Are you already tired of trying everything that you have ever read or heard from people to improve the texture and growth of your hair? Do you fascinate about having the lusciously thick and long hair? Have you always felt sorry about your hair fall? Well, if the answer to any of these is a yes, then my friend, you are in the right place. Below, I am about to reveal the dos and don’ts to improve your hair care regime and change the entire game of your hair love.

I feel the secret to anything good in this world lies in the ancient practices of living life. And, who better than your mothers and grandmothers will ever tell you about them. Mothers are the epitome of love, care and nourishment for her child in every possible and impossible manner. For her, you have always been and will always be her priority. She takes care of everything about you, from your little needs to your biggest requirements, from your tiny requests to your huge demands. She stands responsible for it all.

So, when it comes to hair care, aren’t we all familiar with how worried she gets about them? Haircare has, unfortunately, been given a backseat in this racing lifestyle. People are concerned about their weight, skin and other chores but the care and nourishment of hair are just not on the list somehow. And, you all would agree that none can do it better than our mothers, nobody. Haircare is so much more than what it usually seems to be. It is not just about washing your hair with a good shampoo and conditioner or using some branded oil. Rather, it is everything beyond cosmetics. And, no, I am not talking about those expensive, over budget, salon sessions.

So, let me take you on an insightful journey of some key points that have made my hair look the way they do.


1.Weekly oil massages

During our childhood, these oil massages were an everyday ritual. But now, it barely happens once in a week. That is how you know you have grown up and have responsibilities to fulfill. What happens is, the moment your mother sees something inappropriate with your hair she would simply ask you to sit with her for an oil massage. She knows how crucially important they are for strengthening the hair from roots.

Every mother would want her child to look the most beautiful/handsome amongst the rest. So does mine and this is why they are a total show stopper in my hair care regime. Those oil massages are, honestly, the hidden gems behind that good and healthy hair you see around yourself.

 2. Selection of a good shampoo and conditioner:

Mothers always have the best taste when it comes to cosmetics. Females are just blessed with that. Hence, the selection of mild, gentle shampoo and conditioner that will not just wash but provide your hair with all the required nutrients is very much necessary. Daily use of shampoos and conditioners weaken the roots of your hair and dries your scalp, therefore, they must only be used twice a week to get the best results followed by the use of a good moisturizing conditioner to keep your hair smooth and your scalp clean to avoid dandruff.

And, if you find the conditioners to be too pricey then you can surely skip them but you must then stick with the oil massages. Heavy oiling can be substituted for a conditioner, as per my experience.

 3. Avoid clinical treatments:

This might pinch a lot of people, but unfortunately, the truth does hurt sometimes. This has to be, hands down, the strongest reason for spoiling the natural texture of hair. The world has gone crazy over those never-ending clinical trends that are in the market today; smoothing, straightening, hair color, hair gels and what not. But, your mother would never find you looking your best until you carry that natural-looking hair, at least mine does not.

All these clinical treatments are never permanent, thus, leaving your hair looking terrible, once the effect goes away. They give you the desired look but all that is temporary and comes at the cost of your hair damage. So, just listen to your mothers when she advises you to stay natural. After all, mother knows it all.

 4. Timely hair trimming and cutting:

When I dream of long hair, I don’t mean the ones that are super dry and dead from the ends. Timely hair trimming sessions are a must for any hair length. If you are a lover of long hair, this has to be included in your hair care regime. Timely hair trimming sessions, say every 4 or 6 months, must be followed if you love experimenting on your looks. Have those salon sessions with your mothers, after all, she knows how to make you look perfect with that bit of change in your hairstyle.

One must follow this to get rid of unwanted split and dead ends. They are the number one reason to hinder your hair growth and propagate hair damage.

 5. Home remedies:

How can we talk about hair care in association with mothers and not remember those innumerable home remedies for all our hair problems that we have grown up listening to? No matter which origin you belong to and what kind of issue it is, your mother will always have something in her kitchen or garden which is the perfect solution to all that bothers your hair. You can always rely on your mother and her amusing remedies to cure all your hair problems.

Trust me, I am a huge rooter for home remedies when it comes to hair care. I am always up for experimenting with my hair routine as long as they have natural ingredients involved in it.

Haircare isn’t easy. It is a tough job, especially when you have to do it for nobody else but yourself. And whatever is tough for us, it is always easier for our mothers. So, you can always rely and depend on her for the same as you do for everything else. Haircare and its nourishment routines don’t require the luxurious facilities of a salon that barely assures the best results and digs up a hole in your pocket. A good hair care routine, to its best, involves some quality time spent with your mother. No matter the problem, she will always have a method to cure all your ailments better than anybody else.

So now go to your mothers and discuss it all with her. But before leaving, do comment below the best hair care advice you have had from your mother. Also, if you find it useful don’t forget to share the post with your girlfriends, mothers and anybody you discuss your hair issues with. I shall have something to read for you soon, in the next post.

Happy Reading!!!

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