5 Benefits of Essential Oils for Skincare

5 Benefits of Essential Oils for Skincare

Essential oils used in aromatherapy are known for their relaxation benefits. They play an important role in curing different health concerns like body pain, anxiety, and lack of sleep.

There is another side to the benefits of this relaxation technique. The positive effects of aromatherapy go beyond oils massages and perfumed candles. It can be used to get soft, supple, and beautiful skin. 

But before we get on to the skincare benefits of aromatherapy, let’s take a while to understand what is this process and how it is helpful. 

Definition of Aromatherapy

National Institue of Health (2021), defines aromatherapy as “a type of complementary and alternative medicine that uses plant oils that gives off strong pleasant aromas to promote relaxation, a sense of well being and healing.” 

Essential oils are extracted from herbal plants and possess some wonderful health properties. They can be applied to the skin or inhaled. The healing effects of essential oils make them useful in the treatment of many health conditions.   

History of Essential Oils

History of Essential Oils 

The practice of aromatherapy dates back to ancient Egypt 4500 BC where people used aromatic substances for make-up and lotions. In medieval times, they were used as laxatives, analgesics, anti-depressants, and other purposes. Essential oils found their place in ancient Chinese and Indian medicine in 2500 BC. The healing properties of cinnamon, ginger, and sandalwood were amongst the many other ingredients used in essential oils. 

In the 18th and 19th centuries, aromatherapy evolved to include thyme, saffron, cumin, and peppermint and in the present times of the 21st century lavender and peppermint are prominent among pharmaceuticals and are being used as an additional substitute for medications. 

Even though aromatherapy is seen as a more natural alternative to modern medicine, more research is needed to prove the reliability of these oils in comparison to synthetic medications.

Aromatherapy in skincare 

With all its healing and rejuvenating benefits on the body, one cannot ignore aromatherapy for its skincare effects.  Aromatherapy on the skin is done according to the skin type. Therefore before you choose it, make sure you know your skin type and use the right essential oil. It is important to educate yourself on the effects of the oil and its use on the skin. 

If you are doing this for the first time, do a small patch test. Pour the essential oil on your palm to see its reaction, if any. Then only you should go ahead with that particular oil for your body. 

Types of Essential Oils and Their Benefits on the Skin

1. Lavender Oil

Lavender Oil

This oil has one of the most soothing scents. The simplest way to use it in your skincare routine is to include a few drops of it in your daily moisturizer. Another way is to take some lavender essential oil on a cotton pad and dab it over your acne.   


    • Helps to get rid of dry patches by gently moisturizing the skin
    • Remedy for burns 
    • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles on your face 
    • Enriched with antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, it fights acne-causing bacteria  

2. Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil

Use this DIY if you have oily or acne-prone skin. Take 3 spoons of coconut or olive oil and add a few drops of tea tree essential oil to it. Massage gently as you apply it on your skin. Once done, cover your face with a fresh warm cloth and leave it for 10 minutes. 


    • Calms your skin
    • Cures inflamed skin 
    • Keeps your skin hydrated

3. Peppermint oil

A good skincare ritual is much more than your face. Whip this mask to treat your dry and itchy feet. Take two cups of sugar. Add half a cup of grapeseed oil and 10 to 12 drops of peppermint essential oil. Mix well and start exfoliating. Once done, wash it and moisturize your skin.   


    • Aids in microbial and fungi infections 
    • Treats inflammation 
    • Relaxes tense muscles of the feet 
    • Helps soothe injured skin

4. Frankincense oil

Frankincense Oil

This DIY is helpful as a substituent for your makeup remover. Take some water in a jar, 1 tablespoon of baby shampoo, 1 tablespoon of baby oil, and a few drops of Frankincense oil. Mix well.  Take another jar and put the cotton pads in it. Soak them completely. Remove excess, if any. Your at-home makeup remover is ready to use. 


    • Clears skin discoloration and evens out the skin tone
    • Reduces wrinkles by producing collagen  
    • Works great for everyday makeup

5. Rose oil

Rose Oil

This oil can be used in combination with oils to improve skin quality. You also add a few drops of it to your everyday self-care products like face cream, shampoo, or conditioner. You can also use it as your makeup remover. Add few drops of rose oil to some sugar and coconut oil to prepare a body scrub.  


    • Antibacterial properties 
    • Treats blemishes and masks 
    • Enhances blood circulation, thus promotes clear skin 

Avoid Some Mistakes

Avoid Some Mistakes

These were some of the essential oils and their DIYs you can use in your skincare routine. But, as you use these essential oils on your skin make sure to be careful of a few things. 

    1. Essential oils are concentrated. Do not forget to dilute them before using them on your skin. All the DIYs mentioned above are different ways to dilute it.  
    2. Not choosing the oil according to your skin type and skin condition. This usually leads to allergy, skin irritation, and sun sensitivity. 
    3. Consumption of essential oils should be avoided as it can be fatal to the skin, liver, kidneys, and other organs. 
    4. Not consulting a doctor or aromatherapist before using essential oil if you are under any medication. 
    5. Do not be careless to read about the ingredients of the essential oils. Use the one that contains only the plant compound without any additives. 
    6. Not using essential oils that are chemical-free and have been distracted through distillation or mechanical cold pressing.  


To use essential oils in skincare is a rather debatable topic between dermatologists and the skincare industry people. However, essential oils are very popular for all the benefits and health properties they have possessed over the years. 

Hence, the choice is all yours. 

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