How to Overcome Procrastination: 4 Strong Things I Did to Overcome Mine

Procrastination is the real enemy of productivity. You can have an entire list of work in your hand but what seems like a giant mountain is a very first step towards it.

how to overcome procrastination

Procrastination and productivity don’t go hand in hand. The thoughts of doing the task and laying it off over and over again can hold you back for a long, long time. Sometimes, the reasons could be genuine. Other times, the reasons could be stupid.

Some people wait up until they have their deadlines approaching to complete the task. The reason is not even laziness. It’s just how they work.

So, the big question is – How did you do it? What do you do to end your phase of procrastination and get into action? And, what can you do to end it for your goals?

How to Overcome Procrastination: 4 Strong Things I Did to Overcome Mine

1. Don’t wait for the right time, just start

This is the root of procrastination. More often than not, it is not the results that threaten us, it is the process. Constantly thinking about the ‘how’ of your goal and not doing anything about it is where we lack behind.

Most importantly, many times the things we procrastinate about do not even happen. For example – it took 3 long years to finally have the courage to tell my parents that I want to be a writer because I was skeptical about their reaction. I had this prejudice in my mind that they will not understand me or my will to become a writer.

Belonging to a middle class and choosing an unconventional profession is never an easy thing to do. But, they have finally begun to understand my seriousness towards my dream. And, they have started supporting me too. 

I guess being stubborn has its own perks. It took me so long to push into my dream work. Now that I am at it, I don’t even think of giving up on it.

Simply beginning on what you love gives you all the courage you have been looking for. Don’t think, just start. 

how to overcome procrastination

 2. Never allow procrastination to overpower you

Yes, I took a long time to finally start working on my dream. But, even when I was holding myself back from becoming a professional writer, I knew one thing within my subconscious.

Once I figured out that I wanted to write for a living, I never allowed anything to come between my thoughts. I kept writing as a hobby for the time. My phone’s notepad became the only absorber of my words.

I used to write in it while traveling for my college, I wrote at 3 am at night, and I used to scribble my heart out randomly about random things I saw around me.

As of today, I have written about every possible feeling I have had so far. And, nothing liberates me more than that. No other job will ever come closer to the kind of feeling my words give me.

I love my work. Hence, I never get tired of doing it. So, even though you are not sure about it. Keep feeding your passion guys. Life has mysterious ways of working things out when you are willing to work for it.

3. Have a strong vision to ditch your procrastination 

Once you manage to give yourself the final push, do not stop. Go all into your dream. Progress is never linear. Real growth cannot be defined. It is different for different people.

Yes, you will have people telling you how unrealistic your goals are. You’ll have them telling you it is not the right thing. I have people who still do that. I have had people telling me to get a ‘real job’ because freelancing isn’t reliable.

I don’t take that bullshit anymore. I have already taken all the time I could to hold myself back. But, not anymore. And once you start. You shouldn’t either.

It is your life, you are the one who is supposed to grind for it. Nobody else can do that for you. So, why allow them to make decisions for you?

Stay strong to your ground and stick to your vision. If you can see it happening someday. You can make it happen too. The magic isn’t around you. It is inside you.

how to overcome procrastination

4. Create long term goals with short term gains

You have taken the first step. Your vision is clear. Next what? What shall be done next?

Next is called keeping up with the momentum. It is hard to begin but it is even harder to keep going. I have seen people giving up on their dream because they didn’t get the result as fast as they expected.

People usually forget that success isn’t a destination. It is a journey. And, it is different for every individual. It has its own pace and speed for each of us.

I worked very hard to keep up this blog. Brainstorming new ideas, and creating the kind of content that would attract my ideal clients. And, sooner or later I have achieved it.

Until two months back, I was only writing for my blog. But today, I have people coming up to me, inquiring about my services, working with me for real.

The dream I had of working as a writer on my own terms is my reality today. And, guess what? It is just the beginning. 


Procrastination is nothing but you holding yourself back and giving excuses that aren’t even fit to be one.

So, control the negativity inside your head. Begin to believe in your dreams and work towards building them for yourself.

Give yourself the chance and time you deserve. It is never too late and you’ll never be too old for that idea springing in your head.

I shall see you next week with something new to share with you all.

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