Covid-19 crisis – It was on the 27th of August. I was preparing my study table to sit and start writing my next blog for my website. The phone rang. It was my brother’s friend.

He told me the very news I didn’t want to hear ever. He was COVID-19 positive. He asked me to rush and get all of my family members tested too. Because he was at our place a night before.

I was numb after hearing it. Immediately, I ran up to my parents and brother and informed them. All of us were clueless about how to react.

It took us a while to process the news and finally conclude that we all need to go for the test as soon as possible. Luckily, it wasn’t hustling when it came to the test.

But, the awaited results were about to bring another storm for us. While we all were negative, my brother tested positive for the coronavirus.

God plays in mysterious ways. Doesn’t he? My brother was the only family who avoided every gathering and all the crowded places for the past 6 months.

My parents and I went to a mourning ceremony a week before. He avoided that too because he too cautious and serious about the spread of the coronavirus.

And in the end, from all of us, he was the one who was Covid-19 positive. Nevertheless, all of us accepted the situation that we were in and we decided to get out of it all fine and healthy.

This is what we did to get my brother out of the coronavirus, without any medical aid.

  1. Isolation and acceptance of Covid-19
  2. Ordering new gloves and hand sanitizing sprays
  3. Less Solid food, more liquid intake


Let us now go through each of these one by one.

  1. Isolation and acceptance of Covid-19

Since my parents (being in their 40s-50s) are more vulnerable to the coronavirus, my brother immediately went into isolation as soon as we got back home after the test.

The very next thing we did was prepare and plan his eating and drinking schedule to ensure that the right amount of necessary nutrients were getting into his body.

Moreover, we immediately gave him the Ayurvedic potion that my father had already bought a few weeks ago, as a precautionary measure. We never thought we’ll have to use it for real shortly.  The Ayurvedic potion came in a powdered form which was an amalgamation of many immunity-boosting spices.

Even if we started with all the possible protection, my brother wasn’t ready to accept that he has been found coronavirus positive. It was asymptomatic for him. He was all normal. Hence, he couldn’t accept it.

home remedy for coronavirus

He was advised by the doctors at the testing centers to stay in isolation for 17-20 days and have his tests again. But, since it was an asymptomatic case, he was stubborn to reaffirm the first test.

For his sanity, my father took him for the tests again (under all precautions), from a different center this time, and yes, he was coronavirus positive. This time, he accepted it and went all in to recover himself.


  1. Ordering new hand gloves and sanitizing sprays

The very first time he was found positive, he ordered a big box of one-time usable hand gloves for me. Because obviously, I was going to take care of his needs during the isolation period.

I didn’t allow my parents to go around him during those days. Along with the hand gloves, we ordered sanitizing sprays and bottles too. While he sanitized his room, I sanitized the rest of the house.

I took care of his chores, cleaned his utensils, maintained his food intake schedule, and every other thing.


  1. Less solid food and more liquid intake

The food intake included normal home-cooked meals. But, we increased the amount of liquid intake.

We were feeding him with immunity-boosting juices to build his immunity stronger against the deadly Covid-19.  This was his schedule for the day:

Breakfast – Home-remedial strong tea with any light snack to eat

After a few hours – Cucumber and tomato salad

Lunch – Home-cooked light meal

After lunch – Sweet lime juice

Evening drink – Coconut water rich in coconut cream

Dinner – Home-cooked light meal

Night drink – Ayurvedic potion

This was the schedule that helped him build his immunity system and fight the fatal virus successfully.

Apart from this, one thing that was constant was chewing Tulsi (Holy Basil) leaves. Tulsi rightly called the “Queen of herbs” contributed a lot to the cure. We have a little garden in our backyard where my mother has a few of her plants. Hence, it worked perfectly in time.



Finally, after staying in isolation for so long, my brother was tested Coronavirus negative on 12th September.

And today, almost two months later, he is all in good health. Last week he went to donate the plasma for our neighbor’s relative who was tested positive a while ago.

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Life has got its ways to test us now and then. But, it gives us the strength to come out of adverse situations too. Patience and staying positive are the key traits here.

Within the period of isolation, I didn’t see any of my family members becoming too anxious about the situation. We were all motivating each other, and more than anybody else, my brother enjoyed his period of isolation. He got the chance to put me to work for him which was something I would have never done otherwise.

But, all’s well that ends well. We are all fine and healthy now.

I hope this will help you in taking all the prevention in these difficult times and keeping up with your immunity.  While I am not a professional to advise anything, I thought of sharing this experience to be a helping hand in these tough times.

For any feedback and suggestion, you can always reach out to me on my Instagram.

Here’s praying for your good health and wellness always.

Happy Reading!!!

See you soon




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