expectancy and longevity. People with strong relationships and happy marriages live longer than unmarried men and women.

The phenomenon goes back and forth, i.e. adults with complicated relationships and poor connections with their partner are likely to have twice the risk of death as compared to people who are in a happy and fulfilled relationship. Our social connections play a very important role in our personal wellness.

2. Good heart health

There’s a reason why they associate a heart with love and not our lungs or kidneys. Being happy in love is not just good for our emotions and feelings but it is also good for the health of your heart. 

Being in love decreases stress and anxiety and thus results in lower blood pressure which ultimately keeps the heart healthy. 

relationships and personal wellness

According to a theory, people who are married or in love have half the risk of death from heart diseases as compared to people otherwise. This is because when in love your ANS (autonomic nervous system) performs better. The ANS is responsible for controlling the heart rate in the human body. 

3. Less stress and anxiety

Along with all the physical benefits mentioned in this blog, being in a happy relationship is equally beneficial for our mental wellness. As mentioned above, being in love reduces stress and anxiety. Lower stress and anxiety strengthens our immune system. 

Regular physical intimacy is an important reason behind lower levels of stress. Also, the behavior of your partner outside the bedroom has a lot of impact on the stress levels. General disagreements, parenting disputes, money matters, etc. have been shown to increase stress levels.       

 4. Weight loss

Owing to all the rush on social media about staying fit and being healthy, weight loss is a serious concern for most couples today. And according to a 2012 review, couples motivate each other to stay healthy. A happy couple is more likely to hit the gym together, set goals, stay focused and bring out the best in each other by feeling responsible for their habits together. 

5. Feel-good hormones

Physical intimacy isn’t just about getting intimate. Little moments and behaviors like a normal hug, touching each other’s arms holding hands, and even a rub on the shoulders have been recorded to increase the levels of “feel good” hormones – oxytocin, vasopressin, and cortisol. 

physical intimacy

Oxytocin and vasopressin, when in love, interact with the dopamine system of the body. The dopamine system is responsible for feeling good when things are going positively or any positive event happens around you. Vasopressin also helps in controlling blood pressure. 

Cortisol rises quickly when you are in the initial stage of your relationship and slowly settles as the relationship progresses into long-term and stability. These low levels of cortisol have several health benefits. 

6. Sleep problems

A happy relationship is one of the keys to a peaceful sleep. Isn’t it? Would you go to bed peacefully after an argument with your partner? Obviously not. Sleeping next to someone you love, trust, and are happy with keeps you completely relaxed and allows you to embrace sleep, provided your partner doesn’t snore or is not suffering from insomnia. 


The relationships you have in your life play a very significant role in the personal wellness of an individual. As social beings, our relationships make a major part of our entire personality and wellness. 

While all our relationships are extremely important, the relationship we have with our partner is in the highest position to affect our personal wellness out of all the relationships we have.  

From your heart health to sleep cycles, from you feeling good to your mental health, it is related to all of it. 

I hope I gave you some good reasons to work on your relationships and improve your bond with your partner. And, in case you are still quarantining, you can read my blog here to spend that time with your partner. 

I’ll see you next week with some new topics. Feel free to drop by on my Instagram or LinkedIn and follow along my journey as a writer. 

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Stay well. 

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