3 Ways to Building Self Gratitude

3 Ways to Building Self Gratitude

Self gratitude is one of the most genuine feelings to express. But, it is the hardest to learn too, sometimes. Being able to practice gratitude takes time. It can be a total game-changer in developing a positive attitude towards life. 

Hi everyone, I hope life is all good with you. Today, I am talking about the three steps you can follow to build self gratitude. There are a lot of people and things you are grateful for in life, but what about you? Have you ever expressed gratitude towards yourself?
I know that self-appreciation takes a back seat more often than not, which is why I am talking about this topic today.  

Practicing gratitude is not limited to improving your mental wellness. Learning to be grateful in life also improves the quality of relationships you have. No wonder why successful people always ask us to inculcate gratitude in life.  

When you have gratitude, you understand the positivity of the situation. You value little things in life: a train showing up on time, sun shining through the window, waking up early for a workout, having fulfilling meals a day.  

When you begin to appreciate these little things in life, when you acknowledge the positivity in your life, all of it comes together to improve your overall wellness. All of the pieces of your puzzled life come together to strengthen your ability to notice the good, both in people and situations. 

The feeling of gratitude helps you to boost your self-esteem and elevate your self-confidence. But, like every other good thing in life, it takes time. It takes consistency to make it a habit and turn it into a way of life.   

3 Ways to Building Self Gratitude in your Life

Now that we know why we need to practice gratitude, let’s get into understanding how we do it. Here are 3 ways for you to build self gratitude in your life:

1. Start with a gratitude journal

Start with a gratitude journal

Journaling is the easiest and the most powerful way to develop a habit of being grateful in life. You do this either at the beginning of your day or at the end. Establishing a practice that allows you to reflect on yesterday or the present-day helps you to stay grounded. 

It allows you to remind yourself about the things that matter. Writing a journal is like giving yourself a reason to be happy about little things in life once again. It helps you to revisit the day and write what made it a good day for you, even if it is the tiniest of the things. 

Maintain a gratitude journal or buy the ones which have questions for you to answer. Recalling little moments of gratitude associated with simple events, personal experiences or valued relationships gives you the potential to weave a sustainable attitude for gratitude. 

And, if you feel are too lost to begin the journal, start by answering these three questions today: 

    • What aspect of my surroundings am I grateful for? 
    • What one good thing did I do for myself this year?
    • What basic needs of life do I not have to worry about?  


2. Be creative and don’t compare

Be creative and don’t compare

Your gratitude muscles work better when you work without comparing yourself to anybody. Comparison is the real thief of joy. It hammers your self-worth and makes you hit rock bottom sometimes. It severely harms your mental wellness and makes you question your life. 

Being grateful saves you from that unwanted, self wrath of comparison. You don’t have to take a step further all the time. But, thinking out of the box and allowing your creative juices to flow does help in maintaining the attitude of gratitude. 

Create situations and circumstances for yourself where you end it on a good note, with a heart full of gratitude towards yourself. This includes giving you a social media rest or taking a weekend off your devices, where you are connected with the real people around you. 

The next time you feel your life isn’t as good as theirs, remind yourself that someone out there is thinking the same looking at your life. This means you have a lot more things to be grateful for than you even realize. 

When you forbid the feeling of gratitude and compare yourself, you are doing wrong to yourself. You are not embracing the path you have walked and the journey you have taken so far. You are underestimating the life you have. And as you do all this, you are certainly forgetting that everyone’s journey is unique. All of us are on a different path. 

Therefore, embrace the journey you are on. Embrace your beauty and uniqueness. And if you are struggling with something, work towards changing what bothers you. But, do not neglect gratitude towards what you have.  


3. Share your gratitude with others

Share your gratitude with others

 When you share your gratitude with people you love and trust, you take a step forward in strengthening that relationship. Researchers have found that this makes your bond stronger and reliable.   

Don’t hide your feelings from the people you love. Expressing your feelings with loved ones is a very good way to improve your mental health. So, the next time your partner, friend, or family member does something that brings a smile to your face, let them know. 

Share it with the people when they make you happy. Express gratitude towards their existence in your life. Remember, the relationships you build in life are your greatest asset. Everything else you own will fade away with time. It’s just the moments you create with your loved ones that will stay in your heart as beautiful memories. 

Therefore, be grateful for the relationships you have. Most importantly, if you have someone who understands you despite your highs and lows, you ought to be grateful for it. 


Developing gratitude is a long journey. You gradually become consistent with it. Hence, these 3 key steps are the basics of building self gratitude. 

You cannot skip any of these as you begin on the journey of self gratitude. You can begin it today by reflecting on your life, identifying your privileges, and acknowledging the relationships you have in your life. 

What are your views on building self gratitude? Do share your comments below. 

I’ll see you in two weeks with a new topic of discussion. Till then, feel free to drop by my Instagram and LinkedIn to follow along my writing journey. 

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