One can never buy appreciation. It comes with a wise and kind attitude towards life. Human greed flows in a perennial river of need. The complaints of ranting about what they lack in life go on forever too.

Each of us is always too busy complaining that we have forgotten to appreciate the little “nothings” of life.

Honestly, we have become too critical and harsh on ourselves that we have forgotten to treasure and value what we already have. We have become too cruel to our ways of living life that we have, unknowingly, given the power of our happiness in someone else’s hands. We have become too barbarous of the appearances that we end up comparing ourselves and our lives with everything we see or read on social media.

And, social media is nothing but a facade. Whatever we see or read is not 100% true.


Therefore, here are 5 things in life for which we can be more appreciative.

1. Appreciate your family

After reaching adulthood or being an independent individual, the period of spending time with our family gradually shortens.

We are so busy in fulfilling the duties and responsibilities we adhere as an individual that we simply corner the importance of our family members and keep them aside from our lives. We tend to go so busy that we have to “manage” our schedule to be able to spend a few moments of happiness with them.

Appreciate your family
Appreciate your family.

So the next time you get a phone call from a family member, please be patient and appreciate their presence in your life. Appreciate the fact that they remember and count you in, as a family to them.

Because not everyone is fortunate to have a family. And, not everyone is thoughtful enough to appreciate them. Be with them while you can, the future is too uncertain to rely on.

Just in case, you struggle to find time for them, do read my 5 ways to find happiness with your family. I am sure it will help.


2. Acknowledge your education

The fact that you can scroll down on this page and read all this, obliges you to every person who has been a part of your education.

One never stops learning. But, to be able to acknowledge and implement your education in the correct manner is rarely seen around.

Appreciate your eductaion
Acknowledge your education.

No, I am not referring to having a career and being independent. I am rather pointing to use your education wisely to craft a better life for not just yourself but as many people as you can around yourself.


3. Appreciate your will

Who is that one person around you that you find truly happy and satisfied with their life? Let me guess… none.

Today, each of us has become so critical of our lifestyle that we have completely forgotten to appreciate ourselves. We forget to admit and accept how far we have come in life.

Some days we simply become too rigorous on ourselves that we let our progress go unseen and unheard. While you focus on your goal in life, do not forget to appreciate the distance you have covered, the steps you have crossed, and the small pointers you’ve achieved on your checklist.

Appreciate your will
Appreciate your will.

Learn to appreciate your will of moving forward in life – waking up from the bed when you could barely move, leaving your house for work when all you wanted was to stay in your cocoon, hiding your tears with your smile, and the list goes on.


4. Acknowledge your struggles

Struggles in life are real. I have had my share of it and will continue to have them as long as I exist. But, I have never felt more myself as much as I did after conquering something I was afraid to do.

Appreciate your struggles
Acknowledge your struggles.

Heartbreaks are real too but they just make you strong like nothing else ever would. Mine did 😉 The woman I was before and after the most difficult phase of life are two different versions of me.

And, I believe most of you would agree on this. So, don’t hesitate to share your story. There will always be someone that will be inspired by you. You may not know but they are there around you.

So give due credit to the difficulties you have faced in life, for making you a better, stronger, and happier person altogether.


5. Appreciate your bodies

I can honestly rant and go on and on, on this. I have learned and come to terms with this quite later in life.

Do I need to give you reasons to appreciate your bodies? Hell NO.

Too slim, too fat, too bulky, too flat, too short, too tall, too tiny, too huge – these are just labels added to us by society. Don’t let them affect and stop you from making the most of your existence.

Appreciate your bodies.
Appreciate your bodies

All you lovely ladies- wear that dress if you want to, wear bright lips if you love it, wear whatever you want because, guess what, the society is going to judge you anyway. So, screw it.

And, all you lovely gentlemen reading this – trust me, shades of pink suits you like no other color, also you look good however you are. More power to each of you for not being the ideal man society expects you to be. Please don’t be that, you are fine as you are.


6. Acknowledge yourself

The last and certainly not the least to be appreciated in life, you.

Appreciate yourself.
Acknowledge yourself.

While you give so much love to people around you, learn to shower some on yourselves too.

Trust me, it is needed the most in this era of technology and social media. Being your critique is fine but being your lover and cheerleader is equally necessary.



There are too many reasons we have to be critical in our lives. But sometimes, being soft is required too. Patience is the trait that is absent in a lot of us and if there’s anything that life has taught me within these past years, then it is that that patience that takes you places in life. And if you don’t get what you wish for, God always has a better plan for you. Have faith in him.

If nothing else, I hope you take this very blog post as a gentle reminder to appreciate all the little and usually invaluable things in life.

I know all this may sound like a privileged person’s opinion and I might not have been closer to understanding the harsh realities of life but when I say ‘appreciate’ the things in life, I simply point towards acknowledging what you have and being grateful for it.







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    Yes , just made me more grateful. Thanks.

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    Wow so insightful.

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