5 ways to Solve your Quarantine Relationship Problems

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Quarantine relationship problems are increasing every passing day as we make it through the pandemic. I am already assuming that a lot of you will connect with what I am about to share. Thanks to Covid-19. This year has been a roller coaster ride in its true sense. From getting locked in our own houses to working from home full time, it has given a complete spin to our lifestyle.


5 ways to Solve your Quarantine Relationship Problems

It’s been three long years, the pandemic has brought in a lot of chaos. Quarantine relationship problems are one of the major consequences.

The world has suffered so much. From our personal to professional lives – the shifts that have been made and the new ways that have been picked up – it is nothing that any of us could even think of in our wildest dreams.

While the pandemic brought a lot of difficult situations and unexpected circumstances for everyone, many couples suffered too. Distance and separation were another inverted consequence of the pandemic for many people. This gave a huge spike in quarantine relationship problems between the couples. But, successful relationships are all about making it through adversities.

Thus, this post talks about how you can overcome your quarantine relationship problems by doing simple, everyday activities despite staying away from each other physically.

5 Ways to solve your Quarantine Relationship Problems:

Here are 5 simple and easy things for you and your partner to solve your quarantine relationship problems. Whether you are in two different cities or two different rooms going through your quarantine time, these will help you stay connected with each other:

1. Drawing together in quarantine

If you and your partner happen to like drawing or painting, this could be a really fun task to keep the spark alive. All you need are your essentials for the activity and you are good to go. Even if you are drawing together while face-timing each other, you can always turn it into healthy competition.

Quarantine relationship problems

Drawing or painting in the comfort of your home, but competing with each other for the same can be a great option to spend some quarantine time together. Also, it gives you more options to do something different than the usual talking.


2. Singing for each other

I know this might sound cliché, but hey, why would you not sing and annoy them? Especially, when you know it hurts their ears a little too much.

Holding a little karaoke session for nobody else but only the two of you. How adorably romantic does that sound?  Judging each other’s singing skills, even though you are already aware of them, and simply missing each other while you hear them sing for you.

But if you have got those melodious vocals, go and treat your partner with some love and admiration. This would surely make them happy and calm those quarantine relationship problems and chaos for a while.


3. Sending them personalized emails

You might think why send emails when you can simply text them directly? But, a little affirmation hurts nobody. Also, if you are quarantined at different places, you have anyways spent the whole duration communicating with each other via messages. So, make it unusual. Send them a cute note in an email today.

Who wouldn’t feel good receiving some happiness from their loved ones among all the work emails in their inbox? This will surely bring a smile to their face. This serves as a great reminder of their importance in your life.


4. Plan a virtual date night

The romance in your relationship only dies when you allow it to. The relationship flourishes as long as willing to make a choice and prioritize your partner. So, here’s another solution to woo away your quarantine relationship problem.

Quarantine relationship problems

Plan a virtual date night with your partner. Ask them to put on their favorite attire, cook the same meals, find a cute corner in your quarantined room and let the evening begin.

It might not make a huge difference in the present. But, these memories will give you reasons to cherish these times tomorrow.


5. Simply enjoy your favorite activity together

Every relationship is different and every couple has got something special and unique within their story. Every love story has that ‘very thing’ associated with its essence.

While you continue the wait to see each other, plan to do your own thing together. Whether that’s binge-watching your favorite show together, spending time doing some gardening, or maybe just cooking each other’s favorite dish. It is simply something that belongs to both of you and nobody else. Do it together once again but virtually.



Distance is nothing but the test of time. While not all can stand it, those who do have different stories to tell. I know it is easy said than done but I can vouch for it because I am living it too.

The time is tough but so should your desire to stay together. Making each other feel loved is not difficult when you truly want it to work. And, it is not going to be all rosy and pretty as movies make it look. But the final destination of this journey will make it so much more worthwhile in the end.

Quarantine or no quarantine, the present scenarios around us shall be the reminders to check up on people we love, to make sure they are doing fine, and to let them know that if nobody else, they always have you beside them.

I hope you had fun reading this. Now, it’s your time to share your quarantine struggles in the comments.

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