The Power Of Hope And Family In Life

Power of hope, do you understand it? Have you experienced it? Have you ever felt hope running in your veins?

Have you ever hoped that things will be better? Have you hoped that you will achieve something?

We all do, right? Less or more, all of us do it.

Hi everyone, welcome back to my home of words. Firstly, thank you for the immense love in my last post. I didn’t know it would be this huge. Apart from the appreciation that is out there, I received some personal messages as well. And, I am grateful to each of you for being such a loyal reader.

Today, we are talking about hope.

So, what is hope for you? Just sit back, relax, close your eyes, and think, what hope means to you?

Hope, for me, isn’t just a four-letter word. It is what has been driving my life. I never gave up on hope in life. Even in the worst phases of my life, I knew I’d be in a better place someday.

There is a proverb in the Hindi language which reads – “ummeed pe duniya kaayam hai”. This translates as “the world stands on hope”. And, indeed it does.

I have experienced the power of hope within myself. If you are going through some hard times in the present, I want you to know this. I want you to know that clouds don’t last long. They just come to cover the sun from shining for a while. But, the sun is ardent enough to peek and finally shine brighter. And, so must you.

As they say, tough times don’t last tough people do. And, boy, they surely do.

Here are 2 ways I experienced the power of hope and family in my life:

1. Power of hope- after my grandfather passed away

Grandparents, I promise I will write something entirely for both of them very soon. It is undoubtedly on the list of my “to-write-blogs”.

In early 2010, he was diagnosed with Lung cancer. I remember, the day the news was disclosed to him, he had tears in his eyes. That was for the first time, I saw this man who was full of life, shed tears thinking he’s going to leave soon. I remember the exact words my dad affirmed him, “Don’t worry dad, you’ll be fine”.

Indeed, my father did everything within and beyond his power to save the man of our house. After a few months of treatments, his health showed all the progress. We thought he’s fine now. But, life never happens as you wish.

My grandfather passed away on 3rd December 2010. I was in 7th standard. He was like this huge tree that was protecting all of its branches from any and every weather condition. That is what grandparents are for all of us. Isn’t it?

He left this huge void in our hearts and family. My father never had to worry about anything while we had our grandfather. But after he left, this is when our real life began.

My father was now the man of the house. He was clueless about how would he do everything without his father. But, hope it was. He got my aunt married to this amazing man, which was the biggest concern of my late grandfather. My dad fulfilled my grandfather’s last wish in the grandest way possible.

power of hope and family

Today, we don’t have him with us. But, we know he is at a better place, free of pain, and happy seeing us the way we all have grown up and stuck together as a family.

Had he been around, I cannot put it in words how proud he would have been from the accomplishments his grandchildren are having.

He was the man who celebrated life as it came. I remember when I and my brother went on this one-day trip with our student group. It was our ever trip without family. He welcomed us back at night with garlands and drumrolls. He was full of happiness and excitement that his children were growing up and stepping out to experience life.

We miss him every day. But, we have hope too that he is at peace now. And, he is watching us somewhere from the stars. And, as always he is rooting for us as we experience life. We know he has our back. And, he is rooting for us with his cheerful claps like he used to do back then.

2. When my dad’s business fell flat for 2-3 years continuously

My parents are the biggest source of inspiration for me. I have seen them work hard to give their children the best of life.

My mom is a housewife and if I could be half as calm and composed as her during the absurd times of life, I’ll truly believe I have done some good in life.

My father is a businessman. And, businesses never stay the same. Lest to say there are always ups and downs. They are unpredictable.

Because of the changes in the market, the business has been going up and down for the past few years. But, the last 3 years were extremely crucial. We were just spending on the basic necessities. And among all the adversities, my father used to express his anxiousness about the business falling down, I always saw my mother supporting him with her wisdom and ensuring him that days don’t stay the same for long.

power of hope and family

She was there to ensure that we will have better days soon. And, she was right. We certainly did.

We were able to pass the lockdown with the necessities. Not just that, my father was also able to be of help to his employees. He was able to help them with their regular wages even while it was all shut.

So yes, hope is all that holds you in place. You might think this is it, this is the worst that can happen. But, then life bounces back. It gives you the happiest moments too. All you got to do is hold on. Hold on to yourself, to people you love, and most importantly, hold on to life. Life is beautiful in every manner. You just need to have the right perception of your vision.


I have learned the power of hope from my mother. I have seen her stand strong and upfront no matter the situation.

Without even talking about it, she has taught me it is absolutely fine to be vulnerable. It is fine to be yourself. You don’t need to be somebody else. Be yourself, embrace yourself, work on yourself. And, never give up.

There’s always light at the end of the tunnel. There’s always hope for everyone. You just need the right thought process.

Never pity yourself, never make yourself feel like a loser. No, you are not. You don’t even have an idea of how other people perceive you.

While you’re here feeling low on confidence, you are simply being either an inspiration or intimidating by doing nothing but simply showing up every single day for yourself and your dreams.

As long as you have hope to become better and a family that has all love for you, you are doing great on earth.

I hope you enjoyed it, let me know in the comments how’d find it.

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Bye… see you soon, with new experiences, new stories, and some new lessons.

Happy reading guys…..!!!

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  1. Gwhy

    Happy Wednesday love ❤️ Once again, your writing about hope is very beautiful. In your writing, you mentioned two major pitfalls in your life; your grandfather passing away and family financial struggles for two years. These two significant events helped to shape your insight about Hope ‘s true power. Now that you know about Hope power it seems this new tool will be used by you to operationalize thru life’s challenge. Your life’s journey will now be without Hope.

    God bless you love and keep writing ❤️

  2. I must say Shweta, enjoyed every bit of your writing. so very encouraging. I love this topic about ‘Hope” again you selected a topic this is so needed to be voiced. So many have lost hope in so many things. You excite us to believe that no matter what we face, we can get through it. Thank you so much for your great encouragement.

    Howard J

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