Personal Wellness is different for different people. What might work for me may not work for you and vice versa. Wellness is individual. It is personal.

Hi everyone, welcome or welcome back to my blog. A few days ago when I wrote about wellness and wellbeing, I explained how wellness is the journey and well-being is the destination. 

Today, I’ll be sharing some insights into what constitutes this journey of personal wellness. Personal Wellness is an amalgamation of various components.

Unlike previous times, wellness isn’t centered around physical health anymore. Today, more than before, along with physical wellness, personal wellness includes some other aspects that equally contribute towards the overall wellness and well-being of an individual. 

These 8 components of Wellness come together to bring up the 

Hence, let us look at these one by one :

  1. Emotional Wellness

A person is emotionally well when his/her emotions are balanced, i.e. when one is aware of their reality and doesn’t get tangled into the unrealistic expectations from themselves. Emotional wellness is achieved when one is able to understand their emotions and manage them despite the circumstances in life.  

Emotional wellness can be attained by working on one’s perspective in life. When you have a vision, you work towards it. The daily routine and its challenges help the person to cope with the difficulties in life. Moreover, if one feels disconnected from the world or develops major mental health issues like anxiety or depression for any reason or not, then he/she should consider seeking help from mental health professionals. 

2. Physical Wellness

Physical wellness is the state of being healthy which is achieved by eating healthy food, following a proper routine of physical exercises, having proper sleep, and staying away from substance abuses like drugs and alcohol.

Our body should be protected from all kinds of ailments- especially chronic ones. This not only keeps our body healthy but also improves the quality of life.

health and exercise

3. Environmental Wellness

This is one of the most important yet most ignored components of personal wellness. Environmental Wellness caters to the consequences of our deeds and decision on our surroundings.

Either directly or indirectly, whatever happens in the environment has a direct impact on our health. Nature is the most beautiful source of keeping up with our overall wellness. Just spending time in nature helps us reduce our stress levels, improves our mood and concentration, and even increases our vitality. 

4. Intellectual Wellness

When you step out of your comfort zone and begin to try new things to challenge your ability to think and act, this is when your intellectual wellness comes into action. It means taking part in long-term learnings and regularly challenging your mind to boost your creativity, reasoning abilities, decision-making abilities, and exploration of new ideas. 

Intellectual Wellness refers to working on your mental muscles to improve your perspective in life. It takes you on a journey of becoming a better individual.  

5. Financial Wellness

The financial wellness of an individual plays a very crucial role in overall and personal wellness. Our finances are the means of living a stable life. Argue all you want but money does play a role. Hence, our personal wellness, along with all the other components, equally revolves around the money we make and the relationship we share with our finances. 

Wellness in terms of finances isn’t only about the money we make, it is also about how we save and manage our earnings. 

6. Social Wellness

Believe it or not, but the society we live in and the people we surround ourselves with have a huge impact on the personal wellness of an individual. The network we create around our work, the connections we make, the sense of belonging we develop, and the support system we build for ourselves – all of these together cater to the social wellness of an individual. 

I believe that a socially well person isn’t the one who abides by the rules of society but the one who can make their own rules and follow them unapologetically. 

social wellness

7. Occupational Wellness

Working for the sake of paying bills and meeting ends meet is completely different from working on something you are passionate about. While the former results in burnout and frustration, the latter gives you a sense of satisfaction. This is how occupational wellness becomes significant while talking about the personal wellness of an individual. 

Unless you enjoy what you do unless you feel empowered by your doing unless you feel motivated to get out of bed every day unless you look forward to “working” every day – you have taken the wrong occupation and you got to change it as and when possible. 

8. Spiritual Wellness

Each of us has dreams for our future, each of us fantasizes about our life but not all of us truly achieve them. Spiritual wellness is understanding one’s purpose in life and working to fulfill it. It is about finding meaning in life. 

Spirituality isn’t necessarily about being religious. Instead, it is about developing faith in yourself and your existence. It is about knowing oneself and realizing who you are and what you aim to become through life. It is about finding your calm inside yourselves instead of chasing satisfaction around you. 



This brings me to an end of the components of personal wellness. The personal wellness of an individual is so much more than the conventional depiction of being “healthy”. An individual’s wellness surpasses the barriers of being healthy from our body. 

Yes, physical wellness is absolutely important. No second thoughts about that. But, it is not the only dimension that deserves our focus. As much as our physical wellness, our mental wellness deserves care too. And so does all the other aspects of personal wellness mentioned above. 

I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did while researching and writing about it. 

And, as always, you can drop by and say ‘hi’ to me on my Instagram or LinkedIn. I always look forward to knowing my readers and talking to them. So, see you around. 

Till then, take care of yourself. 

Check your personal wellness and stay happy.

I shall see you next week with a new wellness insight. 




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