Poetry is the true essence of life. Poets are real travelers in this world.

Hello my lovely readers, so with this post, I complete the 10th blog of my blogging journey. Therefore, I thought of making it a little special and unusual for you all.

And hey, what better than some dose of poetry?

By now, you have met me as a writer. Now, allow me to introduce yours truly as a poet.

Enjoy your stay in my world of words and don’t forget to share the ones you like or maybe love the most.

Of Poetry

This is my ode to the existence of poetry and poets in this world.

The beauty it carries and the way it allows me to wander in the world with my words, while I quietly stay cozy in my space – this is the power of poetry to me.

Poetry on poetry


No poetry is bad poetry

You either feel it

Or you don’t, at all

You either understand it

Or you don’t, at all

And if you don’t do either of it

Maybe it is the poet who is feeling it too much

Maybe it is the poet who is understanding it too much

But, how much feeling it

Is feeling it too much?

Or, how much understanding it

Is understanding it too much?

Who label these parameters

To quantify it as

Too much or too less

And how do they know

How much of it is really too much?

How much of it is exactly too less?

The poets are wanderers

They travel to places in their head

While being confined to a restricted space

And, so why do you question their existence

Why do you blame them for glorifying everything

Poets do as they feel

Poets feel as they understand

And so, the world outside their head

Is never as beautiful as that of the inside

The inside of their head is, but, chaos too

To which the calm is only their poetry

The poetry that they feel too much

The poetry that they understand too less

Who decides the extent of feeling it too much?

Who gives a verdict of understanding it too less?

Who are we to set the rights?

Who are we to judge the wrongs?

Haven’t you been wrong in your life?

Haven’t you been right about things?

Don’t tell me you haven’t questioned yourself

For feeling it too much

Don’t tell me you haven’t fought with yourself

For understanding it too less

But who are we to measure too much?

But who are we to measure too little?

Who is anybody to scale their sensitivity?

Who is anybody to rate their insensitivity?


Of Love

Ah, if you know me, you know it never ends once my words start to flow about love.

I hope this piece here, reminds you of your loved ones.

poetry on love
Poetry on love


I wasn’t really looking for you

When you made your way into my life

While my soul was too new

To fall in love and make it work

Your arrival was an absurd incident

But you were my blessing in disguise

So, once I had you here with me

I knew this is what I am willing to take

And, while the people around

Never had faith in us

The passing of a few months made me

Realize that this is what I want

And, hence, I knew I’d make it last

While forever seems so little in time

To spend with you

I want my soul to find you

In each existence, I make to this world

I want my soul to never give up

In every life, I am born in this universe

And, if afterlife or multiple lives

Are a concept of truth and reality

I would want you to be

The one that calms my soul and

Brings my mind to peace

I would want you to be who you are

The one that gives me smiles and

Fills my heart with joy

I want you to be mine

In every life, we find our way here

But, if there is nothing like the afterlife

Or the only existence we have been granted

Is this one life, here and now

I promise, together we will make

This life of ours, the best we can

Not really the one that

Is best about materials or things

But truly the one that

Is best about our love and hope

The one that

Is best about us, as a family

Because you are the blessing

I have been granted

You are the one

I am truly grateful for

You are the happiness

I never saw coming

But now, since you are here

With me, imprinted on my soul

And embedded in my heart

I will make sure to fill

Your soul with equal peace and hope

Or maybe more

I will make sure to fill

Your heart with not just equal

Love and happiness

But, primarily, more of what I have always received from you

I know the nuances of love because

I have you

I know its meaning because

I have you

I know the power of hope because

I have you

I know its potential because

I have you.


Of death

Death is the inevitable reality of life. You cannot run away from this truth.

And, while it is the greatest fear for all, once it’s gone we are left with nothing but its acceptance.

Poetry on death
Poetry on death

Growing up

Has turned out to be

Extremely scary for me

Steadily, moving forward in life

I lost the people

Who made my childhood beautiful

Each of those precious souls

Departed earlier than they would have

There corpses were bid adieu

But none of us could ever leave my heart

They fought for every single breath

To survive a little more than their destiny

Each of them battled with their ailments

To live a little more for their loved ones

I witnessed them struggling in there last days

But none of them could win over time

I remember the last glimpses

Of each of their faces

The last time they called my name

Still echoes in my ears sometimes

I know now they won’t ever return

And, I pray that each of them receives

More happiness and contentment

In their afterlife, if there exists any

I invoke each of them

To bless their loved ones

While they enjoy their perennial stay

In heaven

Closer to the light of solace

And far away from all

The earthly pain and hurt

I solicit all of their souls to finally

Rest in utmost peace and calm

For they have had enough

Of their shares of suffering

May you all smile every passing second

While you step onto this new journey

In paradise.


Of life

If asked someday, what is the greatest gift of life? I wouldn’t hesitate to answer, it is nothing but life itself.

Therefore, this one is a gentle reminder to be grateful for your existence and appreciate life.

on life
Poetry on life


The universe is working with all its forces

To remind me time and again

To be humble and kind

No matter what in life I go through

And I am imbibing all of it inside

To keep the lessons with me

As I move forward in life

With memories from yesterday

Gratitude of today

And hope for tomorrow


Of Separation

Life has got its ways of testing our patience. Doesn’t it? Here’s my ode to the times you have spent in separation from your loved ones.

Poetry on separation


There are moments

Like those

When we are together;

Your breath living in mine

Your body pressed against mine

Your lips smiling on mine

When our bodies are so much blended

Into each other’s

That we could barely differentiate

Our heartbeats.

And then,

There are moments

Like these

When even though,

We are separated by the distance;

I feel your breath living in mine

I feel your body pressed against mine

I feel your lips smiling on mine

This is how well entangled you are

In my soul

That now I could barely feel

This distance between us.



Hey, you made it till the end of my adobe of words.

Thank you for being such a loyal reader. I appreciate you.

Now, since you have made it to the last, why not share your favorite piece from above with me?

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