Mustard oil and its benefits have been a big, big part of my childhood. I remember, as a child, my mom used to apply it on my hair every day. And, in winters she even used to apply it on my body as well. She says it’s good for nourishment. 

Hello everyone, I’m back here after a week-long break. I had a family wedding after so, so long. To be honest, I needed this break. It’s been around 7 to 8 months and this was my first long break from the business. 

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Now, back to today’s topic – Mustard Oil and its benefits for our hair and skin. Mustard oil (usually called sarso in our Indian households) has great significance in our lives. 

The benefits are not just limited to hair and skin but it is also used as cooking oil and hence carry some genuine reasons to be used for our health as well. 

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Benefits of Mustard Oil for our skin

1. Mustard oil is the best suntan remover 

Regularly massaging mustard oil on your face cleanses the skin complexion by removing the suntan and lightning the dark spots. 

To do this, all you need is a teaspoon of mustard oil combined with equal amounts of coconut oil. Using this mixture to massage on your face for 10-12 minutes helps in suntan removal and purifies the skin. After the massage, you can either wipe it off your face with a wet tissue or use your regular, mild face wash. You’ll find some visible difference. 

2. Say hello to your natural sunscreen 

Mustard oil is significantly rich in Vitamin E. Applying a small amount of it on the skin before getting out in the sun serves as a natural sunscreen. It protects the skin from the harmful Ultraviolet rays of the sun. Also, the oil acts as a shield against the toxins present in the environment. 

But, what one needs to remember is to apply only a small quantity of it. Because applying too much oil on the face leads to the attraction of pollution and dust on the face. 

The presence of Vitamin E also helps in reducing wrinkles and thus acts as an anti-aging supplier too. 

mustard oil for skin

3. Tired of skin rashes? It got you covered

Mustard oil is filled with medicinal properties. It is not only anti-inflammatory but is also anti-bacterial and anti-fungal as well. It aids the healing process with skin rashes, infections, and allergies.

Mustard oil when applied to the skin also prevents itching and skin dryness. Now even if there is no substantiate data to prove this, here is my personal experience for you. I have used mustard oil for treating the itchiness and redness on my skin and it does work. So, go ahead and give it a try.

4. Mustard oil for cracked and chapped lips 

So, I found this ancient remedy while researching for this blog. Honestly, it seems a little weird to me but I’m going to mention it here for you people to try and test it.

The remedy says if you apply the oil to your belly button before sleeping every night, your lips will be softened and moisturized. It claims that you won’t have chapped lips again. So, I am going to try this out. Let’s see if this works.

However, applying the oil directly to the lips is also a suggestion to treat cracked and chapped lips.


Benefits of Mustard Oil for our hair 

1. Mustard oil promotes hair growth & controls dandruff

The presence of protein and omega 3 fatty acids is a significant contributor to hair growth. The anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties help in preventing scalp infections and also aids in preventing hair loss. 

Now I know, why my mom continuously forced mustard oil massages on me. Well, the result is here. I do have thick and luscious hair. 

Treating dandruff and scalp problems is another great benefit of mustard oil. It is suggested to mix mustard oil with coconut oil and then use it to massage on your scalp. 

Again, you can either massage the scalp overnight or can massage it 2 hours before the hair wash. If you do this, do it twice a week in summers and once a week in winters. 

mustard oil for hair

2. Pissed with premature hair graying? Try this

Grey hair is a real issue today. It isn’t even about aging and growing old anymore. The lifestyle has just made it obvious. 

Mustard oil is packed with vitamins and minerals essential to prevent this premature hair graying. All we need to do is apply the oil before bed, leave it overnight and rinse the hair as usual. Or, we can apply it at least 30 minutes before the hair wash.



Mustard oil is a great ingredient used as cooking oil in most of our Indian dishes. But, as you read above, its benefits are not limited to our health. 

Mustard oil is prepared by a process that involves its extraction from raw mustard seeds. The extracted oil is further purified by the process of distillation. 

The mustard crop was initially grown in India. Packed with alpha-linolenic and omega-3 fatty acids, the mustard oil works wonder on our overall wellness in so many ways. 

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, mustard oil has got its benefits for our health as well. It encourages sweat glands, it is enormously good for heart health, it reduces the risk of cancer, it soothes the clotted nose during cough and cold and it improves digestion as well. 

I hope you had a great time reading this information-packed blog. I, certainly, had a good time researching, writing, and putting it all together for you guys. 

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