Guessed it already? If yes, congratulations. You already appreciate this person. If not, welcome to the club of “not appreciating” this very person in your life. Unfortunately, the latter has more numbers.

Now, let me ask you to make a wild guess about this. Come on, don’t scroll down without it. Okay. Come let’s find who have I been talking about.

It is your father – the most unappreciated person.


A mother keeps you in her womb for nine months and in her heart for the rest of her life but a father, a father keeps his child both in his mind and his heart from the moment he realizes about your homecoming.

Earlier a husband, a man’s life takes a whole new turn while he faces the happiness of being called “daddy” someday.

The realization of having his little version with him soon gives him both chills and thrills. He starts planning about you even before you are born ~ How will you live? Where will you study? What will you do? How he will support all your dreams against all odds? and so many more such thoughts begin to linger in his mind from the moment he gets that news of your arrival into his life.

Soon to be a father, he starts his preparation for all the duties and responsibilities he will fulfill wholeheartedly and with immense pleasure. His cravings to finally feel the touch of his infant increases steadily.

And then arrives the day when all the future planning comes on a threshold – when he holds you in his arms for the very first time. The first impression of seeing you for the first time, the sight of your face is one scenario that he never forgets all his life.

The essence of your first touch and that flow of emotions with both joy and tears are some of those rare moments which he remembers to eternity.

new born baby
Love of a father


After your arrival, the world of your parents’ shifts from anything else to you. You become a priority for both of them.

A mother stays with you potentially all the time. She dedicates herself to you, for you need her for your development and nourishment. Ironically, your father stays away from you for your wellbeing. He works day and night to give you better than the best in every manner.

He was there to teach you how to walk. He was there to catch you during your first fall. He was there to make you learn. He was there to wipe away your tears and heal the bruises and scars you got on the playground. He backed you up when you picked a fight in school. He fought for your happiness ever since he found you.

As you grow up, his responsibilities grow too. Along with your aspirations, his duties go high too.

Responsible father
Responsibilities of a father


A father isn’t only a father, he is so much more than that label.

He is your caretaker when your mom goes busy with her work. He is your driver to school. He is your ‘go-to hide’ person when mommy scolds you over those little mistakes and mischiefs. He is your ‘scary judge’ when you do something serious. He is the one to convince your mom to allow you for that school trip. He is your best friend during those video-game sessions. His presence is the covert support that will always give you a shoulder to cry on when life gets tough. He will only lift his hands to bless you with his abundance of love.

Every father does so much for his child without getting noticed, recognized and appreciated. Being a father, all he ever craves and prays for is your good health, safety and wellness.

A father does it all he can to keep you happy and prosperous. He keeps your demands above his basic needs. He would use a local mobile phone but will gift you the one you have been wanting for a long time.

There isn’t anybody like a father. His teachings cannot be found in a classroom because their roots belong to his experiences, the experiences which he gained while struggling for you, experiences he got while bringing that smile on your face.

You father is the gift of your life.
Fathers are the gift of life.


He won’t show it but he gets full of remorse when he shouts at you. Trust me, I have seen this emotion every time our father shouts at me or my brother. Men are, unfortunately, trained by this society to hide their emotions and fathers are too, pretty, good at it.

Even if we do something wrong, fathers are blessed with this intensity to tolerate everything and forgive us for all of it. They hold so much inside themselves only so that they can lead and hold their family together and maintain the atmosphere of love and care among all the family members.

Fathers are the unsung hero of a family. They are taken for granted most of the time by all of us, at some or the other point.

I come across so many blogs and poems and write-ups and even novels about the love of a mother. I read so much about the greatness and sacrifices that a mother does for her child but why is a father laid back in all this? I undeniably agree with the gestures and recognition given to a mother but don’t you think our fathers deserve that too? Especially when he’s been doing all for you quietly and never demanding anything in return.

My father
Daddy and me

Though the emotional investments and hard work of a father can never be repented but we can do a little by opening up to him about how much we love and respect him for all that he has been and done for us ever since we existed.

Just a small gesture to make him realize how proud we are to be his son/daughter and if incarnation is real then how much we pray to have him again in every life as our real guardian angel always.

So, don’t you wait for occasions like his birthday or father’s day to celebrate him and his presence in your life. Remember, daddies deserve love too. Go and make him feel special by doing nothing but writing a small note of expressing your love for him or maybe simply sharing this very writing piece with him as a token of your love and gratitude for him 😉

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  1. D

    Love it ❤️

  2. Somya

    Being a daughter, every word touched my heart.
    This is so beautifully written and the love between a father and his child is something which is super under-rated. I am really proud of you for all of this from picking up amazing topics to always writing things which as a reader gives me so much satisfaction..
    More power to you❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Nakul singh

    Keep it up chhoti

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